Mako Reactor for CS:GO (version 5.4)

Posted: August 1, 2013 by Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) in Hannibal is mad!, Hannnibal's Rants, Map Update, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Hi all.

After spend some hours (more than expected), I finally ported Mako Reactor to CS:GO. My first approach about how to port this map was completely wrong : one cannot simply take all the missing files and compile the map on CS:GO, since some models can CRASH the map (Cloud and Combine Dropship) and because the insane file size (my first test was 290mb). The final filesize is 88mb in .rar or 175mb uncompressed.

I spent some time with the texture/models replacing and texture/model importing from CSS, since some models and textures couldn’t be replaced by existing ones of CS:GO since in many cases there is no similar model. Another issue was the fact that now the custom files can be at csgo/xxx or csgo/download/xxx , that caused me some issues when replacing texture models and pakrating.

The final step were the particles, and I noticed, after some comments in this page, or skype conversations and research, that you cannot have custom particles pakrated in the .bsp, since the manifest file will be always overriden by the original one on runtime, and in case there is no particle/particles_manifest.txt, the game will crash. So, the best option to solve this is giving all you a link with the Mako particles (I attached a README.txt) so you can manually stick them in your csgo game folder (it’s not a big task, just replacing files or adding lines to the manifest file). I added a text message (x2 and caps) in Mako with the link to the .rar file containing the particles. if you don’t put these files, you will not be able to see ‘all’ the particles! so please, it’s just a 1 minute task meanwhile the developers (I hope) fix that issue.

>>>Download particles<<<

>>>Download map<<< (fixed! sorry for that)

PD: I removed the annoying red color correction : )

  1. Sergiu says:

    Finally. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ty nigg

  3. r0ndine says:

    Happy for that, good work ! But the first boss (red robot) is stuck and impossible to kill…

  4. Kaemon says:

    Yeah… “Good work”… He didn’t bother to test if he made the Red Boss work after attempting to fix it… XD
    But its my fault for not telling him of doing so 15 times, or helping with testing myself… I should know him better by now >_<

  5. Sorry for that, it’s fixed now.

  6. Joris Ceoen says:

    I think my comments are usually getting ignored here, but those models that can’t be replaced by CS:GO models, you can easily decompile the CS:S models and recompile them for CS:GO under one minute, but since it’s all settled now I believe there is no need.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget to add this to Steam Workshop. Great Work!!

  8. Complexity says:

    Great work. Now time to teach the newbies on CS:GO how to play. Went 1/19 on a server >_< Need to download these extra materials too, couldn't see Materia's etc.

  9. Kaemon says:

    Sadly, Complexity, no one will see the particles if they don’t download and “install” (put in the /particles folder) those files…
    If anyone knows a way of including those files on the CS:GO .bsp without having to remake them from scratch on the Alien Swarm engine, please let us know.

  10. Anonymous says:

    its broken

  11. Complexity says:

    Well I got them working, rather annoying having to change the manifest file everytime. On the server community site they got a script together so it will automatically switch etc. so people can see the extra particles. Rather annoying. Anyways, we managed to get to Extreme ^_^ But still only a few players know the map somewhat.

    Hopefully Valve gets their shit together, it seems they don’t care for custom servers (which made CSS so popular) as Nilla gets stale after a while.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The map feels really half-assed with some of the textures. Checkboard tile textures on the bridge and I think you used some model textures for some of the brushes so they flicker. Looks a lot more like Mario Tower in the town area. XD

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you update the map we really need the gate to open quicker seeing as how humans will get absolutely destroyed on normal at spawn.

  14. Anonymous says:

    ^ The problem really is in zombie kickback which is nonexistent in CSGO.

  15. Anonymous says:

    24/7 mako testserver

  16. Anonymous says:

    kaemon if u modify that particles file u aren’t allowed to play competitve match , it kicks u becouse of that

  17. Anonymous says:

    ^Yeah, you have to change them everytime just for Mako.

  18. Kaemon says:

    So, if you do this crappy manual fix of the particles, you aren’t allowed to play in competitive? Well, that sucks indeed… Not to mention the fact that most people won’t do the fix anyway and won’t be able to see the particles…
    It sucks, but looks like that is how it is… Making all the particles from zero fro CS:GO, without being in the mood and for a game (GO) that Hannibal himself doesn’t play, is very unlikely to happen…

    Looks to me that is for the best if you just stick around Source for your Zombie Escape daily doses.
    Every passing day looks less likely that Luffaren’s next ZE map or even Junon (if I finish it) will see a GO port at all.

  19. rusher says:

    I can’t find a single server to play this map :S

  20. rusher says:

    I find one and “error: session lost”, on every single server (with this map or others). I delete the change to particles_manifest and everything works..

  21. Prechan says:

    Mako is running on this server : if you want to test rusher. 🙂

  22. rusher says:

    thanks! without the particles thing it worked

    But saw no materias at all, also I couldn’t use whatever I picked 😦

  23. Hallucinogenic Troll says:

    Are you sure if you add ALL the materias and the particles_manifest.txt? I can see all the materias in mako, and when I pick the elites, I can see the materias too.