ZE Taboo Carnation – RELEASED!

Posted: August 28, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, News

Hello there flesh eaters and zombie hunters!

Today a new Zombie Escape map gets released: ZE Taboo Carnation, from fellow spanish mapper Enviolinador, creator of ZE Paper Escaper, ZE Dejavu and ZE Christmas Infection.

The map is a little of a side project that didn’t take too much time for him to finish, but is looking good and has some really new and original features most of you probably never saw in a map before; including a couple that I would like to steal if I ever get around making my own Paranoid version.

Check the map on GAMEBANANA: Gamebanana

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Enviolinador: While testing the map we noticed it is specially suited for co-op gameplay and training modes. As so, the upcoming versions will, hopefully (if entities aren’t a bitch, which is something I am afraid of as of now) have a training mode. Said mode will have regeneration areas and ammo refills (and will be meant for playing with friends in LAN/Hamachi and similars).

The map has two stages that need to be won in a row (losing Stage 2 brings you back to Stage 1), a couple of “mini games” used for hacking the systems (the first one, on stage 1, mandatory) and something that goes “pew pew” and whats you death.
BTW, since the first hacking process is required for completion, let me briefly explain how it goes:
An arrow shows on the screen and you have to press the correspondent movement direction on your keyboard. Do it as fast as possible, since the time you have gets shorter on each key pressing. Repeat until you fail or complete it. If you fail, you will get banned from trying to hack the system again on that round and someone else will have to try! (Too many fails will leave you without enough time for completing the map).

The map also contains a curious dynamic score system (that I have been told needs some polishing) that will be used on a future version for a contest and measures how well your team did on the round. So try to get it as high as possible, and train for the contest that is to come!
Also, be warned that in future versions the map may force you to 100 HP and receiving Fall Damage for everyone on all servers, so no one has an unfair advantage (and trust me, every single health point counts a lot on this map).

On a side note, Enviolinador is helping me (now that Taboo is released even more) with a new project that I have been working on and that will get released way before Junon. Hopefully you will enjoy it when its done; and having a second mapper working on it will prevent my slacking for delaying it for years. XD

  1. Enviolinador says:

    Kaemon forgot to mention it so here I go: The map is a perfect streak map (to retain consistence with the score system); if you fail once you are back to Act I (There are only two acts, so it’s nothing way too over the top since you’ll get accustomed to Act I). This is because each try you’re given an identifier (Squad ID) that determines how many tries it took you to do it. The system counts up to 48 tries (the ID space is defined by a letter in the range A,B,C,D,E,F,X,Z and a number in the range 1-6). The very first round (that should be warmup) has no assigned squad (I could have assigned it, but the ‘earlier’ the squad is the higher the score, so I prefered to have an ‘unnamed magical squad’ that gets extra points by beating it right as they spawn with their magical SSD-fueled speeds – I might add a wall around spawn on the next version)

  2. Enviolinador says:


    The map might not have enough ammo (and sadly it forces it, I wanted ammo to take part in the challenge), add that to the extra configs provided on the .rar to make it easier/more enjoyable. It is also described on the gamebanana page, but I’d like to ensure that the message reaches as many servers as possible (obviously unlimitted ammo servers do NOT need this).

  3. Florin says:

    really good map except its hard but still easier then ut2004 convoy xD