Behold the Slackering King of the Slackers!

Posted: December 5, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE Last Man Standing, ZE Project L

So… More than 2 months without updating the blog… New record! 🙂 Sorry for that… 😦

The first weeks I had no real news to share, then I got hired for working a couple of weeks, then I slacked a couple more playing Tabletop RPGs with friends and some computer games, then I got hired again for some days, then got sick for some others… And in the meantime I didn’t really had anything big to share because, not only was I not in contact with the other mappers but, big surprise, I have been slacking myself…

Thankfully Hannibal hasn’t been slacking, and he is right now mapping Last Man Standing as much as his free time allows and is doing some really nice progress. I’m supposed to be helping him, but haven’t done a lot so far… Let’s see if I can change that.
The map is looking good. I’m personally not a big fan of the setting he choose for it, but he is doing a great job so far and some of the areas look way cooler than what I expected.

For those of you that don’t know about LMS yet, its probably going to be Hannibal‘s last ZE map for CS:S.
The map right now is divided into 4 stages surrounding the final stage, and the things you do in those 4 stages will give you advantages on the final stand in Stage 5. Some details are not yet set in stone and may change if he sees fit, but right now you could lose 4 times in a row (1 in each stage) and still go to the final stage anyway. Then again, the chances of winning that final stage like that must be almost non existant, lacking the perks that you could have obtained in the previous stages.
The system is not fully decided yet, but right now we are thinking about some kind of vote-system at the start of the round to select what stage to do; even allowing to repeat a lost one (or a won one where you forgot to do something!) in order to try to get more bonuses for the final stage.
I will try to update the blog more frequently again and include some screenshots on the next post.

For Luffaren‘s Secret Project… Well, its advancing, or so I’m being told. Lately I haven’t seen/tested anything new, but then again what Luffaren was working on right now was a very very big area (it could easily be bigger than Minas Tirith on its own) that will include multiple stages on it; so it may be a while until it has the pieces put together for showing.
However, one of the reasons that he may have slacked a little (nothing compared to me, mind you) is that he has been fooling around with lots of things to make his own games. From Unity to Java and even basic programing… He even read and followed some pixel-art tutorials and started making his own assets for a game. I just hope he finishes his map before going head first into Indi Development.

As for Junon… Yeah, you guessed it right, slacking…
Sometimes you don’t “feel it“, and its very hard to force yourself to go into the Hammer Editor and start mapping but, quoting something I read somewhere: “You don’t wait to be inspired to write, yo write to get inspired!“, and thats as truth for writing as it is for mapping, so I will try to force myself a little more. Sure if I ever release Junon it will feel like a bad map after so much time in development… but the truth is that it doesn’t has so many hours behind (slacking and breaks surpass mapping time by a huge %).
But I believe many people are really waiting to see this map because like me, love both FF7 and how Mako Reactor plays on CS:S, even if it has its own flaws and some players got sick of overplaying it so much and nowadays everyone knows everything and the best places to use (or abuse?) all the materias and in the prefect order… XD

I also started making my own Paranoid version (something I wanted to do since Hannibal butchered all the things I gave him for the first version, XD) and a small map together with Enviolinador, but I will let those aside for a moment and focus on helping Hannibal with LMS and maybe mapping some Junon.

Also, a shout out to Joris Ceoen who just won 1st place on the Famous Landmarks Contest on Gamebanana with his DE_Himeji_Castle, and is now fully decided to finish his ZE Cathedral map for CS:S.
He is basically doing a revamp of his old Cathedral map for CS:GO, porting it to CS:S while improving on it in every aspect (FPS, Visuals, Gameplay…).

I would share what Enviolinador is up to right now as well, but the guy switches projects unexpectedly and sometimes releases in an eye blink; and lately he has been trying lots of different things and I’m not sure he even knows what he wants to focus on next, as he has learned lots of new fancy tricks in Hammer but is not entirely sure which ones to use and for what… Future will tell!

Well, thats all for today. And once again, sorry for not posting in such a long time. All comments are appreciated, but I’m pretty sure the blog views have been reduced by a lot with no new releases nor posts… Take care!

  1. Metro says:

    Hopefully LMS will be better then all the map hannibal has created looking forward to test and see it success 😉

  2. Metro says:

    also something with Mako sephiroth is bugged on v5_3 hope u notice dat problem

  3. BK_Beam says:

    Also dont forget that there is a Harry Potter map in the make to, it seems a quite big one so far i saw screenshots from it

  4. xionorjenz says:

    i think you are some years too late for mentioning mako glitches metro.
    good to see that luffaren is stil making progress, can´t wait for the first test versions.

  5. Kaemon says:

    Metro: Hannibal is sure it will be his best map; I’m not so sure being a huge fan of both Mako and Paranoid myself.

    Beam: Yeah, and even more maps (like JB Gamble that just released a new one not long ago), thing is: I’m not intimate with all the mappers to the point where I can talk about their ongoing projects. XD

    Xionorjenz: Same here; I really want to see the players reactions to some of the stages/events on the very first runs… I got an awesome/impressive video of one of the events, but showing it would ruin the surpris of seeing it first hand when playing the map for the first time… so Luffaren won’t allow me to share. XD

  6. Luffaren says:

    There sure is some super secret slack-mapping going on behind the scenes, but i’m kinda going back and forth between programming, mapping for another map(s) and slacking in general.
    I “should” be fixing rota_derp as for updating toaster, but i never get myself to it. Someday, hopefully.

    I’m pretty eager to see what Hannibal has been cooking up in LMS, i can’t wait to try it out when the time comes.

    Also Kaemon, we should fix serpentis! A fast fix without any new features should do, as long as it doesn’t crash and we get the particles working we would be all fine.

  7. Mathroy says:

    Will LMS have Materias? (lol)

  8. Kaemon says:

    Nope Mathroy, no Materias. But it will have special items.