Good News for Snake Lovers!

Posted: December 10, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, MG Serpentis Temple

We are updating MG Serpentis Temple.

I’m not sure why, but Luffaren all of a sudden was like “WE ARE FIXING SERPENTIS!” and I was like “Okay…“.
For those that don’t know or remember the map, Serpentis is a Mini Game map that we did some time ago for one of those Gamebanana Contest. We rushed it a little, then a couple of problems appeared, we tried to fix them, creating new problems while doing so, and then we left it be…
The two most notable problems being that players couldn’t see the particles within the map (unless they downloaded and manually installed them in the correct folder) and that the map would crash on the round changes after fighting the boss at the very end.

So… The map is already fixed. I changed the system of the Infinite Paths room so it doesn’t use Classnames anymore, and Luffaren did the same with the boss, while also changing the Parenting system that moves players around when they get bitten by its snake.
However, we are not done yet. I convinced Luffaren to go a step further and include a couple new rooms and improving a little some of the other rooms. Don’t expect a completely new map or anything, but just a couple minor things to improve the experience a little while also increasing the difficulty.

So far we are planning on adding the 2 missing door-rooms (increasing the total amount of crystals you have to activate from 6 to 8), adding somewhere an old room that go removed (Rotating-Blades), and changing a little some rooms (like Lava-Climb or Water-Wheels) in a way that they require at least 2 players to be beaten. Right now the Maces Room and Sacrifice Room require a minimum of 2 and 6 players to be beaten respectively, and the new room I’m making will require 4-6 persons to beat (not fully decided on number yet), and that is kinda what we are going for, that no one can solo any room.
The idea is to increase what is already an important part of Serpentis: Forced-TeamWork. Even the boss can’t be beaten alone (even if it almost n0 life points) because you can’t shoot him while he is going for you!

Serpentis' Lava Climb

The Lava Climb is getting visually improved. Luffaren’s horrible version is no more!

I was planning on leaving Infinite Paths as the only room that didn’t require Team Work (being so that what team work does there is reducing the solving time exponentialy) but I think I will add something at the very end that requires 2 or 3 players to stand on platform-buttons to grant access to the Crystal, so if one person discovers the path it has to share the information with the rest.
By the way… We removed the hint/markers that tell witch one is the correct path. They were never supposed to be part of the experience, I just added them for testing purposes and make sure the system worked every time. Now that we know it does, they got removed and you will have to walk the paths systematically until you find the correct one… I highly recommend at least 9 players for doing this room, with 3 Going Left, 3 Going Middle and 3 Going Right, and each group of 3 splitting the same way for the second path; this reduces the number of combination each player has to check from 81 to 9.

Also we are doing minor (but notable) fixes, like improving the teleports so they don’t teleport you back if you take them with the wrong speed/angle; that the Crystals will teleport everyone outside of the solved area instead of only the persons touching them and we are adding some commands (both default and Source Mod ones) that will help people with spawning, prevent the map for resetting if everyone happens to be dead at the same time, and will force to increase the map time limit if you reach Medusa (as in this map is very common to reach her with 00:00 time left, people die on the first try, and they don’t even get a second chance).

So that’s all. Comment if you have anything to ask/add/suggest.

On a side note, there is apparently a weird ZE map that is tearing the fabric of the Universe and stealing assets from other maps, and lately and I felt disturbances towards Serpentis Temple, not sure what that means.

EDIT: Oh… For the release date… We are working with Valve Time here, so it will be done when its done. But hopefully less than a week.

  1. Metro says:

    good ;))) my favorit mg map

  2. Anonymous says:

    only 2 years late..

  3. Kaemon says:

    Better late than never? XD

  4. Joris Ceoen says:

    are you taking about ze_mountain_escape or another map with stolen content?

  5. Groov says:

    Will you be porting this to CSGO?

  6. Kaemon says:

    Joris: Time will tell…
    Groov: To be honest, it didn’t even occur to me to port it to CS:GO. I will ask Luffaren what he thinks, as he is the one doing the final compiles/works while I slack. XD