Serpentis Looking Good!

Posted: December 23, 2013 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, MG Serpentis Temple

I have been mapping quite a lot, and I’m liking how Serpentis Temple is turning out. Fast reminder: don’t make your hopes up for the map being completely different/new; its just a sightly improved (and crash free!) version of the map you already know. And I don’t want to spend too much time remaking some areas (like the ugly spawn or skybox).
Again, I’m a slow mapper, because I use around double the amount time I spend mapping running around on what I just mapped and/or showing it to a couple fellow mappers… But still, looking good.

Map is not done yet because I ended working on the old things more than expected. I reduced the amount of custom textures we were using from 30 to 8 while making the map look better. Hopefully, even with the new rooms, the map will be the same size than the last version we released. I also remade many props, even if they kept the same shape/form, to remove textures we weren’t using anymore, improve both FPS (Luffaren didn’t nodraw the ones he made) and improving their looks.
Here are two screenshots, one of the new Crystal Altar that can be found at the end of every room and one of how the 2nd Maze looks now (its gameplay and general shape remains completely unchanged).


Making this altar was a lot of fun and I really like how it turned out. Looks cool to me.


Gameplay and overall shape remain unchanged, following Luffaren’s original design.
I remade the props and edited some textures for smaller map size, better FPS and improved visuals.

It doesn’t help that Luffaren has been slacking… A LOT. He just wanted a fast-fix version and he is not “feeling it” and not really up for polishing/adding stuff himself. He has also being using the lame excuse of a new computer for slacking even further! Anyway… Thing is, we were going to make 1 new Crystal Room each (to bring the total up from 6 to 8, to match the number of Portal Rooms in the Main Room) but the one he gave me was so easy/rushed (many people would beat it, solo, on first try ever) that I decided to make that one myself too… Good news is, I think it will be turn out for the best; and I will be using half of the room Luffaren gave me as a mini-extra trap somewhere else.

I thought about the possibility of changing the gameplay of the 2nd Maze (or other areas) while I was doing it, to make it more random, harder or just different; but if I went down that road I may end changing everything and never finishing the map… We all know me too well, so I stick with just fixing the broken props/textures and reducing the map size while trying to improve visually on the map.
I also thought about changing the Water Wheels room (is too easy and solo-able) but I’m not feeling it right now, so I will just stick with remaking Lava Climb so it looks cooler and needs some teamwork and the 2 new rooms.

Sorry the map is not ready yet! Gonna work on it some more.

  1. Spyro says:

    Punch Luffaren for slacking!

    One of my favorite maps ever, so I am indeed very excited Kaemon, keep up the good work ^^

  2. Luffaren says:

    Finally got my reformatted PC up and running again! I’ve been doing some testing with Kaemon today, where he showed me his new/final room which is about a thing somewhat similar to another.. map.

    It looks pretty “bleh” right now, but the idea/concept is promising. Kaemon has given me a few tasks to work with for now, (which i AM indeed working on right now, fret not) but i really lost my “feel/fire” for serpentis after the recent test-crash on pF. I just want to fix it and get it out there. Though it’s really nice that Kaemon feels otherwise as the map is actually getting spruced up pretty nicely.

    Also, as Kaemon said, it isn’t a completely new map. It’s a polished/juiced up version of the old serpentis with some minor changes here and there, for the better of it.

    We’ll have to see if i get some fire going myself to perhaps add some neat/new stuff, but i wouldn’t count on it.
    So all in all.. Make sure to give Kaemon lots of props for most/all the new stuff you see, he’s definitely earned it!

  3. Puni // MattD says:

    Hi guys, Punisher here, thinking about getting back into CS
    Cant seem to find many CSGO ZE servers, is it dead or is the server browser just rubbish?

  4. Kaemon says:

    Not a clue Punisher, I don’t play CS:GO, I honestly prefer CS:S over it.
    It shouldn’t be dead imo… I believe there are people that play ZE on CS:GO, but who knows? :-s