MG Serpentis Temple B3 – RELEASED!

Posted: February 12, 2014 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, MG Serpentis Temple

So here it is. It isn’t as polished as I wanted it to be, but it should be way better than the last release… and hopefully crash free! Enjoy!

It took me some hours to pack everything correctly… Not only does Pakrat love to give unexpected problems, but I also have like zero practice with those matters (I believe this is the first non-test I pack, as Luffaren took care of all the previous Serpentis Temples) and I had some problems here and there…
I built cubemaps a couple times as well, sometimes correctly, sometimes not. In the end they are a little broken, but I couldn’t bear to keep fighting the map and I really wanted to release and forget about it for a while. The most noticeable wrong cubemaps are a red snake in the Poison Room, a big missing snake in the 8th Room that I just deleted because I couldn’t bother to fix and the fact that the symbols in the Infinite Paths walls don’t glow (which kinda blows the charm of the area, but what can you do?).


I hope this version is playable. But the map has become way harder!

DOWNLOAD from Kaemon’s Dropbox: DROPBOX

I could have bothered some more with those last visual issues, but I’m pretty sure I will have to release a new version soon enough, after people playing it online find issues or problems that I couldn’t find on my own. And trust me, I tested the map a lot to the point I believe is completely free of bugs and glitches… still, I’m sure something will show up. Sometimes there are issues that only happen to specific servers or under specific settings…
And even if not a single fix nor gameplay change was needed, I would still like to make a new version changing the 7th Room that Luffaren made, as I don’t really like what he did… XD
So for the moment I will just forget about mapping Serpentis for a while and enjoy watching you suffer through it while you report glitches/bugs/issues/opinions.

I would strongly suggest for you to play the map for the first time online without cheating or spectating, as its funnier than way. You can only discover it once and thats the fun part.
As for the changelog, I will release it in some weeks, or maybe for the next version; as I don’t want to spoil some of the changes.

On a side note, the map was bigger than expected (as I wasn’t adding the music and some extra files previously) but with 105 MBs is still smaller than any of the previous versions, while being bigger in size/rooms/details.

Let me know if your server is playing the map so I can join. But fair warning: I won’t be giving any tips.
Also, all comments, opinions and bug/glitch/problem reports will be greatly appreciated.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will you post it on Gamebanana ?

  2. Kaemon says:

    Luffaren will probably update the old Gamebanana post. Not sure.
    Not in a hurry for doing so.

  3. Metro says:

    just tried this on singleplayer there is purple walls on Spawn like missing textures

  4. Joris Ceoen says:

    The best way to make your life easier while packing, is to have only 2 folders, one for materials that contains ALL of the materials, no matter if it’s model or lightmapped for brushes, and one for models that contains ALL models.

    Aside from particles and skybox texture, this makes packing so easy. You just have to select 4 folders and it’s done. Although, cubemapping has become harder now.

  5. Kaemon says:

    A couple of mistakes have been spotten already. I knew cubemaps were kinda buggy, but I wasn’t expecting people to see pink reflections.
    For those seeing pink reflections you can solve it on console with mat_specular, but I should be the one fixing it on the next version.

    But before doing the new version I really want to see the map being played more, to see if I overdid the difficulty or if there are other things that need fixing or changing.
    I already noticed that some snakes in the Chain Room don’t have solidity, which allows you to ignore 80% of the room.

  6. Caner says:

    Good map Kaemon. GG

    I do solo elevator level ^.^

  7. Anonymous says:

    lolz caner, that elevator level was all about teamwork, don’t forgot u had 6+ slaves and a lever worker, to get your ass to the top 😛

  8. Caner says:

    Yes, Teamwork, You’re right, But Kaemon maps is hard lol

  9. Hydreigon says:

    For some odd reason. I don’t even seen the purple cubemaps on my css.

  10. Kaemon says:

    Man did the map turn out harder than expected… Or you all sucked.
    I still can’t believe we beat Luffaren’s elevator legally… If Caner happened to die at the very top I don’t think anyone would had been up for another try… XD

    Don’t know when the next version will come; but I’m seriously thinking about nerfing the difficulty in multiple areas. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Glitch reports?
    And what do you like and don’t like about the map?

  11. Caner says:

    Map marks its difference from other MG card. Good work!

    But the lava level seems impossible to finish, maybe it from config server ..
    On the other server’s probably the autobunny be possible in my opinion.

    And a little thing, the obstacles put in the lava level, we remain stuck to the wall.
    It is planned or need to fix it?

  12. Kaemon says:

    Lava level turned out to be a little too hard yeah, but I assure you its possible… Thing is, not only is it really hard; you need to complete it at the same as at least 2 other guys (preferably 3).
    Probably will be nerfing those long crouch jumps, as most people seem to fail there (but I myself, not being a pro-course-runner I can beat them now and then).

    And as for the wall… I would suggest you to stay away from it if its stucks you, but no, is not planned; is just that Source is not very fond of some angles. May try to improve it.

  13. h4sArD/Noctali says:

    ” still can’t believe we beat Luffaren’s elevator legally… If Caner happened to die at the very top I don’t think anyone would had been up for another try… XD”

    Hue, Slave Elites please ! xD