About Serpentis. Please Help with Fixes.

Posted: February 14, 2014 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, MG Serpentis Temple

So, as expected Serpentis needs a new version. Will try to release it soon enough, but I haven’t started working on it and want to rest a couple of days.
I wanted to make some of the old too-easy rooms a little more challenging and Team-Work based, but for the looks of it I overdid it way too much, as the map is really really really hard, with some areas arguably impossible (they are “possible”, but require an insane amount of Luck/Time/Teamwork/Pros combo).

If you want to help me, please tell me what problems you think the map has that aren’t in the list below.
Those are the current fixes I have written down:

Cubemaps: Fix the pinkness (in the meanwhile you can remove the “pinkess” using “mat_specular 0/1“)
– TurboPhysics: Will remove the map changing this setting. (I will edit falling Rocks and Falling Logs).
Shortcut’s Waterfall: Reduce its area and/or strength.
– Fire Snakes: MAYBE give some extra milesecs of time to cross.
– Fine Snakes: Add some kind of detail to better understand the reach area of the flames.
– Lava Room: Try to make the room reset/ready when everyone inside dies.
– Lava Room: Reduce the Lava Speed and/or nerf the Long Crouch Jumps.
– Lava Room: Replace rotated main walls with hammer-gridded ones to reduce their “stuckiness”.
– Lava Room: MAYBE reduce in 1 the amount of minimum players required.
– Water Wheels: Reduce the amount of water particles, they are a little too expensive.
– Water Wheels: Sightly reduce the speed of the hardest wheels (latency can make them impossible).
– Infinite Paths: MAYBE change or add something to make the whole thing less obnoxius… Its “okay” to beat once, but is not really something you want to keep repeating. (Accepting suggestions).
– Infinite Paths: Change the amount of players required to open/reach the crystal from 2 to 3.
– Sewer Slide: Try to make the room reset/ready when everyone inside dies.
– Sewer Slide: Sightly reduce the HP and/or frequency of the closed gates.
– Sewer Slide: Add a P90 and/or M249 spawn in the waiting room itself.
– Sewer Slide: MAYBE reduce the amount of time it takes to reach the exit.
– Elevator Room: Try to make the elevator reset/ready when everyone on it dies.
– Elevator Room: Respawn the Elevator in its start position after failing, related to previous and next point.
– Elevator Room: Fix elevator glitching and not being usable (solid) anymore.
– Elevator Room: Remake the traps/levers and their locations.
– Elevator Room: Add some kind of detail to better understand the reach area of the flames.
– Elevator Room: Add some kind of detail near the wheel to understand the movement of the elevator.
– Elevator Room: Reduce all values of players needed in the Wheel by 1 (zero players goes down slowly instead of fast, 1 player stops instead of going down slowly, etc…).
(Notice that the elevator resetting when everyone fails makes the “go down faster” not such a big need)
– Chains Room: Fix the non-solidity of the snakes.
– Chains Room: Make the 2 Bridge-Shortcuts easier to use after being enabled.
– Chains Room: Make most of the jumps sightly easier (giving some extra ladder-chain length in most areas).
– Chains Rooms: Replace rotated main walls with hammer-gridded ones to reduce their “stuckiness”.
– Medusa: Fix the console-spam when reaching/enabling her.
– Medusa: Fix “Stone Gaze” not working after the first “Stonning”.
– Medusa: Fix “Stonning” sound missing.
– Ending: Fix the final music suddenly stopping.
– NEW: Give the CT Team 1 or 10 Round Wins per each crystal reached.

Also, mostly for Admins and Server Owners: Is any of the console commands being given by Serpentis Temple causing any trouble to you? So far it uses:

On Map Spawn:
– mp_limitteams_0 (so everyone can go CT)
– sm_ar_enable 1 (to enable Auto Respawn if you are using Source Mod)
– ar_respawn_delay 2 (to set the Auto Respawn time 2 seconds after you die)
– sv_airaccelerate 150 (this one could be removed if its a burden)
– sv_turbo_physics 0 (to allow the Rocks and Rotating Logs in the very begging to kill people, but will try to remove this one by adding hurt_triggers to those)
– sm_settime 2 (not a clue why is there, removing it, XD)

On Medusa:
– mp_timelimit 999 (so when a server that has 0:00 timeleft reaches her they can get multiple tries against her instead of map ending/changing after their first defeat)
– sm_ar_enable 0 (to disable Auto Respawn if you are using Source Mod so people don’t keep respawning/die during Medusa Fight)
– mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 0 (in case some admin/host enabled this at some point, it gets disabled vs Medusa so the round can end when everyone dies)
– mp_timelimit 30 (so after defeating Medusa the map automatically ends/changes, some people complained about this not allowing a normal RTV-Change)

So thats it. If you have something to say/suggest/complain/praise about the map, say so. Like what rooms you love or which ones you hate. Or what areas are way too easy and which ones feel impossible.
If you feel I’m forgetting something, or know someone that may know, please say so and let me know, so the next version can be, not only the final one, but something that can be played and enjoyed on the servers by time to time instead of being a hardcore 5-hours event once a year. XD
And don’t hesitate on giving personal opinions, like if you liked it better when Lava Climb was Easy and Solo-Able or whatever!

  1. [SG] Frosty says:

    – First part on the fire bit (before the gas chamber), it seems impossible to get through the fire as it turns back on before you can make it, maybe latency problem
    – Maze: Make it so you can’t shoot the crystal that shows you what tunnel to go through out of the map
    – Elevator: Make it more clear where the trap doors are

    if I remember more, will post

  2. Kaemon says:

    Thanks Frosty. Appreciated.

    – Yeah, I can see how having some latency (over 150/200) can make it too hard. Will think about sightly increasing the timming. I was also thinking about adding a better visualization of where the fire starts (in the straight part of the statue’s support-stone).
    – Well, that was weird indeed… for you to do. XD Don’t think I will change it (you can still test paths until you find the correct one without the crystal), but will take a look at it.
    – I was planning on changing all the elevator traps. Luffaren made those, thats why they go inside/through walls and what not. XD

  3. Hydreigon says:

    Well I have heard that the elevator room will be different. The traps will be different from before and the crystal will be at the top instead of the bottom (no more going for the switch to open the bottom).

    There seems to be a problem with the water wheel crystal at the end. It will look fine before a ct presses it shown here:


    However, if a ct presses that crystal, the particle effects for the “touching the crystal” won’t even appear as shown here:


    As you can see, even the “green ring” particle effect doesn’t show but I think I know the reason. Kaemon said that he would reduce the particles for the water wheels and the cause of that effect not to show is probably the fact that there are too much water particles in that room.

  4. Darnias says:

    I don’t if you already fixed this or not, but the Medusa was spawning some “skull” props when she ate someone, also I would recommend removing the hurt on Elevator wheel, because sometimes when you get stuck in it, you would just die and you have to walk your way back :p anyways map is amazing!

  5. Kaemon says:

    Ey Darnias, for some reason your comment was pending instead of directly posted, sorry about that.
    I have written it down on my .txt list, but yeah, it wasn’t at the time I posted this. She is spamming way too many skulls (and I believe is one of the reasons she can get quite laggy). Thing is, she usually turns most people into statues, but lately her Stone Gaze was broken, making more people being eaten, and making the whole skull-spamming thing more obvious and dangerous.

    As for the Elevator, did it that way so griefers wouldn’t block it on purpose, but I guess that if you have a griefer he can just push the wheel non stop or something… So yeah.
    Will try to improve the whole Elevator area; including making the elevator automatically reset when everyone on top of it dies and remaking the traps, as I’m not very happy with the ones Luffaren did.
    Will take a look at improving the wheel as well.

    Glad you like the map.

  6. Joris Ceoen says:

    You forgot to add http://gamebanana.com/skins/132052

    Map cannot be completed without it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nobody cares about your dead-eyed pecker face Joris.

  8. Anonymous says:

    its to long people get bored and play smee tower or ski

  9. Hydreigon says:

    Sure. They need a better taste in map and way to bump this thread. May be too long but I like some map like that though b3 was just a test version. Some things are just too hard in that version and need to be balanced as mentioned above.

  10. Kaemon says:

    Well last Anonymous, I’m pretty aware that not everyone enjoys that kind of map and that many people prefer the PvP rather than the kind-of PvE that you encounter on Serpentis, but personally I like the later most and I was trying a map different to what you usually find in MG servers.

    As for the difficulty, as Hydreigon mentioned, its getting nerfed in many places. It wasn’t bad to have this kind of “big event” for the first times playing Serpentis, but I inteend it to be a map you can beat in around 1 hour (or less with enough good players) rather than a 5+ hours event every time.