Quick Update: I’m in France

Posted: March 15, 2014 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, MG Serpentis Temple, ZE Last Man Standing, ZE Project L

Just a quick update, I have been in France for about 1 week, and I will probably stay here until the end of the month.
I don’t have Hammer, Steam or even time right now as I’m quite busy, but I will finish fixing Serpentis ASAP when I get back home as it was almost done.

As for what to expect of Serpentis update: both fixes and nerfs (also you have an almost complete list on the post below). It was fun for a couple of times but I didn’t intend that you needed a several hours lasting event to beat it every time; so when it becomes easier it should be doable in around the normal course map time (assuming you have enough skilled players that know what to do).
Also, when the final version is done and nothing else needs to be changed I will look into porting it to CS:GO.

On the rotting Zombie Escape hand, you will be pleased to know that both Hannibal and Luffaren were doing big progress with their respective ZE maps when I left.
Hannibal has done all the stages and was now transforming tons of pieces into props so the whole thing can compile before getting into triggering and playability; and Luffaren, even busy as he is working on making games from zero with Unity and whatnot, was still advancing a fair amount with his map.

And I don’t know about Enviolinador, but he may have released a couple of maps since I left 😛
Anyway, that is what is going on. Last Man Standing is getting done and Serpentis should be completely done (forever) within the next month; and after both Serpentis and LMS are done for, its Junon (slacking) time again.

  1. Luffaren says:

    So that’s where you went without telling me!
    I got a job recently, as i’m working on unity stuff and doing things with fellow swedish friends.
    The secret project is still in the making but it might go a bit slower than before due to these recent events.

    What are you doing in le France btw?

  2. Hydreigon says:

    Niiice. Can’t wait to see LMS.

  3. Metro says:

    gl with the map i heard someone plan making a Hobbit Saga map