About Serpentis Temple B4 testing.

Posted: June 8, 2014 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Map Update, MG Serpentis Temple

So I finally got around it and went to fix Serpentis Temple for a proper release,
I was planning on leave it on version B4 and move really quickly to a different project that I hope to finish fast enough along which Cuniczek and Kaesar (they are already helping me with it), and maybe release a V1 in the future. Thing is, after several hours of testing  we found some problems (bigger ones being that I broke Sewer Slide and that Elevator difficulty is way too high) so I will just edit and fix them really quick, name it V1, release and call it a day.

For B4 I already nerfed the difficulty on some rooms, including the previously impossible to beat Lava Climb (now beatable), and making the Infinite Paths going from 81 possible outcomes on 4 paths choices, to 27 on 3 (which, in retrospective, was really necessary).
However, it looks like I’m going to need to further nerf some of the rooms. As I mentioned in previous posts, I liked the hours long events we had for Serpentis in the past, but I also want it to become a map you can play by time to time and even be on a normal server rotation, so I will just go ahead and nerf rooms that are too long and/or hard specially the new Elevator Room (in which we kept failing in the easier first third), even if this means deleting half of the contents I made for it.

If you have any suggestions or complains NOW its the time for posting them, as I may not touch the map ever again  after I’m done with V1, which will be hopefully soon enough (maybe even as soon as tomorrow).
Now, for your enjoyment, here are two screenshots of big Medusa bugs that Syoudous found before I released it to the public:

After changing the map to work with Turbophysics, Medusa was being thrown flying by the falling rocks.

After changing the map to work with Turbophysics, Medusa was being thrown flying by the falling rocks.
In fact, you can still see her fly when she dies.

Medusa Rocks Hard

I broke the relay that was supposed to clean the rocks at some point during tests.
It looks cool, but it would end crashing a server if I let it that way.

If you are interested in the Changelog of B3 (that I didn’t publish at the time because I didn’t want to do spoilers), or the one from B3 to B4, I will post them all together (and included in the .rar) when I release V1; so wait for it if you like reading changelogs. XD But beware, its mostly minor fixes and minor additions, don’t expect new rooms or traps.

So that’s pretty much it. Hannibal is doing wonders with Last Man Standing (advancing quite a lot non stop), and now Kaesar is helping him animating some models so he can instead focus on other things, which is great. So maybe we get some LMS news around here soon enough.

GL & HF!


  1. Anonymous says:

    The fire traps in the elevator level look nice. My suggestion is that you just take them in and delete the part with spikes above the last fire. Reduce the possible fire damage so you can touch more. The rotating fires take away so much hp or?

    I wonder what you will do for the boss fight, it was quite difficult/impossible if all had normal speed. Sometimes you dont see the green pits on the ground when Medusa floats above the middle part, you you can’t really evade it and it can stack up -> reduce green slime dmg aswell ?

  2. Luffaren says:

    Let it be known! I’m currently holding the world record on Kaemons insanely difficult elevator stage.
    I demand all the honor that there is, and that there ever was!

  3. Kaemon says:

    Luffaren, as the first time I read your comment, your record is already broken. Cuniczek, Noctali, Synthetique, The Dictador and others managed to complete it 100% legally. I’m still nerfing the crap out of it.

    And yeah Anonymous, the rotating fires take away too much damage, but you shouldn’t be touching them at all. The trick is to rotate behind the first fire, even in elevator-not-moving-position, and when you see the correct time (the next fire is going to pass on top of you) you tell the elevator to move, so you can get behind the next fire. Problem is that you need to repeat this same thing on the next fire very fast, because the big part of the “fire cone” of the 1st will eventually touch you if you stay on the second fire too long.

    And as for the boss fight, I may reduce the damage of the poison not sure. What is sure is that I will further reduce Medusa’s HP, and I will reduce the rocks damage to they don’t kill you if they don’t stuck you.