About Mako Reactor V6

Posted: July 10, 2014 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor, ZE Last Man Standing

So, as mentioned previously, I will be doing Mako Reactor V6 to fix the map.
Don’t expect anything fancy, just some quick fixes to the crashes and trains and probably will be adding materia leveling back (while keeping the materia filtering).
Some of you may already know this because of the previous posts or by mouth to mouth, as when joining servers I have seen some people concerned about me bringing back materia leveling. If you have an opinion about it, please post it here, I’m open to reconsider things.

I believe most people are concerned about not having Heal++ when facing Bahamut, which made me consider the possibility of adding a second Heal materia to the map (nerfing the immortality duration), but I don’t know, doesn’t feel right… Anyway, the map feels a little too easy nowadays, and not having all the materias automatically leveled could help with that…

As for difficulty, I was also thinking about forcing 100 HP and Fall Damage to all human players to get rid of the unfair and big advantages that some Servers or Admin/Donators have when playing the map. I would also appreciate opinions on that. I know that in the case of Admin/Donators is a usual perk, but I believe its advantage in Mako Reactor (with the whole going down the pipes) is just too big, and often fucks over slower people that have to take the “long” routes.

I know some people want me to add Extreme 3, but I don’t think I will feel like doing so… Still, feel free to make your suggestions.
My idea is just to do the fast (but well made) fixes and be done with it.

I may take a while, as these past days I was resting a little (from Hammer) after so much for Serpentis Temple mapping, and now the Dota 2 International is going on so I will spend a lot of time watching it.
Whatever the case, yeah, Mako Reactor V6, not unlike Winter, is comming; and it should be crash and bug free.
After that, I may go do Serpentis Temple V1.1 and move to Junon. May depend if I end helping Hannibal with Last Man Standing.

And about LMS… Poor bastard now has 4 of the 5 rounds being too long. They are missing around a full minute over the maximum of 9 allowed… And then I always suggest to make the maximum round requirement 8 minutes because you want to give players some room to “make mistakes” or “be slow”…. So yeah, Hannibal won’t have fun having to cut down paths or holds; as the use of a plugin to increment the round duration is kinda out of question.

Anyway, please post your concerns and opinions about Mako V6, the changes I mentioned or something I didn’t even think about.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. What are your opinions on the ZM Rounds guys. Lately I always see them being RTVed for the next map (when not enough time) or players asking an Admin to use the Admin Room to put Extreme back on.
Originally there weren’t ZM Rounds, then they were added (forever) at the end of the map because it was “beaten”, so play ZM or RTV. Then they were added as 3 rounds before the latest added difficulty. Then as “You must win ZM” once to advance. The current version has “Infinite ZM Rounds” but usually only 2 as in the 2nd there is a secret to reach the admin room.
So… Your opinions? Remove them? Improve them? Change them? Make it again so you have to “Win” one to go to the latest difficulty? If I keep them I was thinking about closing the area past the city (so, only the City Area, not that “corridor” with the Earth Spawn and the 2nd Hold).

  1. Metro says:

    gl with the fix Kaemon ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Anonymous says:

    “As for difficulty, I was also thinking about forcing 100 HP and Fall Damage to all human players to get rid of the unfair and big advantages that some Servers or Admin/Donators have when playing the map.”

    Great Idea, Ladder-of-Death will get many victims again ๐Ÿ˜€

    i dont really like the idea of materia leveling though, i also never really understood it.
    like if i have a materia, drop it for another materia, the second materia will be +?
    if so then this will just cause rage and madness about people not communicating to get high level items.

  3. Anonymous says:

    “I believe most people are concerned about not having Heal++ when facing Bahamut, which made me consider the possibility of adding a second Heal materia to the map (nerfing the immortality duration), but I donโ€™t know, doesnโ€™t feel rightโ€ฆ”

    Couldn’t the second heal materia be disabled if the first one is upgraded to Heal+?

  4. Kaemon says:

    Thanks Metro.

    Anonymous: Yeah, basically is that. You are “Lv1” (and so is the materia you will pick) from the start of the map. When you pick your first Materia, it will be Lv1 (default lower level one, as in “Fire”) and you will be leveled to Lv2. Next time you pick a materia, it will be Lv2 (as in “Fire+”) and the next time you pick one it will be Lv3 (“Fire++”).

    The system is a little odd indeed, but it was originally there in Mako Reactor and part of its core. It was only removed because at the time we didn’t know how to make both Leveling and Filtering for players at once, and Filtering them (to avoid others trolling them) became a big issue with the trolls and nubs.

    So… As part of the “fix” I wanted to bring it back. Not only to make the map sightly more difficulty (which it kinda needs, its too easy nowadays) but because “Original Mako” had it and I want to bring that “essence” back.

  5. First off, yea, Mako, in it’s current state is too easy. It has been played to the point where people use same materias at same spots and still survive, with massive door hug going on during the entire map. This could either be fixed by adding the leveling system back, or by other means.

    Means such as not spawning all materias per round, having the holds few seconds longer, re-doing the bosses completely (In terms of damage they do, and attacks they use.) and / or adding an extra difficulty, whatever it would be called.

    I’ve been around a long time, and one of the most fascinating ideas I’ve heard are “Mako with only heal / ultima.” and “Race mode, where only the fastest players survive. (Maybe as a bonus mode?)

    As for the forcing 100hp / fall-damage, I really don’t mind. Forcing fall damage would cut down the amount of BHOP done in the map, but you have to remember that heal will still boost you up to 225, if fully leveled, nullifying this. There already is one trigger at spawn setting player health to 100.

    How radical would the change to be if you, for example completely cap player health to 100? Would the extreme 2 boss be too hard? Many servers already fail at killing the boss (Still…) due to too many players dying to gravity, wind, fire or electro -attacks.

    I think the difficulty for extreme 2 is quite good right now, but I feel like the earlier stages lack.

  6. Kaemon says:

    2nd Anonymous: Yeah it could… I could also remove the “Red Ultima” from the “Red Bahamut”. Other thing is that makes sense, fits or is good for the gameplay.
    Not a fan myself of adding a second Heal Materia, but not a fan neither form disabling the second one if a Heal++ gets picked or of people being unlucky on Bahamut with a Lv0-1 Heal.

  7. Kaemon says:

    Blue Dragon: I can always nerf Heal++ from 100/150/225 to 100/125/150 (or even always 100 with + having bigger radius/duration and ++ the immortality bonus). While doing so I could also nerf Red Bahamut damage by a little to compensate.

    The “Only Heal/Ultima” and “Race Mode” sound interesting, may consider them, but again, I don’t want to spend a lot of time re-doing the map and I want to keep it as Hannibal made it, so I’m a little against big changes, but may consider something like that.

    I forgot to mention on the post (will edit it now) what are your guys opinions on the ZM Mode, because more often than not I see people RTVing form it or asking an Admin to use the admin room to put Extreme 2 again.

  8. Kloud says:

    Well, couldn’t you just make it that if Red Bahamut uses ultima, you either have to damage him enough to make him “fail” the ultima or get saved by the classic heal?

  9. Hydreigon says:

    Another quick question. Are you make sephy either take away not as much hp or no hp at all when a ct dies by a laser?

  10. Kaemon says:

    Kloud: I don’t like that idea a lot. It works on Hyper Predator, but doesn’t seem to fit a lot with Bahamut. Specially when the long charging time of Ultima and the fact that people are doing as much damage as possible to him anyway, at anytime.
    In Predator it works better because he charges his attack fast enough that you don’t have time to reload and use the whole clip.

    Hydreigon: I’m not sure yet about what I will change (if anything) on him. So far I considered the possibility of just increasing by a lot the amount/difficulty of the lasers to dodge, and remove the “have to shoot at him” completely, rewarding “pros” that dodge them without “punishing” the team for noobs reaching the area.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sounds interesting. ZM is a meh, everybody knows all the spots and generally most players just go to spectator. As Blue Dragon mentioned, perhaps a race mode or “the fittest survive”, a laser that follows players down to the reactor that cannot be dodged. 2nd Round of it could be a faster one.

    Just general ideas. I mean, v6 opens up a whole new can of worms. Do we leave it as is? Do we add more stuff? I suppose it’s up to Hannibal and yourself.

    Also, any news on the CSGO version?

  12. Kaemon says:

    Anonymous: Hannibal is aware that I’m doing version V6, and he gave the Thumbs Up, but that is where his involvement with the new version ends, so its kinda up to myself.

    And as for the CS:GO version… We are well aware that Hannibal’s one was ported poorly (and with broken particles). Currently Syoudous is working to port the V1.4 version (with fixed particles and what-not) so you should get that one soon enough.

    I also think he won’t mind (or he will do it anyways even if he minds, lol) porting V6.X when I’m done with it.
    (Why V6.X? Because I’m pretty sure something will turn to be fucked up on V6).

  13. Rexy says:

    I think I saw you say something about earth and gravity having levels now, is that true? Also you can remove ZM, without the train being able to be glitched zm would be quite boring, also please don’t change sephi.

  14. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, forgot to mention it Rexy. Gravity and Earth will have levels now as to bring more consistency between materias (Ultima being the exception). The current Gravity and Earth materias will be the ++ version, so 2 weaker versions will be added.

  15. For ZM -mode, I’d say get rid of it. I personally really like ZM -mode, but I can see that when we have won extreme 2, players either leave, or beg any / all admins to change back to extreme 2.

    As for the Sepphy possibility you mentioned, I support this 100%. I would love to see a working system, where the good players win, based on skill, rather than the amount of players (“Guys, we need to trim the fat!”) or the amount of bullets shot at Sepphy.

    I’m still wondering about if we could get the earlier stage bosses to have simple attacks / attack patterns, and have them do mild damage (With the exception of normal -mode, which is supposed to be easy.) Maybe give Bahamut some kind of attack patterns on hard and extreme -modes ?

  16. Hydreigon says:

    Well I think we can confirm that zm mode will hopefully be out. I’d really want to see race mode and possibly have the winner grant access to the admin room. Also every time a person wins ex2, that person gets a speed boost so could you possibly remove that for race mode?

  17. -L- says:

    I like zm.
    Don’t delete zm mode.
    Put zm mode between Extreme and Extreme 2. After “Extreme 2 win” let them chose in the first zm round which mode is next. Not in the 2nd zm round after ex2. Adjust the songs so you dont play the same one all the time(I just mean that u dont forget 1000miles because it is in the 2nd zm mode round).
    People just want to rush to ex2 and leave the server and try solos or whatever. Maybe reward people with points on zm idk…

    How will earth and grav lvl 1 look like? Just timings(length) different?

    Bahamut’s ultima with low lvl heal was always funny..it is rare anyway…just leave it like it was.
    Even with heal++ bahamut will just use 2 times ultima and we are still dead.

    Add normal magic attacks on extreme for bahamut but not ultima.

    Leave the stairs and pipes how they are, add 5-7s more for people to climb down because on some servers they trigger very early but if they would have more time, they would all make it. Nowadays most heal++ people are waiting for the slowpokes so they dont get infected. It creates a good gameplay atmosphere. Furthermore if heal was used in the elevator, people can shortcut/bhop on servers like i3d(falldamage) and still survive, it is not much slower than on a server with no fall damage, your idea would have no big effect then.

    Fix the pipe where sometimes wind or heal spawns directly before the boss fight. It consists of 2 props and if you bhop you sometimes hit the exact point where they are both connected, it will be slippery and your jump will fail.

    B7/A7 spawns are kind of bad…idk…

    Make the bridge before the bunker on hard and extreme at the end 15% slower, there are only zombies in 1% of the cases. It could be more epic if this number would rise a little.

    Don’t make extreme 3.

    Can you fix the issues with bahamut blocking the cts while he is retreating?

    Remove the computer consoles in the corners on ex2 to prevent stack wins, make them explode. Explosions are always good.

    Sephiroths laser on ex2 while going up sometimes stucks in a weapon or something idk..Can you disable it after “x secs” ..

    It is difficult for player to know when to use ice on bahamut, I believe there is only a little time window for it…Could Ice be actually of some kind of use even at the end of the boss fight? It would create much more possibilities…

    What do you think of a teleport inside the “end holding room” for zombies,
    after some seconds when the elevator opened at the lower part (where Ultima sometimes spawns)? Its always so useless if you have died or if you are still in the first part of the map to hunt humans… You wont catch them and the door will close if you are very late, just to indicate “Hey zombie you are 2 late, Im Hannibal and I closed the door for you, so you dont have to fucking run anymore so just stay there and wait a minute” exaggerating…^^

    Don’t underestimate the effect materia upgrade will have, they gonna have no fucking clue what is going on and players will have to use their brains once more in order to win. There will be no more designated spots where you always use the same materia. It will be more dynamic again and therefor more difficult overall.

    There will be materia hunters who are dropping each new materia for a new just to lvl up… but on the other hand there could be rounds where they actually have to play like that to win…( if there are not many players or if nobody picked them up) so you cant punish them via map. This is an admins job, kind of.

  18. -L- says:

    I just mean some ideas here may be good. But you just want to fix mako and not make it something totally new. You still have junon to do.^^ But it’s your decision in the end…

  19. Captain_Jack says:

    Good luck fixing the map ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Maybe add the Time Materia or the Poisonus materia ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. I'm not Kaesar says:

    Maybe you can edit the sound “Only the Chosen will survive” for “My inglish is veri auful wil survai”

  21. Anonymous says:

    Keep zm mode, but put it back between Extreme & Extreme 2. Make it, that if we lose zm, we still get to Extreme 2 (it’s maybe a bad idea, because admin could just slay all at the beggining to get Extreme 2).
    Also why not add Earth during zm mode ^^

    For sephiroth end, add 1 lasers every seconds. Or !drug @ct , so it will become a challenge.

    For heal upgrade problem at Bahamut, don’t worry if they don’t have a ++ heal, the people who get the materias are always the same, and if it’s a heal/heal+ , they still have a 1/8 chance, that Bahamut use Ultima.

    For the people who choose the next Level during Zm Mode, make something like in ShroomForest, it’s a Course to get to the teleporter to the Admin room.

    Remove the No-Fall damage is a bad idea, because Hellz vip are all retards (french vip), who need easy config, and they will all die ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Like -L- said, move the teleporter for late zombies to the room with the Elevator once it went down.

  22. Anonymous says:

    – no zm mod
    – add ex3
    – add one materia for zm : war


  23. Anonymous says:

    yo, i dont know whether this is possible, but how about a defensive skill for bahamut. a cast that will give bahamut more hp with every bullet that hits him, so basically a spell that makes him absorb bullets transforming it to health for him ? you could replace that for heal.

    also the lasers from sephiroth, on extreme2 at the final bunker, could you raise the height of the high ones a little bit? some servers like hellz (if you have vip) and gfl have a higher jump height which makes it easy as hell to dodge the lasers.

  24. Anonymous says:

    A russian server: Sex with zombie, has huge abuse jump. We can jump on Sephiroth head and dodge every lazers. Make it impossible to jump on his head plisss.

    Like said above, with a jump in Hellz/GFL, you can crouch jump to dodge every kind of lazer (middle jump)

  25. Struppi says:

    -Switch ZM mode between EX and EX2.
    -Close area after first hold in ZM.
    -Remove second red ultima from bahamut on EX2.
    -Remove no fall damage.
    -Add attack patterns to EX and HARD mode bahamut.
    -Add RACE mode.

    Thats it from my side.

    I dont think that you need to change the last sephiroth fight.

    The change to the materia leveling system will make it more challanging for pro players but you need keep in mind that if you make the map much harder everyone who want to master it will get it some how and the “casual” players will hate it more and more.

    The race mode will add an extra challange to pro players so they can get there kick from winning there.

    Looking forward to v6!


  26. Anonymous says:

    such idiotic suggestions, kaemon, just fix the bugs and leave the map like it is.. facepalm

  27. mzez says:

    i miss all the glitch spots on zm mode, maybe add them all back again to make it more fun.

    i think bahamut should be more of a challenge to survive, killing him should be pretty easy (so if player dies vs bahamut subtract health away from him, like sephiroth at end), add a sephiroth to shoot lasers at players during bahamut. also helps newer players learn to dodge lasers because we all know the retarded grind of practicing lasers (dont pretend u dont haha). crazy ideas but map is so easy for more experienced players

    materia leveling is good, add it back in. also raise seph laser height so if u jump on wrong ones u die (vips)

    havnt played in a while so i am probably forgetting some stuff

  28. mzez says:

    also yes please force 100hp and fall damage

  29. a says:

    please don’t place zm back between ex1 and ex2. If anything it’s pretty clear that most people don’t like zm mode.

    Either get rid of zm mode in general or have an automatic vote system that pops up at the beginning of zm mode determining to go to the other levels immediately or after zm. Or allow admin room to be accessed on the first zm round, or make one of the other levels the default after the first zm round. Either way, less zm please

  30. Kaemon says:

    Responding after my last comment:

    – Blue Dragon: Still unsure about ZM. Again, I like it but I know many players dislike/skip it… I also like it. And yeah, will see what I can do about Sephi.

    – Hydreigon: No, we can’t confirm ZM mode gone yet. And as for Race Mode, many people suggested that, gotta take a look on what I can do. To be honest, I’m not sure.

    – L: Again, I like ZM too and I may not delete it, but something needs to be done, and I don’t think putting it between the Extremes is a good solution, but may try it out.
    As for Earth/Gravity, they will be smaller/less powerful. Gravity right now just slows, and Gravity+ is similar to Gravity++ (current one) but smaller in size.
    And for the Fall Damage, I’m pretty sure it will have a big effect. Not only will I also force 100 Hp on players, but Heal won’t give you 150/225 HP anymore.
    I also took a look into B7 and A7, but apart from removing them (which I dont want to do) I don’t see how could I improve them.
    And even if its “buggy” I do like Bahamut blocking players. Its easy to fix but I won’t.

    – Captain Jack: Thanks. And I don’t think I will add any new materia. Maybe if I do a V7 -AFTER- Junon is released. Gotta go work on that map after Mako V6 and Serpentis V1.1

    – I’m not Kaesar: Are you sure you aren’t Kaesar?

    – Anonymous: The reason Earth was removed from ZM is because it could be used/abused to reach places where zombies couldn’t get aftewards (creating Earth-Bridges). Also, I was planning already on adding a couple more Zombie Teleporters.

    – Anonymous: Yes ZM. No Ex3. The fuck is materia “war”? Anyway, I won’t be adding Zombie Materias, I don’t think they are needed. I would rather nerf the human ones or give zombies more advantages in other ways (more speed, more spawns, etc).

    – Anonymous: I will look into improving the lasers in general (not only how high they are). And about the Bahamut defensive skill, its possible, thought about something similar some years ago for a boss in Junon, but I won’t be adding it to Mako (and probably not on Junon neither). Is bad enough having “trolls” not shooting Bahamut, but giving them a tool to feed him HP? No thanks.

    – Anonymous: Thats a problem of that server. I won’t tailor the map in case some server decides to play with 200 gravity or 2x speed on humans, etc. But yeah, some of the “normal gravity” lasers are too low.

    – Struppi: I was already planing on not opening the hold door on ZM mode and leaving it in the city area. Also, another guy suggesting Race… anyone cares to elavorate what/where exactly you want to race? Just no holds in the normal path? All doors open?

    – Anonymous: Well, even if its most likely I will only fix the crash and train and add materia leveling back and I were to implement nothing of what they are suggesting its always nice for a mapper to read and know what people like/dislike and why, for future projects. Who knows? Maybe if someday I finish Junon I may use some ideas from here.

    – Mzez: Sorry, but I won’t be adding glitch spots to ZM mode, and will remove the few that still exist that I know about. Getting to a place impossible for zombies to reach is not “fun”, its retarded.
    Glad to hear you want forced 100 Hp, Fall Damage and Materia Leveling. And yeah, many people pointed out already that some lasers are too low.

    – A: Yeah, I don’t like placing ZM between Ex and Ex2 neither. So far I’m thinking about maybe giving some reward to the survivors AND teleport them (instead of the Nuke) to a place where those humans that survived choose what to play next (ZM Again, Easy, Normal, Hard, etc…)

  31. Hydreigon says:

    100 Hp Heal + and ++? I think now the chances of surviving bahamut with ultima are much slim. I assume that Heal + just heals directly to 100 hp and Heal ++ heals to 100 and gives immortality for 6s.

  32. PH says:

    no Race Mode please, “pro” just wins by using a cs:s buildin glitch, face a 30 degrees๏ผŒ hold forward, repeat press A/D rhythmically, to got a speed boost! thats for nothing but forced “non-pro”s keybord to get destroyed same as “pro”s.

  33. Anonymous says:

    well the defensive bullet absorb skill could be like if a ct shoots baha while hes absorbing, the player gets damage with every bullet he shoots into baha, maybe thats possible? :p

    also please force a higher airaccelerate like 100 ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Anonymous says:

    kaemon please, add some technique that makes weapon tossing impossible, like on hellz where pistols disappear if they arent items. if im first to a materia, i want to fucking get it!

  35. Kaemon says:

    – Hydreigon: I think all 3 heals will just heal (not set HP) just at faster rates and/or longer duration.

    – PH: I don’t think I will add Race Mode (or anything new), but was just curious about what people wanted out of that mode, since many suggested it.

    – Anonymous: Nope sorry. Won’t be touching server settings.

    – Anonymous: Sorry, you will have to live with players that drop pistols to you while trying to pick a materia.

  36. Anonymous says:

    As much as I would like a race mode, 99% of players on ZE are pure terrible and can’t catch up with a handful of people that are always first/top 5 everywhere. Even people who consider themselves “good”, or “pro” and make all their clans like GES etc. are bad when you take mobility into consideration.

  37. Some Guy says:

    Most of these responses are so cringe….

    Kaemon, just fix the few bugs and be done with it.

  38. Anonymous says:


    why dont you disable weapon tossing, wheres the reason?

  39. Kaemon says:

    – Last Anonymous: As far as I know you can’t disable weapon tossing with “normal” methods, so that alone is reason enough. But on top of that, if I disabled weapon tossing, you wouldn’t be able to toss your pistols for getting the materia on the first place… and I would have to make another system around that (like dropping the weapon you are holding or clearing all your weapons). The first would require you to know you have to be holding pistols for the materia-picking to work (adding an unnecessary layer of complexity that sucks big time) and the second would require me to give you a new P90 (when you maybe had another weapon) and knife… Really not worth the trouble.
    I could also delete all the pistols that are dropped, but if I exclude the elites, half the server can still drop their elites to you; and if I don’t materias dropping to the ground would disappear. Also, the “removing dropped weapons” doesn’t work instantly, and most of the time you could still pick the pistols before they get deleted.
    And all this what for? To reduce the chances that time to time someone can get “stealen” a materia because the guy behind him dropped him a new pistol (with on itself requires some skill and is not a guaranteed steal)? Not worth going on ANY kind of trouble for that. I don’t think I would make a “fix” for it even if it was plausible and easy to do.

  40. Anonymous says:

    “why dont you disable weapon tossing, wheres the reason?”

    You are a player who don’t want to let new players get the materias.

  41. Le Anonimuse says:

    No More ZM Please! It is totaly boring and noone needes it. And please, try to add dat Ex 3 ๐Ÿ˜€ Make it as simple as you can but just let it happen. Maybe make no crates at the main door and the middle laser. No cowbells, Some traps like Sephiroth at Ex 2 and it will be perfect for most of the people.

  42. Le Anonimuse says:

    …and add Really heavy music for Ex 3

  43. Anonymous says:

    EX3 should be EX2 without materia, with the obvious bahamuth nerfing needed

  44. Anonymous says:

    Remove Ultima, add few traps and deffence/hide positions, put heavier music, add a cast that kills people if they are shooting baha, make lasers faster and add middle laser, call it Extreme 3, say done.

  45. Anonymous says:

    1 more thing. Fix Last Stand Baha’s beam near bunker. He shoots it left.

  46. Kaemon says:

    – Last Anonymous: That is a particle problem, and I don’t touch particles. However Hannibal made that particle in particular, is set to always go in the same direction, and will ignore angles and rotation. Maybe if Syoudous is up for fixing it. There are big chances it will remain as it is as it no a big problem imo.

  47. Anonymous says:

    If he said he won’t do ex3, why are you guys still bugging him about it lol

    But for ZM – make it so that you can enter the admin room the first round, or you can fix the “Kill all” button so it works on ZM.

  48. Kaemon says:

    – Last Anonymous: So far, my last idea (and the one I’m liking most so far) is to do a vote for “What to play next?” (ZM again, Easy, Extreme, etc) after the 1st ZM round (with at least 1 human surviving) and only available for the human survivors, encouraging and making more interesting to stay alive so you can vote for the mode you want.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a few suggestions:

    Make the lasers at the end of ex2 more frequent and slightly faster. Would it also be possible to make them not “bug out” or play the sound with no actual laser coming, or on rare occasions, make the laser invisible? (that may have been the server’s problem though, i3d has a lot of them.)

    Make the laser at the end of extreme be faster again, just like in v1_4, and also not jumpable by standing on the ledge at the wall. To be honest I don’t even know why is that ledge there.

    Is materia interaction something that was intended? For instance, ice materia won’t work for about 2 seconds on zombies that have been sucked into gravity. I like that fire materia thaws the zombies out of ice/ice extinguishes ignited zombies and freezes them though, because it makes sense. Don’t remove/fix that.

    Is it possible to fix the glitch where you jump on the train in the city and it sometimes gets you stuck in midair so you can’t reach the rope?

    Why does the gravity display the paranoid spray wall if you played it without relaunching css? Personally I think it’s kinda funny, just curious why does it do that.

    Improve the music quality if possible. I understand that it would make the map heavier but that’s not a big issue.

  50. Kaemon says:

    I was intending on improving those lasers somehow, while making Sephiroth not have any HP (so its about dodging them and individual skill more than a check for how many nubs you are dragging in the human pack). I didn’t know the final laser speed changed at any point, will check unto that.

    Not sure about the ledge you speak of (I assume is there just for detailing) but there are many “doesn’t make sense” brushes in the map if you pay attention (I suggest looking to the ceiling of the garage behind the truck-materia for an obvious example).

    And as for the gravity weird interactions… It turns out that the material (as in Hammer texture) that Hannibal used for it uses the camera input. So, when he tested the materias, it was just black (no image), but if you play Mako after a map that had a camera on it (most notably Paranoid, as the camera is made on purpouse for everyone to load it in the spawn and see a spray in there) that data will still be saved on you and you will see it inside material of the Gravity materia.
    This doesn’t happen only on Mako (there are a couple of maps, I believe leaked ones) where you can see the previous-map camera reflected on water surfaces; and doesn’t only happen after playing Paranoid (it should happen after playing any map with a camera on it that you loaded).

    And Gravity vs Ice interaction (unlike Ice over Fire or Fire over Ice) is not on purpose, is an engine limitation as Ice sets your speed to 0 and then brings you back to 1.0 after lets say 5 seconds, while Gravity sets your speed to 0.1 (to slow you down so you don’t get pushed all over the place) and then to 1.0 afterwards… When you get someone that was frozen in Gravity, you will override their current 0.0 speed with 0.1, and when the ice effects ends, you will have 1.0 speed while inside of gravity. This, obviously, also breaks the other way around.
    However I believe I should be able to improve upon it, will take a look at it.

    Not sure about the music quality. I’m personally not up for touching it. Maybe I ask someone else what they thinks about doing that for me and how much map size difference we are talking about.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your reply!

    Now that you bring the camera thing up, I do recall seeing a few maps with broken water that would let you see skyboxes and whatnot.

    I like the idea of a Sephiroth rework so that it is actually skill dependent.

    Oh and by the laser being slower at the end of extreme, I mean that it used to come at the humans the moment it appeared, not about a second later. I don’t know about actual speed of it, maybe it’s just my memory serving me incorrectly, but it’s worth looking into it to make it hard again.

  52. Jargon says:

    So will you guys be updating the CS:GO version also? It would be nice if you could take advantage of the new particle precaching abilities in CS:GO to avoid having to use a custom particles manifest. The guys working on the CS:GO map porting project (http://rulesofp.wordpress.com/) will have more info. Sadly their version of Mako is extremely buggy, so an offcial port would be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Kaemon says:

    Jargon, the guy doing the ports for the porting project is the same that will make “our port”. He ported the V1 port for a change/nostalgia (and ended up adding Electro and Gravity even if they weren’t part of that version) and I told him to wait for V6_X for doing the port of that one.

    The “extremely buggy” thing you mention, afaik, is only lag on Bahamuth, right? It should be gone on the next version. Apparently CS:GO can’t handle as many Bone Followers / INN as CS:S, and thats why it gets laggy. It will get replaced with a breakable, meaning that you won’t see the bullets hitting on Bahamut anymore ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    Take in mind that we (they) are still learning the things that CS:GO likes and allows and those that it doesn’t.

  54. Jargon says:

    All good, it wasn’t a criticism, I didn’t know that the port came from an official source. We didn’t get past Bahamut to be honest as the map was RTV’d pretty quickly. Hopefully there was nothing else but we’ll continue using 5.4 for now and wait for 6.

    Thanks for the reply!