Rules of _p and Porting Maps to CS:GO

Posted: February 24, 2015 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, Rules of _p, Special

Okay… So I haven’t updated the blog for over half a year, all blame on me. I could explain some of the reasons but I don’t really see the point in doing so (slacking and real life are both involved). I’m pretty sure I have said it before (and I always meant it even if I fail), but I will try to update more frequently from now on.
Now, without further ado, here are some of the news that may interest you!

EDIT: I was going to type about 6 different things, but this point got so long that I think I will instead post just one each week. I decided to start with this one to make a favor to the guys at Rules of _p and because may be the most relevant one right now: porting maps from CS:Source to CS:GO.

Rules of _p and Porting Maps to CS:GO:

As many of you know, CS:GO is a thing nowadays, and with so many people buying it (because its newer, cheaper and has some healthy leagues) many end trying out and liking some mods, including Zombie Escape. Some of the players are people that moved from Source to GO (I personally will probably keep playing Source while there are still people there) but there are many people new to the mod playing it, and players always want more maps.
There are already some mappers doing new maps only for GO (like the skilled Enviolinador) but many maps are being ported over, not only for nostalgia purposes or to quickly increase the pool of available maps in GO, but also so people that never owned nor played Source can enjoy them for the first time, and many porters have appeared, most notably those from Rules of _p.

The guys at Rules of _p asked me to inform some of the possible porters to take in mind, whenever to decide to port a map or not, that in most cases is not as simple as just decompiling and recompiling, and just doing so will most likely break some events as some entity setups may stop working and must be rebuilt from scratch. So if they decide to port a map they need to check it thoroughly and make sure that everything is working fine, as they won’t be doing any good with half-assed ports that have things not working and that will need to be ported again later by someone more skilled or dedicated.
On a side note there are also other things to take into account, like replacing textures and props by default ones from GO whenever its possible, so the map size is not bigger than it should. Also special attention should be taken into the renaming of particles, something that I will explain in a future post (as this one was getting too long).

Oh, and two more things: I have been told that their next pack will try to include ZE_Paranoid_Classic and ZE_LOTR_Minas_Tirith, so I would suggest you not bothering porting those (which are amongst the hardest-to-port maps in the whole ZE-Source library, maybe second only to SyoudousZE_Mountain_Escape). The reason they haven’t been ported yet is because CS:GO has slightly different entity limitations and behavior, and they may end needing a special plugin (there are people working on it) for the templates or something to work properly. Otherwise, some kind of build-up occurs that eventually makes the server crash.
Also they told me (after a couple of cases of it happening) that you shouldn’t use the “_p” nomenclature at the end of your ported maps names (if you decide to port) as that is their custom signature that they use it to distinguish their ports from others and is starting to be considered by some as seal of approval that guarantees the quality of the port.

And that was it for today… Will post again next week (or maybe this weekend) about some other things. As mentioned on the “first paragraph’s edit” I was going to talk about six points, but after seeing how long the first one got, I decided to rather type about each one in a separate post in order to avoid an unbearable wall of text.
In case you were wondering, the other points were going to be:

Hannibal: about Last Man Standing and his farewell to mapping.
Luffaren: his Secret Project and CS:GO side projects.
Enviolinador: about Chicken Ranch and his upcoming CS:GO map (with bosses!).
Kaemon: about Mako Reactor V6 and whats up with Junon.
Mapping Trick: using “custom_particle_xxx” nomenclature to avoid particle crashes (both on Source and GO).

If you are specially interested into one these points, let me know with a comment and it might be the next one (and since the site probably lost a lot of visits due to inactivity you may be the only one commenting!).
See you! And sorry again for not updating for so long! ^_^U

  1. Anonymous says:

    Is this real life?

  2. Kaemon says:

    Nope, you died and went to Hell, where you will for all eternity read about Junon being released someday, but it never happening >:-P

  3. Alex says:

    1. Will Hannibal port all his LOTR maps to CS:GO? It would be much better, since he knows how to update them / make them look better as intended, but also improve them to work correctly on CS:GO. He is the creator of them, after all. Can you ask him this? I would really want his maps improved for CS:GO.

    2. Any news about Hannibal’s “Last Man Standing” map? In which state is it? And when it will be fully launched?

    3. Regarding this: “The reason they haven’t been ported yet is because CS:GO has slightly different entity limitations and behavior” —– What do you mean exactly? What does CS:GO have different? I am curious. If the game isn’t good enough for ZE maps, maybe you, map makers, should contact Valve (by email or something else) and suggest them what to FIX / REPAIR in CS:GO so that ZE maps can work as good as in CS:S. Please, contact Valve! I’m sure they will support you and fix the game to support ZE maps will all features.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. Kaemon says:

    To Alex:

    1 – Most likely he won’t. I will mention this to him, but trust me when I tell you that the guys at Rules of _p are probably better than Hannibal when it comes to do the GO ports. Hannibal is burned out with CSS and Mapping in Hammer, and he would do a half-assed job just to be done quick with it. You only have to check his port of Mako Reactor (rushed and without working particles).

    2 – Will talk more into detail about this when I do the post dedicated to that. Will probably be the next one unless more people ask for something else.

    3 – I don’t know first hand the differences, as I’m still in Source myself, but some fellow mappers mentioned a couple to me. Some notable ones are the lack of the Game Text entity or being able to change the Modelscale of both players and props (but notice that those things were added quite recently to Source itself).
    Some of those things have already been requested to Valve, but please notice that CS:GO itself is first and foremost a competitive game, and so they don’t seem to care as much about its modding capabilities.
    And, the biggest difference, is a lower Edict and Model Precache count for mappers to work with, due to the extra weapon slots and skins; reducing the ammount of entity or different models (those include brush entities) that mappers can use in their maps. Quite recently a guy asked me about this problem when porting a Lego Multigames to GO, and he ended up removing one of the Mini Games (that had tons of func_breakables on it).

    Anyway… Times change, and even if GO has some new limitations, it also has a couple new things (like being able to highlight models, as seen in Mako’s Bahamut or Chicken Ranch’s robo-soldiers), and mappers will just have to adjust on many things, like the lower entity count, which even if its the same as in Source, there are less free slots because GO uses more by default… And trust me that if we all mappers gathered together and had one single request for GO when it was on the making, it would have been either a bigger Entity count or a bigger Plane count (and not a single one was increased, its just a copy-paste of Source’s engine, don’t get fooled otherwise).

  5. Struppi says:

    Particles please!

  6. Katana says:

    I am looking forward Mako V6 or Junon!! Thank you for you hard work Kaemon!!

  7. Hydreigon says:

    I would like to see Minas in cs:go one day. There were attempts to porting minas before but some items (White knight and Dalf) don’t work well. It would take years to create a stable port of minas. Same thing can be said about other big maps like skyrim and predator.

  8. Kaemon says:

    So far it looks like next post will be about the particle thing. Maybe something else as well if the post is not to long, since is a pretty fast thing to explain. (Think I will post it this weekend).

    And Hydreigon, when you say it would take years to create a stable port of Minas, Skyrim or Predator, I assume you are thinking on my mapping speed. I’m pretty sure if someone that doesn’t slacks get serious with it, they can do the ports way sooner than that! 😛

  9. SFB says:

    Thanks to your dedicated mapping Kaemon. You guys are still the best!

  10. “Quite recently a guy asked me about this problem when porting a Lego Multigames to GO, and he ended up removing one of the Mini Games (that had tons of func_breakables on it).”

    Well, Kaemon, since it’s not enviolinador who asked about that (because I asked him about the lego minigames crash situation, with an entity completely fucked up), can you give me the profile? I have a CS:GO MG server (for the first time, its completely full in Portugal) and I realy need new maps, since I’m fixing a lot of them (bad ports or bugs).


    Hallucinogenic Troll.

  11. Kaemon says:

    Not exactly sure what you are asking Hallucinogenic Troll, but here is the thread about it:

    Probably will post tomorrow about the particle thing.