Kaemon: About Mako V6 and Junon.

Posted: March 12, 2015 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Junon, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

So, today I just wanted to explain a little what is going on with Mako V6 and Junon, two maps that I get frequently asked about…

About Mako Reactor V6:

First of all a fast clarification that is probably not needed for the people who visit the blog, but I find quite a notable amount of people online that got it wrong: ZE FFVII Mako Reactor is a map completely made by Hannibal along with his IRL friend Maese Danielot, NOT BY ME. I helped optimizing the elevator and later, for V5.3, I just sightly improved visuals and further optimized, that’s it. I have always been a huge fan of the map, and since now some glitches need fixing and Hannibal is quite done with fixing it, I took the opportunity (as well as Hannibal’s blessing) to do the V6 version myself, but is still NOT MY MAP. Again, this probably goes without saying for everyone that visits the blog, but just in case…

So… How is V6 doing? Quite well frankly, but it advances slower than expected because of work and health issues. Is still doing good, and some fellow mappers are helping me with various things (will credit them accordingly on release, just not yet). So… Whats expected to be changed? Not a lot I guess… Is mostly fixes and little else:

  • Materia Leveling is added back. It was removed when we had to choose between the Materia Leveling System or the Materia Filtering System. Now we know how to do both at the same time. Also, Materia Leveling has been improved and the materia level is directly related to the current owner’s level, not the guy who picked it first that round. (Example: You are already maximum level and a someone else with no levels picks Heal… He has default Heal that heals up to 100 Hp. He drops it and you pick it, it becomes Heal++ and grants 225 Hp and immortality. If you drop it and he picks it back it goes back to default 100 Hp Heal.)
  • Earth and Gravity become level-able too. Current versions (V5.3) are equivalent to Earth++ and Gravity++.
  • Earth becomes a “normal materia” for spawning purposes. No longer has two personal spawns for itself.
  • There will be at least double the amount of possible materia spawns. Probably more.
  • The Materia Spawning System gets changed to take into account the new spawns while increasing the randomness without the use of patterns and spreading the locations along the map (there is a minimum and maximum number of materias per area now, so you don’t get too few or too many in the city, etc).
  • Easy Mode and its music get added back. It will be equivalent to current Normal, affecting all the difficulties order (last one will become Extreme, being equivalent to the current Extreme 2).
  • Red Boss and Bahamut will have HP Bars. I know many people are against it, and I may remove them later on if most people seem to dislike them, but I will add them at first to try them out. They also should help balancing the bosses HP as they don’t seem to be as well tuned as we thought they were.
  • Ultima will hurt Bahamut for a % of his Total Hp instead of a set amount so it doesn’t get less useful with tons of players or instant-win with just a few.
  • Contest Winner Signs will be removed. So far NO new contest is planned.
  • The part that breaks on Sephiroth’s Bridge should be fixed so you can use materias without jumping.
  • Some (most?) holds will become longer as difficulty increases.
  • Extreme 2 Sephiroth lasers will be sightly faster and spawn at a faster rate.
  • The area between the City and Sephiroth Bridge won’t open for ZM mode.
  • You will be able to choose what to play next after the first ZM round instead of the second one.
  • I will try to change the way you choose what to play next after the ZM round from its current “first to reach secret room” to a “vote between the human survivors” to incentive people to play and survive as well as rewarding the winners by allowing them to cast their vote. If zombies win… Maybe the only ones allowed to vote will be the original Mother Zombies of that ZM round.
  • Fixing the glitches, obviously.
  • Creating a couple new glitches that guarantee the need of a V6.1, obviously too.

So far I’m not thinking about adding a new difficulty (gets asked a lot), but with the re-addition of Materia Leveling, Earth and Gravity being weaker by default, the hold increase in some holds based on difficulty and buffing the final lasers, the map should become sightly harder and have more Human vs Zombie action (I really don’t want to make the map any longer that it currently is, nor forcing people to extend it EVEN MORE to beat a new difficulty).

I may also do some minor changes like reducing 1 sec the duration of Wind (for example). As always I will list all those changes in a detailed Changelog when the map gets released.
There is no estimated release time at this point, but I will let you know when I think I may have one. Maybe I can get an idea for it if I map hard this weekend.

About Junon:

And as for Junon… Well, I don’t have a lot to say but there are two questions I get asked a lot and I wanted to answer them here:

“Junon soon?”
No. I haven’t mapped anything for Junon in over a year. The map is not getting any closer to release as I’m not mapping it at all… I have been busy and I have slacked a lot. My bad, I’m sorry.

“Junon dead?”
No. Even if I haven’t mapped any of it in over a year I still would like to release it at some point in the future, and my current plan is going back to it as serious as ever as soon as I get done with Mako V6. I may also do something I suggested Luffaren to do with his Secret Project to get the first version sooner than normally… More info on this in a future post about what Luffaren has been doing and how his secret project is doing… Maybe next week’s post?

So that’s it for today. I can’t believe fixing Mako is taking me so long, really sorry about that guys, but worry not, just like winter, Mako V6 is coming. I’m working slow but at least I’m not slacking.
If you have any suggestion or complain about the list of changes for Mako Reactor V6, let me know with a comment. I can’t promise your complain/suggestion will get changed/added, but for sure I will read it and think about it thoroughly.

Also, I having my doubts about removing/improving the Cowbells or using the player’s score for either marking their Materia Level or as a DPS Meter during the boss fight (like Predator Ultimate does). Any thoughts on this? Both systems could keep the 100/1000 point rewards showing for bragging rights, but the real/default CSS’ K/D ratio would get lost in the process.

  1. Katana says:

    wwwwwaaaaa. Let me Know when is the new contest coming Kaemon~

    The contest Winner Sings should be remove. Because I hardly see these players play on Mako anymore.

    About Materia Leveling,

    How to level up the Materia? The player beat the stage and get level up for the Materia~?

    I think we should keep the Bahamut HP bars.

    The reason for that is during the boss fright, some of players aren’t shooting and for the HP bar would help players using the Materia properly. (Like Ulitma or last minutes gravity.)

    Good Work Kaemon~ Mako fags will appreciate your hard work :L

  2. Kaemon says:

    Katana, I specifically said there is NO CONTEST currently planned. XD

    Materia Leveling, so far, works as it used to do (or as it currently does on the CS:GO versions): When you pick a materia from its spawn position, you increase a level. The first materia you pick (from its spawn position) will be the default one, the next one will grant you the + and the third one the ++. Materias dropped by other players won’t increase your level. I’m thinking about maybe giving a +1 level to people beating a stage. I’m not sure so far, but its a nice possibility.

    And yeah, I think the HP Bars will help on those situations, but the people not wanting HP bars are afraid it removes the tension that currently exists on those exact situations. Time will tell.

  3. GlebErilov says:


  4. Rexy says:

    Make sure the health bar doesn’t look terrible

    Also are the lasers positioned differently or are they only faster?

  5. Anonymous says:

    so zm area is city only ? Not after the 30 seconds cover door ? Will it be closed (like the grid of the earth house) ?

    Add the rotating colorful lasers for sephiroth.

  6. Hydreigon says:

    The new materia leveling system should be added to paramina rift.

  7. Kaemon says:

    GlebErilov: Indeed.

    Rexy: It should look quite similar to the one I made for Medusa in MG Serpentis Temple, I kinda like it, quite simple and with tons of positions (around 40) so you can see the bar depleting all the time, and no all of a sudden from 100% to 80%.
    I may position the lasers sightly differently or add one or two new lasers, not sure.

    Anonymous: Exactly. No after 30 Secs Cover Door nor behind Earth House. Thing is, if the 30 Sec Door doesn’t open, that is a quite hard (impossible?) place to cover during ZM (unlike on top of the 10 Sec Hold). Also the city is big enough in my opinion without those two extra corridors that more often than not just get “abused”.
    I don’t think I will be adding the colorful lasers to Sephiroth (I assume you mean the rotating ones), Maybe for V6.1…

    Hydreigon, doesn’t Paranima Rift already use the same or similar system? Or you mean the adjusting of the materia (magick) to the lever of the one re-picking it from the floor?

  8. Backstab says:

    Changes sound great.
    I love the idea of a health-bar and using the score to show either player damage like Pred or levels of items.
    Nice to see that Mako will not become stale and some interesting/re-fresh changes are coming.

  9. bAka says:

    I hope you are ok in your health issues.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. Hydreigon says:

    I mean the adjusting of magick to the level of the one re-picking it. It would be an interesting approach so there are less greifers.

  11. Uh Kaemon, don’t forget a bug with the sprite (instant CS:S Crash), idk if it still happens, but I asked u some months ago (when I had the “desire” to build a pokemon map), when u sent me a prefab with a sprite).

    Again, poor english 😐

    If you need any help, just PM me (I’m currently boring nowadays).

  12. gkuo88 says:

    no new music right? also can grav still pull zombies to boss?

  13. Anonymous says:

    If possible, fix the grav so it cant launch zombies forward.
    Maybe remove the computer of 35 sec room during Extreme (new extreme2). So no stacker.
    Sometimes, bahamut beam particle (end extreme2) get broken, and go to the left instead of forward.
    If a ct wait at the spawn, till he get teleported by afk teleporter, he will keep his 50.000 hp, set his hp back to 100 (testactivator on both team filter).

  14. Anonymous says:

    You should also make every server equal by giving a default max_health of 100 during map spawn. And change it depending of the level.
    So servers like hellz, cant get 200 hp players.

  15. Kaemon says:

    bAka: Is nothing serious, but it seems like I may have carpal tunnel syndrome, and apart from my normal slacking, sometimes I have to stop mapping because of the pain.

    Hydreigon: Yeah. We will see how it works on Mako V6. I wonder if people will materia-trade to be sure that they have Heal++ on Bahamut or Wind++ on the last hold.

    Hallucinogenic Troll: Nah, that CS:S crash was only on that test map because I was testing many properties of the sprite. The HP Bar will be very similar to the one Medusa has in MG Serpentis Temple V1.

    gkuo88: No “new” music, but I was thinking about adding some music that was on the early versions and got removed for one or other reason.
    So far I haven’t changed how gravity works during the boss fight, and probably won’t. Let me know after V6 is released if there is still a problem there.

    Anonymous 1: Will try to improve gravity.
    I will try to make stacking less possible, but usually the best solution is having a server plugin that allows zombies to knife through each other.
    That beam you are referring to is ALWAYS broken, not just sometimes. It because how it was made (in the Particle editor). It always shoots towards the East of the map, ignoring its direction within the map.
    I completely forgot about that problem with AFK humans, since usually they get infected and is not a big problem, but will make sure they get 100 Hp.

    Anonymous 2: Will do so. I was also seriously thinking about forcing fall damage to everyone, but I’m still unsure about it. Fall damage is an “important” part of Mako (the climb down) that also makes Heal more useful… Having admins/donators (or sometimes everyone) not getting hurt by fall damage is quite a big deal on this map… But then again I don’t want to just force my own settings over the servers, so we will see.

    Thanks all for commenting!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Dont forget to restrict smokegrenade.

    If you add extreme 3 (extreme2 since you rename the levels), look at this:

  17. Struppi says:


  18. MartinLovesToast says:

    Will there be a CS GO port for this in near future?

  19. Kaemon says:

    That video was quite crazy. Never saw it before. I saw a similar (but not as huge) modification for adding Extreme 3 on a different server. May take it into account if I decide to add a difficulty, but again, is not planned right now.

    Struppi… L2Comment. I had to delete two of your failed-faces comments. XD

    MartinLovesToast, there will be a CS:GO port for it. But not in the so near future, since I will probably screw something or will want to add something else, and I assume there will be at least some V6.x versions, and the GO port won’t start until its proven stable and relatively bug free.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon dont forget about the weekly post 😉

  21. agentwesker says:

    Technical question, how do you do both filtering and leveling? Do you use something other than targetname?

  22. Kaemon says:

    Filtering uses Targetname still, as usual.
    Leveling now uses AddOutput lines into the player, when the materia is picked it FireUser1 the picker, and if it has any lines those trigger, leveling the materia. Zuff and Cuni helped me with this. From what I have been told I believe is very similar to what Slayerdragon’s FFXII Westersand already uses.