APRIL’S FOOL DAY: Sorry guys, bad news…

Posted: April 1, 2015 by Kaemon in April's Fool, Kaemon's Rants, News, Special


Sorry for not doing a post this weekend, but I was having some serious thoughts about my life and what I’m doing with it…

I kinda got tired of slacking so much, is not fun anymore… And not only with my own projects (which is kinda to be expected, as they are usually just too big) but also when just doing something as simple as a new version of an existing map like is happening with Mako Reactor right now. It should just be a quick fix (specially since I got some people helping me) and for some reason is taking me forever… So that’s it, I give up, I quit. Enough wasted time.

It was a tough decision, but I think is for the best, both for myself and for you guys: No longer will you be taunted with maps and versions that never come and… who knows? Maybe in my new endeavours I will be able to finish something and have some actual chances at releasing it so it may be enjoyed by the whole community… Just not the CS:S ZE one 😦

So that’s it. I quit mapping for CS:S and starting today I will do something completely different for a change, a new and fresh  thing that I expect is going to way easier and less time consuming to work with and is completely unrelated: mapping for CS:GO!

I have many ideas to work with, and I’m trying to decide which one to choose, but I think I will go for doing a Defuse Map for Competitive CS:GO and enter the CEVO Mapping Contest with it. For it I will salvage some of the areas I had done for Junon (including the cannon itself) but since I don’t want to have problems with copyright issues with Square Enix (since I’m doing a map for a different company’s game after all) I was thinking about changing the name to something else…
So far, since the cannon is the most prominent part of the map, and cosmetics are all over the place this days, I was thinking of naming it something in the lines of “Cosmetic Cannon“, but I don’t like the name origin being so blatantly obvious… So then I thought about changing it to “Cosmo Cannon” (is shorter and easier to pronounce, and some people may relate it to the cosmos)… But then, since I didn’t want to spoil people in the name that there will be a cannon, I thought about throwing a curve ball and miss-spelling it on purpose as “canyon” so they expect a canyon instead of a cannon. Any thoughts on renaming it “Cosmo Canyon” as to avoid any relation with FFVII?

Anyway… That was it. Sorry for the inconveniences and false promises. See you next week! I will try to take some photos of Cosmo Canyon for you guys!

  1. Metro says:

    GL Kaemon i understand u private life is all matter i havent play CSS for days cus of absence and private life i respect ur decision Mako fans can just fuckoff private life is more Important
    CSS is dieing
    Cheers Metro for all the work u done for Hannibals map ;D

  2. Kyoka says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    april fools!

  4. Skullz says:

    I already expected a newsbomb like this months ago, since the ‘fix’ for mako was taking ages and lets all be honest now, you guys take too much projects at once, and this is making you guys not finish any of them, ending up with stress and a lot to do, this seems endless and makes you want to quit.. You guys should take map per map and fix all the stuff that they found and dont start another map untill the first one is done (and i mean COMPLETE done), it is kinda disapointed to hear all the promises about the map fixes and then hearing this news, besides, everyone is abusing the shit out of mako so its better to fix this then leaving it as it is right now caus at the end people are going to start disliking it and the map will only be loved anymore be trolls.. (this is already happening in some communitys btw)

    You take too much work at once Kaemon, do one by one and that will go much easyer and doesnt mather what other people say but atleast finish where you started, atleast for mako, that you leave Junon in the dark its understandable, its no near finished to even beta test but mako is already a populated map in rotation atleast that should be fixed up

    Also, hearing you leave CS:S mapping for CS:GO mapping thinking that will be easyer then i think you are thinking complete wrong lel… its kinda the same to CS:S mapping so the same shit or stress will pop up so kinda using such excuses is more likely saying you just dont know anymore how to fix these maps… no offence but thats what i feel about it
    You can always ask for help if you need it, its not that we would bite you or so lel
    Its a shame to hear the fellas say they are verry good in mapping then hearing them going to quit.. dafuq brother

    BTW if this is a 1 april joke then i swear man, i fucking swear!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rip Mako – April 1st 2015

  6. Kaemon says:

    To Metro: Thanks, but I don’t think private life is that important myself 😛

    To Kyoka, 1st Anonymous & Skullz: What is this April-thing you all are speaking about? 😐

    To Skullz: I’m pretty sure the editors will be completely different. They are two different games after all! 😉

    To 2nd Anonymous: What a cheerful music! 😀

    Really? No opinions on the cool map name I came with? 😦

  7. krash93 says:

    Cosmo Canyon instead of Junon for copyright reasons? I smell April Fools

  8. jorre22225 says:

    This doesn’t really come unexpected. I had the same with ze_SSBB. After a while you just realise it’s not gonna happen.

    Fortunatly you’re also taking the decision I made back in the time, go with something more ‘simple’ like bomb defusal.

    The ” are because they’re not so much more simple than ZE, they definitly are in the level designing process and the aesthetics (much more freedom) but the gameplay, it’s so hard to get it right. Personally the only possible way a map can be any good is with a maturation process and lots, LOTS of playtesting.

    CEVO contest is a good way, but personally I would start with a clean slate and just leave Junon assets completely untouched. Start learning to model out in 3D and texturing, and you’ll have much more freedom than you could ever imagine. Also such a large cannon, although showcasing, is generally unfit for a defusal map in a contest like CS:GO. Especially with CEVO, be prepared to face people like FMPone, catfood, UNREA1, Will2K (perhaps), Giblets of Jesus, Kipper, TopHATTWaffle etc… I mean these guys are tough as fuck and IF they submit something as participant, they’re gonna win over you if you go for something like a large ass cannon in your map.

    Furthermore, the more realistic, the better. Don’t forget that GB is not the only one judging, and after my experience it’s clear that they’re cutting down the line hard on abstract maps or maps with even the thiniest of errors or whatnot that is out of proportion or just not making sense.

    I hope I have given you enough information. I don’t know where you got information about a new CEVO contest but ever since Johnny is constantly teasing now that there’s gonna be a big mapping contest I cannot think about anything but CEVO so you can bet it’s going to be one of the next ones. I’m not participating this time around, I have too many personal bad experiences with CEVO in general, more specifically the judges of CEVO themselves (although last time they DID better and DID improve the rules so I expect it to be even better now).

    Judging from the first one also, graphics are almost NOTHING compared to gamplay. Gameplay is 80%, graphics 20%. The winner of that first contest, it was basically de_inferno remixed but with a superb layout. Graphically it would have failed over a lot of people’s other submissions, yet it won first place.

    I hope this was enough information and hopefully some of it was something you haven’t heard yet. Good luck in the future and if you ever need help with 3DS Max or so if you take the step, feel free to ask.

  9. jorre22225 says:

    Lastly, you could learn to level design in Wall Worm. It comes with tons of advantages that are simply inexistant in Hammer. 😉

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel bad for people typing these long walls of text.
    Obvious april’s fool is obvious

  11. Rexy says:

    April fools is tomorrow guys, this is legit

  12. jorre22225 says:

    I’ve been fooled with no way to remove my post. Ah well, in the case it DOES actually happen to you, then you can look back to this thread. Nice one!

  13. Struppi says:

    All oger now

  14. Skullz says:

    Actually, CS:S editor is basicly the same as CS:GO, just some options and abilitys change, like props and entitie setups but thats far it (yes i have seen it myself as i have CS:GO and his editor caus they asked me to port over maps but eventually i didnt do it caus of the changes i didnt like)

    Its not like CS:GO and CS:S are that different from eachother besides graphics and some other minor things (aim, shoot, run) but further then that its still the same if u ask me

  15. Kaemon says:

    To Krash93: How come? You sure? 😛

    To jorre22225: I do appreciate both the information and the gesture, but oh boy… Do you want me to delete the message? 😛

    To 3rd Anonymous: I guess its part of the fun? 😛

    To Rexy: I think you are right? But then again, maybe not. 😉

    To Struppi: I prefer trolls (D&D, not forum ones!) 😛

    To Skullz: No way!? CS:S and CS:GO editors are almost the same??? 😛

    I will be posting again tomorrow (Friday). Pinky swear.

  16. Kaemon: If this is true, you choosed a bad time to write xD. If not, good joke, almost got me.

    About the Canyon, rename to something like “Pew Pew Giant”, but with more style ofc u.u

    Well, gl in your private life!

  17. CrazyKid says:

    Best mapper ever.
    I love mako forever.
    Good luck !