More ports to GO, V6 in May and Bad News for LMS.

Posted: April 19, 2015 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, News, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor, ZE Last Man Standing

First of all, let me inform you that the guys at Rules of _p released last week a new map pack with 40 new map ports from Source to GO. As far as I know all of them are new to CS:GO, enjoy!
I just learned about this right now (before pressing the “post button”) so I just added it quickly in front of the already written post. You can download them from HERE or HERE, or just look for the the links bellow their POST.

As I mentioned at the end of the previous post, its about time I give myself an ultimatum concerning the release of Mako V6. Maybe with a release date I get more serious about it (we did release Serpentis after all!).

At first I started working on V6 quite fast (and furious!) and the map was advancing at an unbelievably fast pace; so much that I was hoping to be done withing a couple of months; but then I got busy IRL and had some problems and the whole thing slowed down. When that happened I really tried to get it ready for April’s Fool in the hopes of fooling people into thinking it was an April’s fool when in fact it was the actual release, but it wasn’t ready in time as I ended up not mapping for some weeks.

However now I’m back to work and V6 is advancing just fine again. I would love to be able to narrow down the release date more, but there is still work to be done… Whatever the case I will be releasing in May (knowing me probably midnight of the 31th) even if its not completely done, and keep working on the finishing touches afterwards while people test what has changed. Releasing without it being 100% complete shouldn’t be a big deal since I assumed from the very beginning that a couple extra versions (V6.1 and V6.2) were going to be needed anyway, at the very least, no matter what, as we always end breaking something while doing changes and fixes. (BTW, even if V6 doesn’t have a new difficulty, V6.1 or V6.2 may).

As for Hannibal… Its not set in stone I guess, but is not looking good for Last Man Standing. He went on a break and traveled during his holidays and what not. At first he wanted to go back to LMS after the break was done and leave the map fixed and playable, but I briefly talked to him the other day and doesn’t seem up for the task anymore. He hasn’t regularly played ZE for years and looks like its time for him to completely move on… I guess he can still change his mind, specially if I happened to volunteer helping him, something he wanted me to do from the very beginning, but is not looking good…

Worst case scenario (him not working on LMS anymore) he already mentioned that he would leave the assets (textures, models, notes and .vmf) to anyone willing to fix the map. So at least there is that. Sorry for the bad news.

Next weekend… not sure, there are many things I want to post about. However, if Hannibal is really giving up, he mentioned he wanted to do a “Goodbye Post“, I just don’t know when he would type or post it.

  1. Struppi says:

    Hanni . . . nooooooooooooooooooo

  2. Anonymous says:

    😦 LMS is a great map!

  3. Skullz says:

    i hope these guys ar ‘rules of _p’ dont port maps without permissions from mapmakers (if they are still active) caus i dont want my map to be ported over by some other people when i said HP is mainly created for CS:S.. I hope they have that respect

  4. Hydreigon says:

    Nice on the mako v6 progress. As for LMS, I really hope for the map to be playable as much I can accept it will be hard to put the map in a playable state.

    If Hannibal decides to give up lms, are you going to edit the map (well possibly after you release junon)? As much as I don’t want you to do the dirty work (well twice to be exact), you are sadly the only mapper with a lot of knowledge to fix a map this large.

    I wish the best of luck to the BOTH of you.


  5. Kaemon says:

    Skullz: We disagree here. The same way you didn’t ask for permission to the HP copyright holders to make a map based on their books/movies, you did it because you liked them and wanted to, I don’t find necessary to ask permission to make a port of the map, if they do it would be because they like it. If you wanted to make the port yourself for whatever reason, then thats a different story and I gotta agree more with you there and they should have some respect and let you do it your way. But it sounds like you just don’t want it ported to GO for whatever reason and in that scenario I would side with them if they decided to do the port, and in my opinion that wouldn’t be irrespectful but flattering.

    Hydreigon: There are many mappers as skilled or even more that could do the job. In fact, I think I’m getting left behind with the new discoveries as they take forever to enter my brain and more than once I find myself asking some other mapper about how to do X for the 3rd time. XD
    Also, not sure what you mean by doing “the dirty work TWICE”. If you are referring to Mako, I’m doing it because I wanted, not because it was needed or I feel forced. Is no dirty job 😛

  6. Sry to post here, but Idk if many MG svs has this:

    I started doing a CS:GO MG Port Project, mostly Multigames and Course maps, but its not so easy after all. If someone have a suggestion of port, just tell me. Current Projects: mg_sohigh_course and mg_50 arenas (the last one is a bit dificult, because with the 65k+ vertices limit, I can’t port the map at least 90% same).

    I hope you guys love my “Hobby work”, since I’m only doing this in very short time for week :p

    Kaemon, I don’t have you added on STEAM just like in the past, because of my account being hacked. If you can add me to help on my ports, or to cheer u up about mako v6, will be aprecciate.

    Greetings and sry for the long text.

  7. I do not understand how people are still waiting for this card .. You’re doing it for almost 2 years. I think it has very funny .. Russian altered mako for 1 week and did fix half of the card. And most of the time he spent on repainting textures nodrav. You’re talking more than doing… RIP MAKO V6

  8. Struppi says:

    In Kaemon we trust.

  9. gkuo88 says:

    well that sucks. I mean to fix lms to the point where it’s playable is pretty easy. Have the ztele spots on stage 1 not activate that early, and probably get rid of that 4 way hold at the end. As for stage 2, simply force some teleports for the zombies at some point so that they don’t camp truck. Third stage has agreus boss coming alive again and can run out of the building, but since the checkpoint still triggers. And thats about it.

    I mean there’s a lot of other problems, but the main ones seem to be dealing with the difficulty of stage 1 and stage 2 being impossible due to zombies just camping the truck.

  10. Kaemon says:

    Hallucinogenic Troll: Not feeling like it. Feel free to add me, but I won’t bother looking for you. XD

    SAhOK: The 2 years is an exaggeration. Let me just check when I did say I was going to fix Mako… Here:, June 22 of 2014, so less than 10 months since I first talked about doing the version (and it wasn’t started at that point). Is taking me longer than it should? No doubt, but don’t exaggerate that much! 😛

    Struppi: Don’t trust too much neither (as in, don’t keep your hopes high for Junon releasing someday, for example).

    gkuo88: Yeah. But there is a difference between making it playable and making it really good… 😦

    I talked to Hannibal (briefly) yesterday, and looks like he won’t be changing his mind. I believe he started to type the “Goodbye Post”. Told him to wait until the weekend to post it, both to keep the blogs schedule and so he has some extra time to think about it, just in case.

  11. Dude)) Can we chip in and pay you?And put a period of 1 month. You to do these cards mako and Junon

  12. Anonymous says:

    Google translate very op

    ps: good luck Kaemon to understand what he said 😉

  13. Kaemon says:

    I’m not sure but I think he wants people to put money together and pay me so I release Mako and Junon. Doesn’t sound that bad if you ask me 😛
    But then… I think he wants both Mako and Junon within 1 month 😐
    I’m kinda used to “carte” as “map” from my time mapping in french Warcraft II, so I assume quite easily that he means “map” when he says “card”.

  14. Skullz says:

    Well Kaemon, i dont agree with you, if they want a harry potter map for CS:GO, make one YOURSELF, rather then porting over a map that they didnt even make, its lame and stupid if they dont even take the time to ask on the mapmaker as we work on these maps for more as a year and atleast there should be some form of respect in that.
    I dont know about you but i would not like it if somebody else just grabs my map and makes it available for another game if the intention wasnt even to do that ourself, we design maps for what we want and if they want it on cs:go well go map yourself and see how long it will take yourself, maybe that way they will grab some respect on it.

    The main reason why i dont port it over right now, is caus i have no time and porting this over basicly means i can start from scratch again (technical wise) caus a lot of stuff isnt designed for CS:GO (which is a shitgame anyway for ZE..) and it would become a complete new map (aside from the map structure).

    With these guys at rules of blabla we are basicly forced to make our map available for CS:GO even if that is not the intention caus else they will do it… Great respect for the original makers if u ask me.. How would they feel if i run around with shit they did and get named caus of it… and that calls themself a mapper?? bitch please…
    Some things are designed for one thing only and MAYBE we port it over but afaik now we have no time and we sure DONT WANT ANYONE ELSE DO TO IT IN OUR PLACE. They change WAY too much and it would no longer be like how we want it, like i said, they want HP for CS:GO? Make it yourself goddamned and if they cant do that well then go away from mapping and do something else in your life rather then enjoying other peoples work.

    I would agree with it if the original mapmaker is no longer active and not possible to contact but i am still active and playing so it would be a great thing to just leave it to the original mappers and the day i feel like i want to port it over ill do it myself. I dont need babysitting for that.

  15. Struppi says:

    you mad bro?

  16. Kaemon says:

    Still disagreeing with you Skullz. Your only reason why the map shouldn’t be ported can be resumed with: “The map is mine and I don’t wanna.” and that sounds selfish and dickish to me. You don’t play CS:GO, you don’t like CS:GO, you aren’t planning to port HP to CS:GO… Yet you are completely against someone to port the map so people can keep enjoying what you made… I should assume for the enjoyment or others. Or it was just the fame and the credit that you wanted?
    And not only that, but you are against a port by someone like the guys at Rules of _p (which is shorter to type than “rules of blabla”, you just trying to sound insulting?) that not only keep all the original credits but don’t even add theirs.

    In my point of view, when you make a map its for the community and for them to enjoy it, end of story. And if someone makes a new version (being it better or worse) for the enjoyment of people (like the recently released Mako Reactor V6_test16) just let them have fun with the map the same way we have fun with the game.
    I don’t see that many differences with your point of view (“I own the map, people are not allowed to touch it.”) and complaining about copyright bullshit. Got all the rights to the models and music in “your” map? I don’t think so mate. Should we just start complaining about how you used however you wanted the work of others, or just have fun with the map you made?

    You have your opinion, I have mine. But in the end of the day I don’t think you can enforce your “copyright” while making a free map for a free mod of a game heavily sustained by its creative community… Specially when your map is based on a copyrighted series and uses tons of copyrighted material without any permission whatsoever.
    Is like getting angry that you made a movie and handled free VHS copies to everyone that wanted one, and now you get mad to the possibility that DVD users may get a free copy when you are not planning to do DVDs of it, just because is someone else doing the copies…

    Anyway, you shouldn’t worry… Not only do they usually try to contact the authors for permission whenever its possible, but from what I know they have zero interest in porting Harry Potter… something I would personally find sad if I were the creator… However, you decided to get angry on the assumption that they’d want to port your map, and got worked out by something that didn’t even happen… What can I say?

    Also, we cool. Just completely different opinions in this matter. But I honestly think you should just let it go, you are making free maps for a free mod… what for? So people can have fun I assume. Isn’t that what matters? If 30 years from now your map would still being played on the HL4 engine, would that be a reason to be mad? That people kept porting a map they had fun with to new games they wanted to have fun in? I would personally cry a tear of happiness.

  17. Struppi says:

    I’m gonna be deep for a moment. I feel permanently connected to Counter Strike, I think I’ll never quit this game. -Hannibal[SPA] #2012

    Time plis stahp.