When will Mako V6 be ready?

Posted: May 20, 2015 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

So, as previously stated, I want to release Mako V6 this very month: May. I’m still working hard (along with some really helpful friends) on making it possible, and it may still happen, but its also possible that I may end needing some more time to polish and test the fixes and changes if I want the release version to be as good as possible…

So, what do you guys prefer? Release in May no matter-what even if something is missing or not as tested as I would want? Or give me some extra time to test and polish if needed? Whatever you answer I will still be working on it as much as possible and if I’m “lucky” everything could be done and ready for May anyway… Still, just wanted to give you a head ups in case I may need a couple extra weeks and it gets delayed. Sorry in advance if that happens.

I was also thinking about the possibility of changing the leveling system (that as stated in previous posts is being added back). Right now it works like the original one from Hannibal that was present in the earlier versions. When you pick a materia from its spawn position you level up and the next materia you grab will be +, and the next one ++.
My “problem” with this system is that feels too easy/fast to level up materias. I know there are just so many materias and it may take a while for EVERYONE to get ++ on a big populated server (50+ players), but since most of the time the materias are being picked by the same fast/pro guys, I think those will get ++ “too fast” for my personal taste… And I don’t like how someone could get both lucky and greedy and have a ++ materia on the very first run if he happens to grab 3 materias in the same round…
Also, I ‘m not to fond of how the default and + materias get under-used and in the end feels like every materia MUST be a Materia++. Also not having ++ versions so easily available should bring back some difficulty and randomness to the rounds as you can’t just always use X materia in X spot for maximum effectiveness because you got a lower version that is not as good there.

So far I think I will leave as it is for the first release and see how it plays. But some of my thoughts (in case you want to let me know your opinions about them) where the following systems:

1 – When you grab a materia, instead of winning +1 Level, you gain +1/3 of a level or similar. This is like the current system but takes longer to gain the levels.

2 – When you reach a certain area (like for example the Reactor, the Core and the Final Bunker) you gain +1/5 (or similar) of a level. This way there is a reward for reaching the Core or winning the map, and everyone, not just the fastest materia-grabbers, gains some levels. Being able to level up for reaching certain areas makes it so you can keep leveling the materias even if you don’t beat the stage, unlike what happens with Minas Tirith. or other similar maps when you are screwed if you didn’t get enough people of X level before X stage.

3 – Spawn, in a similar way that materia does, “XP Areas” that give you the XP. This increases the “points of interest” in the map (areas not in the main path that you want to check, visit or diverge to) and allows me to have less “XP Areas” than Materia ones if I feel people level them up too fast. (Like having only 4 “XP Areas” vs the current 8 Materia Spawns).

4 – Spawn “Materia Leveling Areas” (similar to point 3) but those will level the Materia itself instead of the player, on a round basis. So basically, all materias all rounds are the default lowest level, no matter who picks it, and THEN, if you bring it to one of those areas it would level up for that round. This also increases the points of interest in the map, gives something interesting to look for to those who already have a Materia and gives a nice dynamic of choosing if you want (for example) two Materia++ or four Materia+.

5 – Having players level up materias individually instead of globally. So if you pick Ice 3 times you have Ice++, but if then you pick Fire for the first time is just Fire. This method however may be a little too messy to make (or adapt) with our current Materia System.

Right now I’m mostly thinking about the possibility of doing some kind of combo between 1 and 2, granting XP for both picking up materias (2 XP) and reaching certain areas (1 XP Elevator, 1 XP Core, 2 XP Bunker) and requiring you to get 10 XP Total to gain a Materia Level. But I’m still unsure… Maybe is changing too much for the sake of it and it would just be better to leave it as it used to be? I honestly just want to give a better experience overall and I think giving the Default Materia and Materia+ some screen-time and presence beyond “Nub doesn’t have ++” is a good thing. Any opinions about the whole thing?

Map is looking and advacing at a good rate. It’s just that between work and the fact that I get home tired many days of the week I can’t devote that much time to mapping outside of the weekends.
Also, the City Area seems to have worse FPS right now. Not sure if this will be an issue.

  1. Metro says:

    2016 MAKO?

  2. Kaemon says:

    2015. Maybe still ready for May (withing the next 10 days). Depends on a couple things that I’m not sure how long they will take and how tired I get to home from work the remaining days of the month.

  3. Rexy says:

    You should work on it until it is completely finished, even if it doesn’t get released in May,

  4. Kaemon says:

    Sounds good to me Rexy 😛

  5. Anonymous says:

    Take your time. The map need to be perfect 😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    2 sounds very cool!

  7. Skullz says:

    You can do it brother, keep up the good work

  8. CATKrash says:

    As long as you release the map, it doesn’t matter if you release it now or in a few weeks/months. Just take your time and don’t get bogged down.

    About the leveling systems, I like how it sounds the 1+2 systems combo. But I hope it can be done in CSGO too.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mako v6 after Junon or early?

  10. grinderp says:

    I like the idea with the XP-areas(4 areas, each stage and you gotta visit at least 2 of them to be max lvl at Ex or Ex2,I leave the scaling to you) and getting XP for reaching certain points in the mainpath, regardless of you carrying a materia right now or not.
    So eventually everyone will have max level at Ex or Ex2 or whatever, if they got to the points and won the stages, that is.
    This way you reduce the hate and rage of our beloved pseudo pro’s (“Wääähh wäääh don’t take items if you’re not ++” etc.), since the chance of people not getting max lvl is very low. Also it’s friendly to new players, they don’t actually have to run for the materias, just follow the mainpath and visit certain areas and if they happen to get a materia they’ll have the right level for it.

    Maybe this system will be to easy for the “pro’s”,I don’t know, but I’m certain you will make the right choice and that v6 will be awesome.=) To be honest, Mako v5.3 reached the point of being annoying for me, it’s overplayed and boring. I hope v6 will make Mako a whole new experience and a map worth to vote for again.

  11. Anonymous says:

    wanna stay the v5 items system but still wanna try your points

  12. bourneID says:

    I may be late to the party, but I would say to go with your gut feeling, and if you have the time, ask a few popular ZE communites to host a scheduled event for the first public play-through – it would be exciting for the community, yourself (for player feedback) and to watch how players will inevitably find ways to exploit & break the map 😛

  13. jorre22225 says:

    One day, ZE will be duuuuuuuuuuuu