Time flies nowadays!

Posted: June 28, 2015 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Man, I can’t believe its already been a month since both the last post and the date I was supposed to release Mako V6! Sorry >_<

It’s taking longer than expected (as you guys can see) but its looking good. Apparently I greatly miss judged how fast I can map and how much still needed to be done within the map.

But have no fear! Everything is going smoothly and I’m still advancing, if not at a good rate, at an acceptable one.
I don’t know when the map will be ready, but within 2 weeks I will have a vacation week (from 13 to 19 of July) so maybe I can use that to place the finishing touches.

We did have a closed beta test the other day along with a dozen guys and I believe everyone liked it. There were more errors than expected, but most have been fixed already. I guess someday this week we will give it another go. Sorry for not doing open tests, but I really want the map to be as polished and complete as possible when it gets to the main public.

One curiosity: lately I have “played” (solo test mostly) V6 way more than V5.3 to the point where sometimes I look for materias in spawns that don’t exist in V5.3. XD

And, as a token of good will, here is a screenshot of an unfinished skybox!

MakoV6 - Beta Unfinished Skybox

The Shinra Headquarters in the middle of the city are still missing. Meteor may also look different.

Is not a great screen (as I kinda rushed the whole post and just grabbed the only one I had) and the skybox is not fully redone yet (truth is, Hannibal never left me enough time to finish V5.3 skybox and thats why you can so clearly see the color-change between the in-game reactor and the skybox one) but that should give you an idea.
Also, that is kinda the size I want for Meteor to have during Extreme 2, but even if it looks great (at least I believe it does) in that screenshot, it looks really weird (is a particle issue) and pixelated from the playable area.

Anyway… Off to sleep. Let’s see if I don’t get home too tired the next 5 days.

  1. BotoX says:

    >mako beta test without me ;_;
    Guess I wasn’t there in time!

    Well, I hope to get a look at it soon :3

  2. kim says:

    It’s alot of changes and I may say I like it… to be honest, I am excited to see how people will take this update…

  3. Kaemon says:

    Sorry BotoX. No spoilers kim. XD

  4. Moltard says:

    This version is…. different, let’s hope players will like it

  5. Kyoka (Spyro) says:

    What a good time to be getting back into css it seems ^^

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mako fags will be like: Admon plis nominate mako v5_3 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Just like they did with westersand v8… sad.

  7. Hydreigon says:

    This goes way back when a new version of a map looks different that people liked the old version. I think the first map to have a way differnet new version was wester v4b but the difference was that the new version looked awesome over the old version. The 2nd map would go to lila panic where v3 was made from zero, but people still liked it. Idk why the old version isn’t played much for fun. The 3rd map would go to skyrim and there were some people that hated v4 and liked the old version better (not as much as wester v8 however). Because of the amount of wester v8 haters, I regret hating skyrim v4 when it first came but the reason for much hate was from seeing pF and GFL at the time fail a lot on the new stages whereas on wester, the haters think the map is way too easy.

    If there are Mako v6 haters that like the old version of mako better, then I don’t know why they are playing zombie escape right now? Either like the new version or leave ze. The same goes for westersand. Old versions of maps are intended for events nowofdays.

  8. Dingdong McGee says:

    I think Mako v6 will look good 🙂

  9. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    You dont like new maps, you always talk about old versions and shit.
    “Either like the new version or leave ze”
    These words work for any map, so why dont you quit ze like you said ?
    That would surely make a lot of people happy.

  10. ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) says:

    Shut up Lenny.

  11. Hydreigon says:

    I would like it if people would actually show their name. The last comment was intended for a group of people that think it’s funny to troll and kill zombie escape.

    As for mako v6, the most important I would like to see is admins no longer nominating v5_3 often or at all. It won’t be easy especially if there aren’t much ze communities left with cs:s being an old game and cs:go not having that good gameplay.

    P.S. I think lenny is skullz because of the way the comment was constructed. One does not simply quit ze (it will for sure take a few attempts as I just keep coming back). There are just certain types of maps I seem to enjoy that have some replay value to me.

  12. TTsuyuki says:

    One does not simply quit ZE? I can name many examples, including me. The “mainstream” maps have a lot replay value, but how long can you play them? The only thing that was keeping me playing were all the new maps that were planned. I kept waiting and waiting until all my friends stopped playing.

  13. grinderp says:

    I’m sick of playing v5_3 to be honest. It just bores me.(I don’t even know why i still play it, when it was voted.) It is still a great map, but so overplayed that it hurts. I’m really looking forward to v6.

    Also, CS:S ZE is dying because of the Hassan.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Hassan is cancer to ZE.
    I give ZE 1 more year, maybe 1& a 1/2, but no more.Then it will be dead. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks like that to me.

  14. Anonymous says:

    if ze died in css , so all ppl go play ze in cs:go

  15. Olivera says:

    css its already dead by the way lol

  16. Commissar Fuklaw says:

    Don’t give up man I really appreciate the effort.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Plz release soon I know this is a work of love but I’m fine with playing this unpolished.

  18. Scott says:

    Any news on when the Minas Tirith port from the guys at _P will be done?

  19. undead says:

    I am so ready to see this version. I hope things are going well as we haven’t been updated in a couple months. I know it will be worth the wait ^_^

  20. DopeScope says:

    I hope u know that u guys alone are the reason ze is alive. ze became a shit show after ur maps stopped rolling out. I have faith that your updates will revitalize the ze community.

  21. DopeScope says:

    I’m sure theres actually no way you can make a balanced way of materia leveling. You are either going to have people abusing the system (picking up multiple materias on early stages to get levels), people who have no impact on the game (just rush to exp spots), or it’s just a cluster fuck ( bringing materias to certain locations involves too much coordination and teamwork b/c half the server doesn’t even speak the same language).

    Idk if uve already decided but I think players that play starting at normal mode should be rewarded. Right now I just sit in spec until ex2 while everyone who wins 3 rounds gets nothing. Materia leveling is the same situation. You sit in spec, wait for ex2, and can get ++ level materias that the people who just spent 30 minutes working to beat the map can.

  22. Kaemon says:

    Sorry for disappearing for 2 months, will post about it later tonight.

    Moltard: Let’s hope so.

    Kyoka: Still a good time even if its 2-3 months later? XD

    Anonymous: Well, maybe some people will prefer V5.3. And I wouldn’t mind playing it by time to time as a change, but I really think people will like V6.

    Hygreigon: Well, not everyone has the same tastes. But I’m doing my best so V6 is a success, and if some people still prefer V5.3, I will listen to their problems with V6 and see if I can change those little things.

    Dingdong McGee: Think so myself too 😛

    TTsuyuki: That is sad 😦 Hopefully some will re-join for playing some of the maps as they come out, even if not as much as they used to. There is also CS:GO. I personally still prefer CS:S, but many people are having fun playing CS:GO ZE nowadays, and some new maps are comming there. I can’t wait for Enviolinador’s current project (for GO) to be released. Should be quite fun to play.

    Grinderp: Sometimes you can’t do anything against the passage of time. CS:S ZE is getting old, and even if there were as many people and mappers as ever, you always end getting boring of playing the same thing. I also hope V6 bring some needed fresh air by updating/changing a little one of the most overplayed maps.

    Commissar Fuklaw: Didn’t give up just yet. Thanks for the cheering, always appreciated.

    Anonymous: Is not that I was polishing it too much or anything, I just didn’t map for 2 months for many reasons. Will list them on tonight’s post.

    Scott: No idea. Will ask them about it if possible. Haven’t been in contact with anyone neither during those 2 months. Was completely away from Steam.

    Undead: I hope its worth the wait, but those 2 months weren’t spent doing it better… I just had too much IRL work and other things going on.

    DopeScope: Thanks for the comment. Hannibal’s map sure used to bring a nice fresh air when they came out, with different playstyles and ideas. I don’t know much about revitalizing the ZE community, but hopefully will help the few remaining servers to stay active longer.
    And about the materia leveling, I kinda decided to keep it like it was on the original versions of the map: the first one you pick is the default level, next one + and next one ++ (as long as you pick them from a spawn position and not dropped from someone else). Will see how it plays out before deciding to do any possible changes in a future V6.1 or something.

    Anyway… Will write a post later this week. Sorry for the waiting.