Shoot the Shoulders!

Posted: October 27, 2015 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, Sorry for Slacking!, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Sorry once more for not posting more often. But I have been mapping! Promise!

So, recently I have noticed (and I’m sure many of you as well) and increasing number of people yelling others to “shoot the shoulders” when facing Bahamut on Mako Reactor for CS:S… And you know what? The have a point. This wave of shoulder-shooters pretty much started after I shared with some Steam contacts a couple of screenshots showcasing what was a new discovery to me: Bahamut‘s physical body (the one taking the hits) is very different from the visual one… I was working on Mako Reactor V6 when I decided I wanted to improve Bahamut‘s animations, and as soon as I started working with the model I noticed this weird physics build:

The visuals are in blue, the physics in red. As you can see, most of the body can't even be hit.

The visuals are in blue, the physics in red.
As you can see, most of the body can’t even be hit.

Notice how the “shoulders” is not really the most accurate description of where you should shoot, as your real target should be the biggest hitboxes that are located sightly outwards from the shoulders, in front of the small wings. Those hitboxes, before the physics got broken on him, used to belong to the bigger wings.

After seeing the weird physics, what happened became obvious to me: when working with the model for the first time, so long time ago, a less experienced Hannibal scaled the model up on 3D Studio Max (instead of using a “$scale” line on the .qc file) and forgot to scale the physical mesh when he did so. Still attached to the same bones they always were, the smaller (relatively) physic parts had to spread out and lots of “holes” appeared, making most of the bullets just fly through the model. This has been the case since the very first version of Mako Reactor.

This however explains a couple things that I couldn’t figure out why happened the way they did:

– The DPS Metter not working properly, not even in single-player.
– The so called “Missing Bullets” as the number of players increases, which I always assumed was a limit on how many bullets the engine can count per second.
– Why it was initially so hard to balance Bahamut‘s HP (it seemed too easy to kill one round and the next they couldn’t kill it with everyone shooting?).
– Why every time I was asked about Bahamut‘s HP values by others mappers doing bosses they reported that was way too low (as Bahamut‘s 150 hits per player is more like 450 when you take into account the shoot-able area).

So far I fixed this issue for Mako V6 by just using a big box on top of him (like the Red Combine Dropship already does), which is better for both FPS and Lag, but now you won’t see bullet sparks on impact. Maybe I may look into giving him a proper physical body AFTER the V6 release, but won’t bother with it before.

And talking about V6 release… I still don’t know when it will be done, but we tested V6_B04 the other day and was looking really good and not to have too many things broken or left to do. I’m even thinking about releasing the first version before finishing the new animations for Bahamut and include them later in the V6.1, a version I’m sure will be needed as something always escapes the tests.

That said… I’m not working much on Mako this week as Enviolinador convinced me to do a map with him for Gamebanana‘s Halloween Contest. Apparently, just like the time I did the same with Luffaren (resulting on MG Serpentis Temple) we are pretty much rushing most of the map this last week, so it won’t be as complete/polished as we would like, but at least it will be playable and its release can’t be delayed. This time is a ZE map and will be released only for CS:GO at first. If we continue polishing and building on top of it afterwards (like happened with Serpentis) and the map becomes really good, I will look into porting it into Source (which I still prefer myself).

So that is pretty much it. Sorry for the lack of news, but Mako is looking good (honest!), and its definitely happening sometime soon (will release, 100% guaranteed).

By the way, you can check Bahamut‘s physics yourself in-game with the command “vcollide_wireframe 1“, however it requires “sv_cheats 1” so you won’t be able to use it while playing on a normal ZE server along other people. Also, this issue is only exclusive to the CS:S versions as the CS:GO one uses different entities on top of the model to read the bullet hits.

  1. Metro says:

    Looks promising Kaemon i am sure Mako reactor geeks cant wait to test it.

  2. Commissar Fuklaw says:

    It’s crazy that his hitbox as always been like this, I still remember all those times Plague Fest failed to kill him and they blamed it on noobs not shooting xD.

    If I could make a suggestion, I think it would be a good idea to fix this bug on the old mako (V5_3). V6 sounds quite different, so people will probably want to play both versions and now Bahamut is just gonna be way too easy.

    Good luck in the Halloween Contest!

  3. SFB says:

    Exciting stuff to see. Can’t wait to see Mako v6 and the Halloween collab you are doing.

  4. Anonymous says:

    told people to shoot the wings near his arms since 2013 , they never listened xD