Mako on February!

Posted: February 9, 2016 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, KF-Insurrection, Sorry for Slacking!, ZE FFVII Mako Reactor

Oh boy… So long without posting that I barely remember how it goes…

First of all I wanted to say sorry to all four of you that still visit the blog for not posting in such a long time. Sorry 😛

So there were many reasons… But the big main one that prevented me from releasing Mako V6 in December 2015 was mostly my computer issues. My hard drive started to fail and it was getting worse and worse (making working on the map almost impossible) until it pretty much stopped working. But it was the holidays, along with family visits and what not, so it took me a while to get it repaired, and when I finally did, Hannibal of all people asked for my assistance with a Killing Floor 2 project, so I went to visit him IRL (for the first time, and believe it or not he is even uglier in person) and we worked together on his KF2 map for around a month… (Will let you know when it gets released, should be later this month too if nothing changes).

Now I’m back at home, with a working computer and tired of failing and teasing you guys and not releasing Mako. You have been waiting for so long, and sure there were some issues here and there, and somethings took longer than expected, but I also slacked a lot…

So that’s it! I’m feed up! I’m drawing a line! I’m releasing Mako V6 later this month in whatever status it is! (Luckily its a leap year).
The map is already fully playable anyway (is mostly that I didn’t get to make new animations for Bahamut and the other boss yet) and should be relatively bug free (maybe a little too hard because I’m buffing zombie speed, but playing on a server will tell us about that).
I was planning on releasing a V6.1 and V6.2 later on for fixes anyway, so I guess it will be okay if the first released version is not as final and polished as I wanted it to be. The thing is I made you guys wait long enough and maybe releasing it will make me get more serious about finishing the little details while I fix whatever problems you encounter on the live servers.

Also a friendly reminder: there is no new difficulty (seriously), so don’t wait for one. The current ones should be sightly harder because of zombie speed buffs and fixes and the fact that you get one materia less per difficulty, but don’t wait for a Ex3 or anything like that. I may add something later on (no promises, just saying) but for the first V6 I just wanted to keep things as close as possible to what they are on V5.3.

  1. Metro says:

    isnt it bit late to post now ;D

  2. Hydreigon says:

    Better late than never.

  3. ILikeTurtles says:

    The question is, February 2016 or February 2017?

    Just kidding, thanks for your awesome work man, stay awesome!

  4. Kaemon says:

    Metro: I know you mean the time of the day (night), but others may think you mean it in another sense. XD
    Hydreigon: Indeed 🙂
    ILikeTurtles: The REAL question is, February 2020 or February 2021? Also, no problem 😛

  5. CATKrash says:

    Cool! Will have to dust off CS:S to play it, though. But hopefully there will be some decent port to CS:GO some day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I would like to get permission to port minas tirith to cs go, or if you can do it since Minas tirith was a great map and some people want to see it in cs go because of the fun we had playing it in css! Thank you very much

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yep, its going to out in June

  8. Kaemon says:

    CATKrash: I suppose it will get ported sooner or later, but won’t look into doing it myself (nor helping with it) for sometime, while I do like V6.1 and other updates to do the needed fixes.

    Anonymous: Porting Minas Tirith to CS:GO is quite complicated. Big maps have problems to be ported in GO and some limitations. For the moment being I would ask you to restrain yourself from attempting to port it, at least for some time.

    Anonymous: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

  9. xionorjenz says:

    If you need a server for testing on unloze still exists hue

  10. halloweenhousefan says:

    can’t wait to try Mako v6 ^_^

  11. Anonymous says:

    can’t wait

  12. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon, thanks for the reply i’ll restrain myself no worries.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Kaemon is a known “mapper” that hasn’t released any map so far (February 2016).
    – Zombieescape Wikia

  14. Kaemon says:

    Come on! ZE_Halloween_House for CS:GO should count! Is still Zombie Escape! 😛

  15. Hydreigon says:

    Only 9 more days left (be thankful you have one extra day thanks to the leap year).

  16. bAka says:

    Think about Junon yo…