ZE FFVII Mako Reactor V6 B09 – Changelog Progress

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Working on the map lately. Here is the changelog so far. (4th of February)
Please notice that this list only contains things that are already done and implemented, not all the upcoming changes.

———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

UNNOTICEABLE FIXES: (servers were manually taking care of these fixes):

– Removed 1 forgotten Spawn Point in the Zombie Cage.
– Increased Boss HP values.
– Reduced Zombie Speed values to realistic numbers.
– Fixed Materia Crashes related to testing activators on Ice, Bio and Gravity materias.


– Increased Zombie Speed from +1% per difficulty increase to +2% (from 104% to 108% on Insane).

– Removed solidity of various minors props to both improve performance and player mobility. Shouldn’t be too noticeable.
– Removed shadows from some props for better illumination in some areas, most notably the Makonoid Room.
– Minor pathing improvements, including some small player clips or prop additions, most notably from Wooden House to Upper Path towards the 2nd Hold.
– Replaced the dumpsters with a custom model that looks exactly the same but has fixed physics.

– Zombies that get Mako Infused get more text explaining what it does (makes you bigger and hurt humans close to you).

– Made all Sephiroth blade cuts’ sounds global.
– Increased the time Sephiroth waits before start rushing towards the bunker from 5 to 7 seconds.
– Randomized the path Sephiroth uses when rushing towards the bunker between two possibilities (original path and a mirrored one).
– Randomized the final stop point he uses when rushing towards the bunker between 3 points (original one and 2 sightly off-center ones).
– Sightly reduced and edited Sephiroth’s Hitbox size and shape to more accurately match his attack animation while rushing towards the bunker.
– Increased Sephiroth’s HP from 50 to 75.



– The prominently used fence texture is no longer visible from both sides at once (it was giving a blurry feeling).
– Fixed solidity on the two tables to both sides of the main entrance to the brothel.
– Edited the openings used for the trains to go in and out of the city and bridge areas.
– Removed the grate blocking the skybox fall under the materia truck, in the train area.
– The 2 windows that are in the same room in the Wood House (original Earth Materia spawn) don’t require crouching to get out anymore.
– Wood House windows now open 1 second before the Hold does, instead of at the same time.

– Removed the ability to reach the ladder on the big pipe in the middle path in front of the hold from the bottom train area.
– Hardest Crate (that helps zombies attacking the hold from the Pub) now only appears on Insane (instead of both Extreme and Insane).
– Increased by 5 seconds the time it takes for the city teleport to activate after the hold is open.


– Fixed a stuck-able area in the 2nd hold.
– Door takes now the correct 10 seconds to open, instead of 11.
– The crate in the middle of the 2nd hold (Easy and Normal) now breaks 4 secs after the door opens.
– Teleport Area now doesn’t include the last room before the Bridge.
– The Bridge-Door now starts open and doesn’t close when the teleport occurs, the Hold-Door closes instead.
– Teleport occurs sightly faster.


– Hopefully fixed visual glitches that allowed you to see inside the reactor from some points in the bridge.
– Reduced Black Fade when falling from the Bridge by 0.5 secs to better match the zombie teleport back to the vent.

– Bridge starts falling 0.25 faster after being cut down by Sephiroth.
– When the bridge gets cut, there are 2 blade sounds now (instead of 1) and the “lasers” look similar to Sephiroth attacks instead of being sprites.


– Increased the moving speed of the doors towards the 3 buttons room from 100 to 125 (they didn’t work as intended when server latency was in play).
– People that get stuck inside the world by the elevator should now get crushed and die.
– Improved elevator so it “lags” less.

– Renamed the doors on the last hold as “Final Door” (previously Blasted Doors as it was reusing the City messages).
– The 3 Buttons must be now pressed within 2.5/1.5/0.5 secs depending on difficulty, instead of within 2 seconds on all difficulties.
– The Manual Override (correctly pressing the 3 buttons) now takes 10 secs to open the doors in Normal and Hard (previously 5 seconds in all difficulties).


– Fixed a couple of yellow metal bars not being solid at the top of the long yellow stairs.
– Reduced the area covered by the teleport. Now you can jump down to the zombie path if you choose to.

– Delay for the Zombie Teleport occurring after the elevator ceiling breaks increased from 5 to 10 secs.
– When the Zombie Teleport activates, it also closes the door on the vent path to prevent people from running into the teleport.

– Fixed the Core teleport getting inside this room. It was preventing people from using the Zombie-Vent route after it enabled in some difficulties.


– Sightly improved the area affected by teleports when going down (most notably while jumping while on the first ladder).

– Edited the last part of the “going down the reactor” to re-add a path that was removed on V6.
– Changed the teleport destination of the 3rd Teleport when going down the reactor.

– The Core teleport before the boss fight will no longer affect zombies in areas they are allowed in during the boss fights.
– Fixed a teleport-free area.
– Fixed solidity problems with the 2 big pipes in the reactor area (they were blocking zombies from going under them).

– Added a Handrail after first ladder to help people on their way up.
– Made it sightly easier to grab the second ladder on the way up.
– Detailed the “dent” next to the last ladder on your way up so you can’t get blocked inside it while climbing the ladder.


– Added a big Boss-HP-Bar mounted on the wall inside the zombie jail.
– Added the missing second zombie path in zombie cage to reach different locations from which to watch the boss fights.
– The window exit from the zombie cage is now a crouch spot.


– Added another barrel.


– The materias that affect zombie speed (Ice, Gravity and Bio) now all turn the zombies a color (Blue, Black and Green respectively).
– Fixed Bio and Aqua not damaging bosses. They now both affect both bosses, for the moment (may change).

– Electro no longer freezes Scorpion Guard nor Bahamut (it was erroneously triggering both the Electro and Ice relays).

– Gravity now turns affected zombies black.
– Gravity Lv2 attraction area radius sightly increased from 64 to 80 (slow remains 256).
– Gravity Lv3 global area radius sightly increased from 256 to 320 (As reference, V5 is 504).

– Ice now turns affected zombies blue.

– Aqua++ duration reduced from 10 to 8 seconds.

– Barrier duration reduced from 6/8/10 seconds to 5/7/9 seconds.
– Barrier now loses 1 second duration for each 10 zombie pushes on all levels (previously required 10/15/20 pushes).

– Mimic: Fixed some bad interactions that occurred when chaining the same materia effect on the same targets (most notably Ice and Heal++)
– Mimicing Ice on frozen zombies will now stay for the whole Mimic-Ice duration instead of ending when the normal Ice did.
– Mimicing Heal++ on Immortal humans will now stay for the whole Mimic-Heal++ duration (or until the human move out of the area) instead of ending when the normal Heal++ did.


– Reduced Easy to Extreme boss fight duration by 24 seconds (from 88 to 64 seconds).
– Reduced Insane boss fight duration by 20 seconds (from 108 to 88 seconds).
– Boss Cycle (total time between attacks) reduced from 10 to 8 seconds. (Previously 6/4 secs Charging/Attacking, now 4/4).
– Boss Attack Count (total attacks) reduced from 8 to 7 attacks. (Still 10 in Insane).
– Adjusted Boss HP per player (increased it sightly, most notably on Easy and Normal) and then reduced them (by 12% on Insane and 27% rest of difficulties) to match the shorter fights.
*HP added per player went from 8/10/14/17/21 to 6/8/10/12/17. (Servers were using 4/8/12/16/20).

– Increased grenade damage from 75 to 90.
– Fixed a couple of small brushes that were blocking some bullets when shooting Scorpion Guard and Bahamut.
– Using fire and igniting a boss won’t any longer cause problems to humans that try to pass by.

– Bahamut Impulse Attacks sometimes not having a target and going away is still unfixed, but the “wrong” placement is now on the bridge, so you won’t notice.
– HP and Turn bars for Bahamut are sightly higher (24 units).


– Reduced Scorpion Guard tail-laser counter-attack damage from 175 to 150.


– Computers in front of the vent in the final hold disappear now on Extreme and Insane.
– Elevator door no longer closes on Extreme and Insane.

– Barrels in the Bunker no longer appear on Extreme mode.
– Final Cut “Dodge This” speed reduced from 2000 to 1750 (average reaction time went from 0.5 to 0.6 secs).
– Final Cut “Dodge This” now starts instantly after it spawns, instead of waiting 0.10 secs.
– Final Cut “Dodge This” is now two attacks, instead of one.


– Sephiroth encounter after climbing back from the Reactor Core: Laser triggers 0.25 earlier. Sephiroth banishes 1.00 secs earlier.


– Insane Bahamut no longer will cast the same materia twice (unless he does so by his single use of Mimic).
– All Bahamut Materia Casts now have a Console Message as well, for those unable to read Game Texts due to their custom UIs.

– Heal: Increased effect from 10% to 15% of Bahamut’s maximum HP (from 2 bars to 3 bars).

– Bio: Duration increased from 12 to 15 secs.
– Bio: Shouldn’t wrongly hurt people after Heal++ has been used.
– Bio: Players now stop being green-colored after the poison duration.

– Earth: Reduced base HP from 5000 to 3000.
– Earth: Reduced HP per player from 500 to 300 (original players, not remaining players).
– Earth: Increased duration (if not broken by the players) from 10 to 12 secs.

– Barrier: Duration reduced from 8 secs to 5 secs.
– Barrier: Reduced damage from 175 to 125.

– Wind: Push power increased from 275 to 300.

– Ice: Increased projectile speed from 750 to 1000.
– Ice: Increased damage from 2 to 5 per second.
– Ice: Now players are unable to attack while frozen or recovering from the freezing.
– Ice: Now gives back the normal speed instantly instead of gradually over a period of 10 seconds (similar to how Ice Materia works on zombies).

– Aqua: Increased speed from 350 to 375.

– Ultima: Sound stops playing when Bahamut is defeated, and his glows go back to the normal coloring.


– Reduced time between attacks from 0.80-1.30 to 0.80-1.20 (now attacks once per second on average, previously once every 1.05 secs).
– Laser speed reduced from 1300 to 1250.
– Added a Wind-Push based attack that Sephiroth will perform once in every 13 attacks that will push people on the handrails to their death.

– Increased Base Health from 250 to 350.
– Increased Health gained per player from +75 to +90.
– Reduced Health lost per kill from -35 to -25.
– Now Sephiroth has an extra 7000 HP on top of his normal Health, and will automatically lose 1000 when he attacks the 7 first times.

———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

I’m working on things that aren’t here (since they aren’t fully implemented/done/fixed yet) and got many notes, but if you think you have a glitch, suggestion or complain that needs to be reported, or even complains about something in the current changelog, please, go ahead and comment about it.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey kaemon! I have a suggestion that i realy think should be done, removing the ability to mimic ultima.It is ridiculously overpowered.Having those 2 materias for the final hold its a guaranteed win in any level, the final hold actually becomes the easiest hold of the map by far. I know double ultima is cool as all but if u could remove this at least for extreme and insane i think it would be good change.

  3. Kaemon says:

    Fair enough, but may wait for V6 B10 or the real V6 before doing that change. Mostly, because the map is still missing some zombie teleporters and increased hold durations that would make killing all zombies there less noticeable, since they would respawn way closer.
    But I may indeed end making Mimic unable to mimic Ultima.

  4. Anonymous says:

    alright good to hear 🙂 ty for reply so fast.

  5. Rexy says:

    Can’t wait to see that new barrel in the final room! Holy fucking shit!

  6. Kaemon says:

    I know, right? Too bad you won’t be seeing it on Extreme 😦

  7. fraz0r says:

    How about make a FF XV map Kaemon once u play it u gotta love it.

  8. Kaemon says:

    Nah. Played and beat FFXV and didn’t really like it that much.
    Also, not a single area seemed to be map-worthy to be honest. Nothing really interesting, just bland scenarios for the most part.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Great work Kaemon! Looking forward to it!

  10. Kaemon says:

    Added more notes. Still working on the map.
    So far I’m aiming at releasing something (even if still unfinished V6B09) next weekend, but no promises.

  11. ZERO says:

    Any updates on a release?

  12. Hunter says:

    Is there a way to download this and check out the features?
    (also huge fan of the map, keep it up guys, glad it’s still being updated)

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    still waiting

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