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WARNING: I left by mistake an extra Spawn Point (Info_Player_Terrorist) at the coordinates -5568 224 -6988. Is not a huge deal because its trapped in the Zombie Jail and can’t activate any event, but you should still fix it (WITH THIS?). I would rather not manually fix it because I would need to recompile, repakrat and reupload and I know you guys are waiting. Also, I may need to do a new version tomorrow if something else shows up.

Please take into account that the map may have some big issues right now. It looked fully playable on the tests, but you never know. Try to enjoy it for what it is while a more polished and stable version is made.

Mako Tony 03.png

DOWNLOAD from Kaemon’s Dropbox: DOWNLOAD

So I promised to release Mako V6 in whatever status it was on February, and here it is! Sadly I didn’t have time to “finish” it (still need to do many things) so I decided to keep the beta nomenclature I was already using instead of calling it just “V6“.
Granted I barely made it, but in some parts of the world is still February 29th! No? 😛

First of all, big warning: the map is not as polished as I would like to, so I would recommend administrators to just use it just for testing and/or events and not put it yet in their normal rotations. I still need to finish, fix and add many things, but this way you guys can start enjoying the map and looking for bugs, glitches, balance issues, etc.

Please don’t report the obvious things (like Dev textures or obviously unfinished and undetailed areas), but feel free to complain as much about gameplay issues or changes that you didn’t like as much as you want!
For example, there are multiple ways now out of the spawn area, so that makes it harder to hold zombies, that was the idea, but maybe is too hard now? Maybe is not as fun? You let me know! On the same subject, maybe some exits are too good/fast compared to others and some of them stop being used (except for people going to look for particular materia spots), you let me know about that too!

There are also a LOT of new materia spawn positions. I did this on purpose (not just to “have more”) but so people would have to spread and search the city better (very often I was the only one on a full server checking the “Materia Truck”) and also to increase the chances that some “not-pros” are able to pick some materias by time to time instead of them going always to the same “fast-pros”.
However, you may think that there are too many spots, or that some are too easy, or too hard, etc… You let me know any problems or opinions you have about those too!

The map right now is missing some things. Like Cloud isn’t even there, neither is the main Skybox (lol), and I didn’t have time to add all the Michael Bay Style explosions that Hannibal loved so much. I also need to finish some areas and add details pretty much everywhere, but I believe the map should be fully playable.

As for the difficulty… I believe the map should be sightly harder now.
The bosses are stronger and more deadly, the zombies get 5% faster each difficulty (from 100% to 120% speed, I think I will have to nerf this, you guys let me know how it goes) and even if you now have 4 new materias at your disposal, each difficulty increase removes 1 materias (randomly chosen each round) so even if you still have the same number on the hardest difficulty (now renamed Insane) you don’t know for sure what materias will be available (Heal and Ultima always spawn).
You guys let me know if there are too many materias for the human team in the early difficulties (but I believe with so many new spawns many may remain unpicked relatively often) and if some materia feels specially strong or weak, I’m not afraid of doing this kind of changes (Wind already has been nerfed with some reduced duration).

So yeah… Not sure how long until the next version. Maybe 1 day if I need to fix a couple big things that make the map unplayable, maybe 1 week if they are not that big of a deal, maybe 1 month if plays just fine and I can focus on just adding details and visuals and I don’t have to worry that much about gameplay.

And seriously, feel free to report anything that affects or could improve the gameplay, things that need to be buffed or nerfed, possible new zombie teleports (I know I’m missing some of those right now), new materia spots (Ultima only has 3 positions right now, and one of them feels easy).
Just try to not ask for nerfs (zombie speed, bosses HP/damage, laser speed, etc) right away, let everyone practice and get used to the changes first, and adapt their strategies if necessary.

So here it is. Hope is playable enough! Remember: Still a BETA!


KF-Insurrection RELEASED!

Posted: February 24, 2016 by Kaemon in KF-Insurrection, Map Update

So as many of you know, Hannibal and myself were working on a Killing Floor 2 map, but I believe I didn’t say much about it.
Basically, Hannibal invited me to his house to teach me how the KF2 map making tools work (which is pretty much the Unreal Engine 3, and was nice to learn it) so we could work together on making a map for a contest. We kinda had a good time, but it was also pretty stressful to make a map without really knowing the limits or basic problems and workarounds we would encounter.
On top of that, we made the map for the Objective category when the game (still not fully released) only has polished the Survival one, so we had to “improvise” some workarounds for things that aren’t in the game yet, like spawning ZEDs (the game’s zombie-like enemies) without using the default “waves” or creating a way of respawning dead players as the survivors keep progressing through the map.

So here is the map, KF-Insurrection:

CHECK the map at the CONTEST site: LINK
DOWNLOAD from Google Drive: LINK

The final result isn’t half bad, but it sure could be better if we had more time for testing and polishing (we basically were mapping up until the last minute of the deadline on Sunday’s midnight) or if we started the map again now that we have some experience with the editor (I had 0 days of experience when doing my first rooms and around 1 month when doing the last ones, also, I never played the game XD).
The map takes around 45 minutes if you know what you are doing, and can easily take over 1 hour if you go slow or get lost. You have to keep progressing into new areas while fighting ZEDs and doing different things, and some people that have tested it really liked how different is to your default survival maps.
However, map is far from perfect and at some point we will improve it (we are not sure if we can edit it while the contest is ongoing). Specially a few spots that can get you stucked since we didn’t “clip” the map as much as we should have (Killing Floor 2 is one of those games where almost everything is clipped with invisible walls in the official maps and where you aren’t allowed to do the most basic jumps) and there are also some minor problems with how the ammo and weapons disappear most of the time because the game is not completely ready for this non-survival mode.

And as for Mako V6, I keep my word of releasing it this February (most likely the 29th).
Will post more info about it in a couple of days. Stay tuned!

I would like to divide today’s rant into the three topics listed in the title. Sorry in advance for the long rant and lack of images. I really need to “learn” to do these things shorter and in a way that takes me less time.

  • ZE Halloween House B4:

First of all, a quick mention to the fact that this map, created by Enviolinador and myself for the Gamebanana Halloween Contest, won 1st place. So that’s something to celebrate.

When we decided to make a map together for the contest we discussed many possibilities about what to make, and we finally settled with something we had already attempted to do in the past: a rat-style zombie escape map that included a whole house instead of just a room.

Our original plan was to include all the rooms within the house (they are all mapped but remain empty and are not present in the compiled version as to reduce file size). These rooms would included the garage and the attic and we even wanted to add some garden and rooftop action; however due to the same reason that pushed us to finish the map (the contest’s dead line) we couldn’t finish them in time, as we rushed the whole thing in pretty much 2 weeks (and gameplay being done in pretty much the last 2 days with barely any testing).

So after the contest, we kept testing and joining servers that were trying to play it and we updated it several times accordingly, giving us what will be, for the time being, the final version: ZE_Halloween_House_b4.

DOWNLOAD from Sendspace: LINK

The map may not be perfect, and some may find the ending a little disappointing (specially when compared with some of the interesting and unexpected events within the map). However as of B4 I’m glad to say that the map is fully playable and beatable, even if it seems to be way harder than your average map.
The map consist of a single stage with a pretty linear path that takes around 10 minutes to complete. Along the way you face different holds and obstacles, some of which are quite unique. I personally think that the “trick” to beat the map is just to preserve as many humans as possible every time you move to the next area of the map. This, obviously, is common sense, but you REALLY need the numbers on your side for some of the hard holds within the map and if by the time you reach the ouija you don’t have at a 2:1 Human:Zombie ratio you may already be in trouble. So many times I have seen a 1:1 ratio or worse by the time people reached the table.

As of now, as far as I know, the map has not be beaten on a server (legally and with active zombies, that’s it). You guys let me know if you beat it and what are your thoughts about the whole experience.

Enviolinador wants to add, relatively “soon” some extra minutes of gameplay along with a more fitting ending, but as for now the map will stay on B4.
In the long term, someday in the future, neither of us would mind adding  more rooms and improve the map and make it grow, and we even discussed other possibilities like doing a “Christmas Version“, but none of that will happen anytime soon, and knowing how we mappers are, maybe never, so just enjoy B4 for what it is and don’t expect more updates anytime soon. Enjoy!

  • ZE FFVII Mako Reactor V6: Close Beta Test Sunday at 20:00 CET.

So first of all letting you guys know that the map didn’t progress too much on the past weeks. First I was busy making Halloween House for the contest, and later I kept playing it so I could spot its flaws and fix them, and that took longer than expected (around 2 weeks of playing and tweaking) but at least is now fully functional.

So now I’m back at mapping Mako V6full-time” (when I’m actually mapping).
I can’t believe how many times I have underestimated how much was left to do… When I think I really wanted to push for a release in April >_<

Anyway, I really want to test the map again with a B05 version, even if the map hasn’t changed that much since B04. In part to get myself into the mood of mapping it again, but also because last test was kinda rushed and just invited the Beta Testers that happened to be online at the exact moment I decided to test… So this time I decided to plan it in advance so more of the designed testers can make it and so we can check if everything works fine when trying to play the map normally (rather than just checking it).

Saddly for many of you, this test will still be considered “Close-Beta”, so I will only invite the people I have labeled as “Beta Testers” (most of them know who they are). But I hope for it to be the last or previous to last of these close-test before release, so the ending is getting close… Cross fingers?

Anyway, the test will happen (if everything goes according to plan) this Sunday at 20:00 (8 PM) CET on Noctali‘s server. Not sure how long it will last, but should be at least a couple of hours.

  • My hard drive is dying!

So not long ago my computer started to suffer some random freezes by time to time and wasn’t sure what was causing them, but after checking the symptoms, talking to some people and some warning messages from the computer itself it seems to be a hard drive.

So far is not too serious and I can keep using my computer with no big problems most of the time. The most notables issue is small and not too frequent freezes, but they had become really annoying while working on CS:GO SDK for doing Halloween House and it takes me several long minutes to join a CS:GO server (and then I’m just zombie meat for several minutes until the long random freezes decide to stop).

However, the freezes are way shorter and less frequent when mapping for CS:S and playing CS:S itself (is almost unnoticeable when playing) so hopefully I will be able to finish Mako V6 before I’m forced to change my hard drive as it would be a real pain in the ass for me to have to set again all the tools I need, like 3DS Max, Propper and simple things like textures, models and audio files..

But don’t worry too much, as I already made security copies of the latest Junon and Mako files just in case! And yes, even if Junon hasn’t advanced an inch for over a year its something I would still want to come back to sometime after I’m done with Mako V6.

ZE Halloween House – RELEASED!

Posted: November 1, 2015 by Kaemon in Map Update, ZE Hallowen House

As mentioned the other day, Enviolinador and myself were working on a map for a Gamebanana Contest. The only rule of the contest was that the maps had to be Halloween-Themed; and since yesterday was the deadline, we had to release it no matter what. So here I present you, ZE Hallowen House! (Only for CS:GO).

The entrance to the house, with the customary Halloween decorative pumpkins.

The entrance to the house, with the customary Halloween decorative pumpkins.


Just like that other time I did another map for a contest (MG Serpentis Temple along with Luffaren) we rushed most of the map on the last week, and we worked non-stop the past couple days to have it completed and working… We ended up exhausted and we just barely made it to the deadline. But I think it was worth it!

Some minutes after releasing it, the guys at GFL were kind enough to upload and play it and it was a blast of fun (at least for us mappers) to watch people playing it for the first time. Some issues with the map that were hard or impossible to check on singleplayer (specially when you don’t have time because you are still compiling minutes before the deadline ends) were spotted, and we may release a more playable version maybe as soon as tonight, but the map worked pretty well.

The main issues that are forcing us to do a quick fix are: players being able to skip 2 holds by going through an area that should kill everyone (but some manage to survive) and some client crashes. We are not sure what the cause of the crashes is, but the error line is: “CUtILinkedList overflow! (exahusted index range)“. Googling it however doesn’t seem to help a lot, since there are too many different answers and even promises of Valve fixing it since as early as 2009.

I hope we keep improving this map in the future, adding more rooms, more paths, polishing and improving it; specially if people seem to like the idea. I also suggested Enviolinador we could switch some Halloween decorations with Christmas ones and release again in a couple of months… But we make no promises.

By the way, even if I still prefer CS:S myself, I won’t be porting it anytime soon. I hope to do so in the future after many versions, when the map has become bigger and its on a more polished status. I don’t feel like porting every time we add something or work on two versions at the same time.

Anyway… Enjoy the map! (or wait for the “quick fix” version).

So, after much testing and fixing, 4 beta versions played for dozens of hours and the help of many test subjects, here it is finally, in all its glory, MG Serpentis Temple V1!

MG Serpentis Temple V1

MG Serpentis Temple V1 – Finally Released!

DOWNLOAD from Kaemon’s Dropbox: DROPBOX


The full changelog can also be found within the .rar file, for those interested in checking all the changes. It covers everything that got edited from the original version to the current one.
If you would like a short version of what this version offers… Well, everything should be working now: No crashes. Particles and Cubemaps show up properly. Many traps and areas have been balanced and polished. The map its decent at last!

Take in mind, its still the good old Serpentis. Even if it has been fixed and got rid of most of the bugs and annoyances the map and gameplay remain pretty much the same, so if you never liked it, you probably won’t like it now neither.
There may still be some minor glitches or annoyances here or there (I noticed you can sometimes hear the helicopter in Medusa’s Chamber), but after so many hours of working on the map I feel like I’m done, so deal with it (still, feel free to report any bugs/problems in the case I someday end doing a fast fix version).

At some point in time I would like to make a new map of this style, but bigger and better. Not only would I be doing a good layout/idea/plan ahead (instead of this “clusterfuck” we rushed for a Gamebanana Contest back in the day) but I would also take advantage of all the things I learned while mapping and testing Serpentis; from better ways of doing certain things to knowing what works and doesn’t in terms of online gameplay. But first I should finish other things… Final Fantasy related things…

So, as mentioned on the previous post, now I will focus on making ZE FFVII Mako Reactor V6 and fix all those annoying glitches/crashes people found about. I may take a while, as I map slowly and test a lot; but its coming. I would post withing the next weeks more info about it; in the meantime please restrain of suggesting the same 5 things everyone suggested to me already (adding Easy back, making Extreme 3, adding Materia Leveling back and the obvious crashes and glitches).

As a last note here you have, if you dare to check it out, a LINK to the original and very first rushed version of Serpentis Temple. Be warned its quite ugly (I blame Luffaren), but comparing it to V1 (after 7 Beta versions) can be worth some laughs.


So I finally got around it and went to fix Serpentis Temple for a proper release,
I was planning on leave it on version B4 and move really quickly to a different project that I hope to finish fast enough along which Cuniczek and Kaesar (they are already helping me with it), and maybe release a V1 in the future. Thing is, after several hours of testing  we found some problems (bigger ones being that I broke Sewer Slide and that Elevator difficulty is way too high) so I will just edit and fix them really quick, name it V1, release and call it a day.

For B4 I already nerfed the difficulty on some rooms, including the previously impossible to beat Lava Climb (now beatable), and making the Infinite Paths going from 81 possible outcomes on 4 paths choices, to 27 on 3 (which, in retrospective, was really necessary).
However, it looks like I’m going to need to further nerf some of the rooms. As I mentioned in previous posts, I liked the hours long events we had for Serpentis in the past, but I also want it to become a map you can play by time to time and even be on a normal server rotation, so I will just go ahead and nerf rooms that are too long and/or hard specially the new Elevator Room (in which we kept failing in the easier first third), even if this means deleting half of the contents I made for it.

If you have any suggestions or complains NOW its the time for posting them, as I may not touch the map ever again  after I’m done with V1, which will be hopefully soon enough (maybe even as soon as tomorrow).
Now, for your enjoyment, here are two screenshots of big Medusa bugs that Syoudous found before I released it to the public:

After changing the map to work with Turbophysics, Medusa was being thrown flying by the falling rocks.

After changing the map to work with Turbophysics, Medusa was being thrown flying by the falling rocks.
In fact, you can still see her fly when she dies.

Medusa Rocks Hard

I broke the relay that was supposed to clean the rocks at some point during tests.
It looks cool, but it would end crashing a server if I let it that way.

If you are interested in the Changelog of B3 (that I didn’t publish at the time because I didn’t want to do spoilers), or the one from B3 to B4, I will post them all together (and included in the .rar) when I release V1; so wait for it if you like reading changelogs. XD But beware, its mostly minor fixes and minor additions, don’t expect new rooms or traps.

So that’s pretty much it. Hannibal is doing wonders with Last Man Standing (advancing quite a lot non stop), and now Kaesar is helping him animating some models so he can instead focus on other things, which is great. So maybe we get some LMS news around here soon enough.

GL & HF!


So here it is. It isn’t as polished as I wanted it to be, but it should be way better than the last release… and hopefully crash free! Enjoy!

It took me some hours to pack everything correctly… Not only does Pakrat love to give unexpected problems, but I also have like zero practice with those matters (I believe this is the first non-test I pack, as Luffaren took care of all the previous Serpentis Temples) and I had some problems here and there…
I built cubemaps a couple times as well, sometimes correctly, sometimes not. In the end they are a little broken, but I couldn’t bear to keep fighting the map and I really wanted to release and forget about it for a while. The most noticeable wrong cubemaps are a red snake in the Poison Room, a big missing snake in the 8th Room that I just deleted because I couldn’t bother to fix and the fact that the symbols in the Infinite Paths walls don’t glow (which kinda blows the charm of the area, but what can you do?).


I hope this version is playable. But the map has become way harder!

DOWNLOAD from Kaemon’s Dropbox: DROPBOX

I could have bothered some more with those last visual issues, but I’m pretty sure I will have to release a new version soon enough, after people playing it online find issues or problems that I couldn’t find on my own. And trust me, I tested the map a lot to the point I believe is completely free of bugs and glitches… still, I’m sure something will show up. Sometimes there are issues that only happen to specific servers or under specific settings…
And even if not a single fix nor gameplay change was needed, I would still like to make a new version changing the 7th Room that Luffaren made, as I don’t really like what he did… XD
So for the moment I will just forget about mapping Serpentis for a while and enjoy watching you suffer through it while you report glitches/bugs/issues/opinions.

I would strongly suggest for you to play the map for the first time online without cheating or spectating, as its funnier than way. You can only discover it once and thats the fun part.
As for the changelog, I will release it in some weeks, or maybe for the next version; as I don’t want to spoil some of the changes.

On a side note, the map was bigger than expected (as I wasn’t adding the music and some extra files previously) but with 105 MBs is still smaller than any of the previous versions, while being bigger in size/rooms/details.

Let me know if your server is playing the map so I can join. But fair warning: I won’t be giving any tips.
Also, all comments, opinions and bug/glitch/problem reports will be greatly appreciated.