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So as you all know, CS:GO is a thing that exist and we have to acknowledge , and some people even play ZE on it (the poor bastards). Some just migrated with their friends/communities, others honestly prefer it over Source (insane people) and many never owned CS:S and are playing ZE for the first time thanks to Valve‘s greediness.

For a long time now, mappers (most notably the guys at Rules of _p) have been porting maps from Source to GO, and even if a few are still missing (ZE LOTR Minas Tirith was just tested some hours ago) there have also been old and new mappers alike doing maps directly for GO, sometimes with great results.

Today I want to focus on Aesthetic, Enviolinador‘s last ZE map and the Contest that comes with it.
First of all, a quick mention that I’m not sure about how to type the map’s name, with all those separations, so I will just refer to it as Aesthetic. Funny thing: it was tagged on Gamebanana for having an “all caps title” which is against the rules. Weird stuff.
Anyway, the second version, ze_A_E_S_T_H_E_T_I_C_v1 comes along with a great Contest and, to be honest, is probably going to rise the bar for future ones to come. You can check the details at, a site Enviolinador made just on purpose for this Contest and didn’t hurt that helped him practice a little his web-making skills.


Quack quack motherfucker.

Enviolinador always liked the way contests bring a community together, gives players a common objective and makes some real try-harding happpen. However, he also felt that just having your “name” on a plate as a reward was pretty “meh” (not to mention that some players change nicknames or clans), so he decided to greatly improve the rewards in an easy but really appealing way that I’m pretty sure other mappers will soon follow, by using something that many maps already use: Custom skins!

Yeah, you read that right. Winning this Contest will give custom skins to the 25 top players that they will be able to show off each time they play future versions of this map (on any server!) and are tied to their Steam ID. On top of that, the top 3 will each get a customly designed skin accordingly to their desires! Can you ask for more?

The Contest started today and you have two months to beat the map and send proof! Just check the Contest site at for details on what exactly you have to send, where, and to see a nice countdown timer showing exactly how much time you have before the Contest is over!

BTW, here is a link to the Contest site in case I forgot to add it: LINK