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Oh boy, the longer I stay without posting the harder it gets to start typing one of these down… Is an ugly mix of shame and inhuman laziness.

It all started when I decided to take 1 month off after mapping non-stop for so long (mostly KF-Insurrection for Killing Floor 2, but also Mako V6 for CS:S), but then I spent over 3 months playing Path of Exile, and at some point we got the results from the KF2 contest and we were kinda disappointed as we expected a bigger reward for all the effort and time we put into it. This didn’t do any good for what I call “my mapping mood“. I guess what we got was about right since we didn’t play-test it enough and ran out of time to fix all the problems the map had (even if many were due to the game itself not being prepared yet for the mod we were mapping for), but it sure hit us hard.

For those curious, we were honestly expecting 1st or 2nd place in the modality we were presenting for and at the very least a 3.000$ price. In the end we only got 1.500$, which even if its still something (and may look like a lot for a map for many of you, seeing how sometimes I get offered 50$-100$ to do a map that may take me several months) it was a little underwhelming. We had to split that between the two of us and you have to take in mind that we had been working more than full time for about a month, so in the end it was less than minimum wage (here in Spain). At least we were doing what we like (mapping) and we got to see each other for a month and play some Dota mano-a-mano 😛

So now I’m “back” (I guess, I honestly try) and I hope I get back to finishing Mako V6 at the very least… (Junon is so out of the picture right now).
For all those curious (some of you guys even asked me) I did absolutely nothing related to Mako V6 since I released the open beta you all played… Not a single brush.
All I did was write down some things that needed fixing in the first week after release (including some that most of you aren’t aware of because your awesome server handlers and admins did scripts and used plugins to fix them so the current version was, at the very least, playable).

Anyway… I have been pretty much away from ZE for 5 months (Really? Already? Again? Time flies!) so if you guys have discovered new bugs, exploits or have suggestions for Mako V6 that I may not be aware off, please let me know (on the off chance someone still visits the blog, XD).
Also interested in your honest opinion about the map. When I was doing it I was very aware that it was so different to V5.3 that many people would prefer the old version or consider them both two different maps altogether, but I want to know if you guys think it was worth the effort and what things may need to change to improve/fix it.
Have you been playing it lately? Or since its unfinished you pretty much rolled back to V5.3 after the novelty fell off? What has been going on? Let me know! 😛

———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

On another front, after some Last Man Standing events took place in some servers, many people and some mappers have been trying to contact Hannibal to ask for the latest .vmf of the map so they can attempt to fix it to make it fully playable and enjoyable.
Hannibal is completely okay with it and hopes you the best while trying to fix his mess, so here is the file you guys have been asking for:

(Ignore the fact that the file is named b0_0001, I don’t understand the train of thought behind Hannibal‘s decisions, but its the vmf used for V3_1)

Everyone is free to download and check it to learn how to do certain things (but I would suggest trying to keep the blatant copy-pasting to a minimum) or to have fun with Hannibal‘s ways of mapping, but if you guys are honestly thinking about doing a fixed version of the map I would ask you to please write a comment on this post, not only to know who you are (mostly out of curiosity, but I may also be able to help a little) but also so you guys can contact (or at least know about) each other and not waste resources. As far as I know there are at least 2 different parties (maybe more) wanting to work on the map and it would be really stupid if we ended with several mediocre fixes when you guys could work together for a way better result you all can be proud of.

Good luck!


First of all, let me inform you that the guys at Rules of _p released last week a new map pack with 40 new map ports from Source to GO. As far as I know all of them are new to CS:GO, enjoy!
I just learned about this right now (before pressing the “post button”) so I just added it quickly in front of the already written post. You can download them from HERE or HERE, or just look for the the links bellow their POST.

As I mentioned at the end of the previous post, its about time I give myself an ultimatum concerning the release of Mako V6. Maybe with a release date I get more serious about it (we did release Serpentis after all!).

At first I started working on V6 quite fast (and furious!) and the map was advancing at an unbelievably fast pace; so much that I was hoping to be done withing a couple of months; but then I got busy IRL and had some problems and the whole thing slowed down. When that happened I really tried to get it ready for April’s Fool in the hopes of fooling people into thinking it was an April’s fool when in fact it was the actual release, but it wasn’t ready in time as I ended up not mapping for some weeks.

However now I’m back to work and V6 is advancing just fine again. I would love to be able to narrow down the release date more, but there is still work to be done… Whatever the case I will be releasing in May (knowing me probably midnight of the 31th) even if its not completely done, and keep working on the finishing touches afterwards while people test what has changed. Releasing without it being 100% complete shouldn’t be a big deal since I assumed from the very beginning that a couple extra versions (V6.1 and V6.2) were going to be needed anyway, at the very least, no matter what, as we always end breaking something while doing changes and fixes. (BTW, even if V6 doesn’t have a new difficulty, V6.1 or V6.2 may).

As for Hannibal… Its not set in stone I guess, but is not looking good for Last Man Standing. He went on a break and traveled during his holidays and what not. At first he wanted to go back to LMS after the break was done and leave the map fixed and playable, but I briefly talked to him the other day and doesn’t seem up for the task anymore. He hasn’t regularly played ZE for years and looks like its time for him to completely move on… I guess he can still change his mind, specially if I happened to volunteer helping him, something he wanted me to do from the very beginning, but is not looking good…

Worst case scenario (him not working on LMS anymore) he already mentioned that he would leave the assets (textures, models, notes and .vmf) to anyone willing to fix the map. So at least there is that. Sorry for the bad news.

Next weekend… not sure, there are many things I want to post about. However, if Hannibal is really giving up, he mentioned he wanted to do a “Goodbye Post“, I just don’t know when he would type or post it.

So, as mentioned previously, I will be doing Mako Reactor V6 to fix the map.
Don’t expect anything fancy, just some quick fixes to the crashes and trains and probably will be adding materia leveling back (while keeping the materia filtering).
Some of you may already know this because of the previous posts or by mouth to mouth, as when joining servers I have seen some people concerned about me bringing back materia leveling. If you have an opinion about it, please post it here, I’m open to reconsider things.

I believe most people are concerned about not having Heal++ when facing Bahamut, which made me consider the possibility of adding a second Heal materia to the map (nerfing the immortality duration), but I don’t know, doesn’t feel right… Anyway, the map feels a little too easy nowadays, and not having all the materias automatically leveled could help with that…

As for difficulty, I was also thinking about forcing 100 HP and Fall Damage to all human players to get rid of the unfair and big advantages that some Servers or Admin/Donators have when playing the map. I would also appreciate opinions on that. I know that in the case of Admin/Donators is a usual perk, but I believe its advantage in Mako Reactor (with the whole going down the pipes) is just too big, and often fucks over slower people that have to take the “long” routes.

I know some people want me to add Extreme 3, but I don’t think I will feel like doing so… Still, feel free to make your suggestions.
My idea is just to do the fast (but well made) fixes and be done with it.

I may take a while, as these past days I was resting a little (from Hammer) after so much for Serpentis Temple mapping, and now the Dota 2 International is going on so I will spend a lot of time watching it.
Whatever the case, yeah, Mako Reactor V6, not unlike Winter, is comming; and it should be crash and bug free.
After that, I may go do Serpentis Temple V1.1 and move to Junon. May depend if I end helping Hannibal with Last Man Standing.

And about LMS… Poor bastard now has 4 of the 5 rounds being too long. They are missing around a full minute over the maximum of 9 allowed… And then I always suggest to make the maximum round requirement 8 minutes because you want to give players some room to “make mistakes” or “be slow”…. So yeah, Hannibal won’t have fun having to cut down paths or holds; as the use of a plugin to increment the round duration is kinda out of question.

Anyway, please post your concerns and opinions about Mako V6, the changes I mentioned or something I didn’t even think about.

EDIT: Forgot to mention. What are your opinions on the ZM Rounds guys. Lately I always see them being RTVed for the next map (when not enough time) or players asking an Admin to use the Admin Room to put Extreme back on.
Originally there weren’t ZM Rounds, then they were added (forever) at the end of the map because it was “beaten”, so play ZM or RTV. Then they were added as 3 rounds before the latest added difficulty. Then as “You must win ZM” once to advance. The current version has “Infinite ZM Rounds” but usually only 2 as in the 2nd there is a secret to reach the admin room.
So… Your opinions? Remove them? Improve them? Change them? Make it again so you have to “Win” one to go to the latest difficulty? If I keep them I was thinking about closing the area past the city (so, only the City Area, not that “corridor” with the Earth Spawn and the 2nd Hold).

Ey, anybody surprised on this blog not updating more frequently? I didn’t think so! ^_^U

So… As mentioned on the last post I spent sometime in France. When I came back I just chilled out with IRL friends and slacked, then went to play some Dota and slack some more…
Finishing Serpentis should be around 2 days worth of work, but I have managed to not finish it yet… That must be some kind of new record. Anyway, right now I’m trying to get more “serious” (for what its worth) with mapping again. The current plan is finishing Serpentis and then going back to Junon at last. I have been feeling like mapping some Junon for a time now.

Hannibal is still doing some serious work on Last Man Standing when he cans and the map is progressing well. He has all 5 stages mapped and propped (he told me he has done over 500 props) and is now detailing and triggering them (right now he is working on stage 3 after finishing 1 and 2). I don’t know how much polishing/testing/detailing will be needed after the map is done; so still not date on when the map will come out.
Also, since I was slacking and not helping him at all, he got someone else to do his bidding; so now Zuff (not to confuse with Luff) is helping him a little with the map so its not so tedious for poor little Hannibal. So far he helped him with a Stage and Event system using those new fancy techniques that are way more clean and don’t require physics to work.

Luffaren on the other hand… he is now on the slacking team (even if he opened Hammer after I pasted him what I was going to post here). Problem is he now has a job, he spent sometime working on an Unity game with some IRL friends that got abandoned, and he is learning some coding when he has some free time. He says however that the map is not stopped and that we shouldn’t worry (which roughly translates in: “Worry! All hope is lost!”)
Man, between LMS, Junon and Luffaren‘s secret project we are getting ridiculous at how long we take to not release a map… on the other hand, you have Enviolinador.

Enviolinador, as many of you should have noticed, has released lots of maps lately, the guy is a mapping machine and doesn’t slack at all. His most recent map and version is ZE_Boredom_v418216 (LINK) which has big chances of being the final, stable, working and balanced version, so update your servers to it if you haven’t. The first stages are sightly easier (so hopefully no more 0-14) the lag in the end should be gone and some things have been fixed (like the boss delaying the “allowing zombies in” so it would stack with his next attack).
He is also about to release a new ZE_Taboo version with the contest winners on it, so stay tuned for v2. It will also include cvars (some admins may be familiar with them from his map ZE_Antartika) and an extreme mode (because Taboo wasn’t hard enough).

I also briefly talked with both Eddie and error17, which you may remember from ZE_Hypernova and ZE_Shadow_Moses respectively.
Eddie, believe it or not, is still working by time to time on a new Hypernova version that should add many things (I believe) and he keeps fighting the engine limits on faces/props.
error17, even if is now apparently following my self published How To Slack For Dummies rulebook, he assures me he still wants to release his map at some point. Will take long? Who knows? But here is a video of an early implementation of the Raven fight:

Anyway… That is it for today. Now I’m going to eat something and then will see if I go mapping some Serpentis.
I may stream it on Twitch or something (will give link if I do so, here and on the Steam Group) and see if I slack less that way.

Just a quick update, I have been in France for about 1 week, and I will probably stay here until the end of the month.
I don’t have Hammer, Steam or even time right now as I’m quite busy, but I will finish fixing Serpentis ASAP when I get back home as it was almost done.

As for what to expect of Serpentis update: both fixes and nerfs (also you have an almost complete list on the post below). It was fun for a couple of times but I didn’t intend that you needed a several hours lasting event to beat it every time; so when it becomes easier it should be doable in around the normal course map time (assuming you have enough skilled players that know what to do).
Also, when the final version is done and nothing else needs to be changed I will look into porting it to CS:GO.

On the rotting Zombie Escape hand, you will be pleased to know that both Hannibal and Luffaren were doing big progress with their respective ZE maps when I left.
Hannibal has done all the stages and was now transforming tons of pieces into props so the whole thing can compile before getting into triggering and playability; and Luffaren, even busy as he is working on making games from zero with Unity and whatnot, was still advancing a fair amount with his map.

And I don’t know about Enviolinador, but he may have released a couple of maps since I left 😛
Anyway, that is what is going on. Last Man Standing is getting done and Serpentis should be completely done (forever) within the next month; and after both Serpentis and LMS are done for, its Junon (slacking) time again.

Just a quick rant to make it clear that we are still working on Serpentis (and Luffaren is feeling more like it now). He wanted to release yesterday, then tonight… But I’m being slow with my room (I’m almost done now but unlike him I believe we have still some work to do in other areas).

Thing is, I didn’t work on the map for 2 straight weeks during the holidays, as both family reunions and IRL friends with too much free time took away mine; but now I have been back to work for a week.
The map is looking good and should be ready soon enough (I want to think this weekend). Right now I’m finishing my room and Luffaren is done with the other one I designed, but both will require some testing and I believe Luffaren‘s one is turning out a little easy and short and we may have to work a little on that.
The first room Luffaren gave me to become one of the 8th Crystal Room was too bland and easy so I cut it in half and I used the good part for a mini-trap in the very beginning of the map.
We also added a new ambient music, and unlike the rest of the sounds, I did chose this one. I’m kinda curious to see if people like my taste on music.

And as for people that keep asking if Hannibal is still alive and/or mapping, yes and yes. He is still working on Last Man Standing when his schedule allows, and I will be joining him when we release Serpentis Temple, even if its only for making propper-models for him (hopefully for some detailing and both minor and major changes/suggestions as well).
In the meantime here is a hammer screenshot that he just sent me some minutes ago (trying to motivate me to help him, not really for me to post on the blog). Take in mind that is a work-in-process and that it was taken from the editor without lights/etc, but should help you to get an idea of what kind of ambient you may expect from this map.


An area from Stage 3 (out of 5) of Hannibal’s map “Last Man Standing”.
Taken from Hammer, not spectacular but now you can say you saw the map 😛

As a last note; I think we won’t be posting Serpentis’ Changelog for at least 1 week after release; I don’t want to spoil anything for those adventurers that love going in without knowing what they will encounter. Even if its still the same old map they already know, a minor change here or there may take them by surprise.
In fact, I did add a screenshot of one of the new rooms and wrote both their names in the rant, but I decided against it, edited and instead put Last Man Standing one. Enjoy!

So… More than 2 months without updating the blog… New record! 🙂 Sorry for that… 😦

The first weeks I had no real news to share, then I got hired for working a couple of weeks, then I slacked a couple more playing Tabletop RPGs with friends and some computer games, then I got hired again for some days, then got sick for some others… And in the meantime I didn’t really had anything big to share because, not only was I not in contact with the other mappers but, big surprise, I have been slacking myself…

Thankfully Hannibal hasn’t been slacking, and he is right now mapping Last Man Standing as much as his free time allows and is doing some really nice progress. I’m supposed to be helping him, but haven’t done a lot so far… Let’s see if I can change that.
The map is looking good. I’m personally not a big fan of the setting he choose for it, but he is doing a great job so far and some of the areas look way cooler than what I expected.

For those of you that don’t know about LMS yet, its probably going to be Hannibal‘s last ZE map for CS:S.
The map right now is divided into 4 stages surrounding the final stage, and the things you do in those 4 stages will give you advantages on the final stand in Stage 5. Some details are not yet set in stone and may change if he sees fit, but right now you could lose 4 times in a row (1 in each stage) and still go to the final stage anyway. Then again, the chances of winning that final stage like that must be almost non existant, lacking the perks that you could have obtained in the previous stages.
The system is not fully decided yet, but right now we are thinking about some kind of vote-system at the start of the round to select what stage to do; even allowing to repeat a lost one (or a won one where you forgot to do something!) in order to try to get more bonuses for the final stage.
I will try to update the blog more frequently again and include some screenshots on the next post.

For Luffaren‘s Secret Project… Well, its advancing, or so I’m being told. Lately I haven’t seen/tested anything new, but then again what Luffaren was working on right now was a very very big area (it could easily be bigger than Minas Tirith on its own) that will include multiple stages on it; so it may be a while until it has the pieces put together for showing.
However, one of the reasons that he may have slacked a little (nothing compared to me, mind you) is that he has been fooling around with lots of things to make his own games. From Unity to Java and even basic programing… He even read and followed some pixel-art tutorials and started making his own assets for a game. I just hope he finishes his map before going head first into Indi Development.

As for Junon… Yeah, you guessed it right, slacking…
Sometimes you don’t “feel it“, and its very hard to force yourself to go into the Hammer Editor and start mapping but, quoting something I read somewhere: “You don’t wait to be inspired to write, yo write to get inspired!“, and thats as truth for writing as it is for mapping, so I will try to force myself a little more. Sure if I ever release Junon it will feel like a bad map after so much time in development… but the truth is that it doesn’t has so many hours behind (slacking and breaks surpass mapping time by a huge %).
But I believe many people are really waiting to see this map because like me, love both FF7 and how Mako Reactor plays on CS:S, even if it has its own flaws and some players got sick of overplaying it so much and nowadays everyone knows everything and the best places to use (or abuse?) all the materias and in the prefect order… XD

I also started making my own Paranoid version (something I wanted to do since Hannibal butchered all the things I gave him for the first version, XD) and a small map together with Enviolinador, but I will let those aside for a moment and focus on helping Hannibal with LMS and maybe mapping some Junon.

Also, a shout out to Joris Ceoen who just won 1st place on the Famous Landmarks Contest on Gamebanana with his DE_Himeji_Castle, and is now fully decided to finish his ZE Cathedral map for CS:S.
He is basically doing a revamp of his old Cathedral map for CS:GO, porting it to CS:S while improving on it in every aspect (FPS, Visuals, Gameplay…).

I would share what Enviolinador is up to right now as well, but the guy switches projects unexpectedly and sometimes releases in an eye blink; and lately he has been trying lots of different things and I’m not sure he even knows what he wants to focus on next, as he has learned lots of new fancy tricks in Hammer but is not entirely sure which ones to use and for what… Future will tell!

Well, thats all for today. And once again, sorry for not posting in such a long time. All comments are appreciated, but I’m pretty sure the blog views have been reduced by a lot with no new releases nor posts… Take care!