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I was planning on typing this on Friday, but got lazy… Oh well. So far I’m doing my best to post once a week but I’m not typing these in advance or anything, maybe I need to start doing that and choose a day for the updates. Friday afternoon sounds good. Opinions?

As I briefly mentioned on the previous post while talking about Junon, today I wanted to talk a little about Luffaren and what he has been doing. He is still mapping (as many of you are aware) and still advancing with his Secret Project, but between his job, real life, and some slacking to spice it up… Well, its not done yet. 😛

So… What has been Luffaren doing all this time?

About Frostdrake Tower:

As many of you know, Luffaren recently did a new ZE Map for CS:GO (ZE Frostdrake Tower) and entered it on a Gamebanana contest where it won 3rd place. The map was relatively rushed, but doesn’t look half bad and it has been quite a big success in the ZE CS:GO Community.
I personally warned him against having such long rounds (takes over 20 minutes form start to end) and about people probably getting bored of being zombie for so long or the despair of losing 18 mins in and having nothing to show for it… But you know what? I was wrong, and I’m quite happy he followed his gut and kept the long rounds. The map is a nice challenge welcomed by most and its perfect for events.

There is no much else to say about ZE Frostdrake Tower. A new version may come in the future with a couple fixes, but is not currently panned as the map plays quite good on its current status and many servers are enjoying weekend events trying to beat it. At some point Luffaren thought about dividing the map in 2 or 3 stages, and maybe in the future he will go for it if servers are done with the tryharding and he wants the map to become better suited for a normal rotation, but as for now the map stays as it is. A nice breath of fresh air (see what I did there?) for the Zombie Escape world and an interesting new concept that I hope doesn’t get abused too much.

About Predator Ultimate:

Some people ask Luffaren by time to time about doing a new Predator Ultimate version with a couple fixes and improvements, and he thinks he will do it someday (and maybe do the CS:GO port at the same time) but right now is not currently on his plans as he is busy with other projects, including the secret one.

The good thing is that now he finally has a working .vmf (the map file) for Predator (as he apparently had lost the original one and decompiling was giving him some problems), so if the time comes and he feels like it, he is ready, but again, that shouldn’t be anytime soon. You all shall suffer the wrath of the Lagelevator God some more!

About the Secret Project:

Probably this is both the one you guys are more interested in and the one I have more to say about (in fact I will probably talk about it in its own post in the not-so-far-away future). There was nothing really to say about Predator or Frostdrake, but I thought it was worth mentioning their status.

As many of you are aware, Luffaren‘s Secret Project (I’m not allowed to reveal the real name) is an upcoming ZE map with lots of stages set in a progressive manner (like in Minas Tirith) and so far 6 of them are complete and playable. The final number is unknown even to him at this moment (as he gets ideas as he maps, or something that was going to be half a stage becomes one on its own, or an area that was going to be two stages works better as just one), but it may be something around 12 stages.
He has been working on the map for quite some time now (he even restarted it all over at one point) and recently asked my opinion about porting the project to GO before release. I personally suggested him to just keep working on Source (and that is what he is doing so far) and worry later about the port. Not only do I prefer Source myself, but I also think than the porting will probably be around as hard for 6 stages than for 12 (as the map is already in the “problematic area”), so he should just do the port when the map is done… Otherwise he will have to port AGAIN later from GO to Source or… leave Source without it… So yeah, in the end he is still working for it on Source 🙂


Luffaren made custom props not only for the trees, but also for things like the cheap heavy rain seen in the screenshot.

So.. I have seen almost everything that has been done for the map and I’m starting to get impatient myself, so I suggested Luffaren to do something so we all can check and play the map sooner than expected, and so far looks like he will follow my advice: Release before its done.

And that is the current plan! He wants to finish the 7th Stage (that hasn’t been started yet) because of reasons, and then, after fixing/polishing/changing some things in the other stages, he will release before finishing the rest of the stages. This way people will be able to start playing, enjoying and finding bugs while the stream of complains and praises starts to flow (and those are usually great for a mapper’s moral!).
Then, when the next version comes, not only will it have fixed bugs and balance changes… It will include a new stage! Rinse and repeat until the map is done for good. Sounds like a good plan, right? And after I’m done with Mako I’m seriously thinking of following my own advice and doing exactly the same with Junon (releasing with just 1 stage) so I can just focus on finishing one at a time. Otherwise looks like I will never release any of it!

So that is it for today. Sorry that the post was a little late. Not sure what the next one will be about. I kinda want to talk about Enviolinador (I really want to play his upcoming map when is done!) or do a commentary on “Huge Maps“. I also have to talk about Hannibal and LMS, but I think that one will have to wait a little more. Until next week!


Cleaning up this mess!

Posted: September 18, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants, ZE Predator Ultimate

Hello there. Just a short rant to tell everyone that I’m about to start mapping again.
These days (after getting my computer fixed) I had been doing many things that needed to be done. Today at last I managed to force myself into fixing the blog a little.

You won’t find anything new or fancy on the blog; but some links were broken or obsolete; and all the maps that were released in the last two months were outdated in the downloads section.
Right now seems like I fixed all of them. The only two remaining “problems” are Mako Reactor v3.1 not being updated on Gamebanana (still v2.2 there) and the Gamebanana title on Paranoid spelling “Reborn” instead of “Ultimate” (but it’s the correct Ultimate version).

I also updated a little the old “Map Progress” image with a new one that just tells what we are working on at the moment (will comment those in future rants this week); since we weren’t updating the progress accordingly.
I haven’t touched the MG 2D since I came back; but I will put myself into it asap. Also, as it was mentioned in the past, I’m going to assist Hannibal on his new (and probably last) ZE Map, Last Man Standing.
I will make sure he doesn’t fill the map with visual glitches and try to make it as visually appealing as possible.

BTW, I really want to change the “Poll of the Month” (now renamed “Poll of the Season“, for obvious reasons, XD) so I’m taking suggestions if someone has one; if not I will probably ask what people think about Minas Tirith.

As a last thing; I would like to mention that Luffaren released ZE Predator Ultimate V3 while I was gone. Probably most of you know it already, but I wanted to mention it since Hannibal didn’t write anything about it… XD
You can download it from our download section or HERE in Gamebanana, where you can also read the last changes he made in this version.
There were plenty of changes, including lots of fixes and new stuff, but I want mention this four:

– Included a Map Overview (Radar Map)
– Added an “Score System” that allows to see (looking at the points) who is hurting the Predator the most.
– Grenades now hurt the Predators (they didn’t before).
– Removed HDR for better FPS overall.

I’m going to sleep now. I will certainly write many rants this week; there are many things I want to rant about.
Until next time! (Tomorrow?)

<Predator Ultimate World Challenge> it’s over!

Many servers and thousands of players tried their best to achieve the Ultimate Victory over the all-powerful Predator, and many failed… But where some only say darkness and despaired, others succeeded!

1st place – Zm Corporation
2nd place – SteamGamers
3rd place – SyndicateGamers
4th place – Bor3dgaming

Luffaren saw all the demos that were sent in yesterday and decided upon them, as it was stated on the rules, the one he thought it was the “best(more epic, better played overall, against harder odds, that kind of stuff…)
Now… Don’t get mad if you defeated Predator and didn’t won the challenge, that’s how it works: a competition like this is very hard to evaluate, and chosing a winner was not easy task for him.

If you are wondering why the method to choose a winner was “The Best win on the eyes of Luffaren“, it’s because every Zombie Mod server has its own settings… Some have 120 HP humans, some have no-fall damage, some have no-reload, some have increased ammo clips, some have multiple zombies spawning and others only one, some don’t teleport the zombies back, some have zombies with great speed, some zombies with almost no knockback, some don’t allow respawning as a zombie while others force it…
Before the contest began, there were many rules; and some servers wouldn’t participate due to some of them; also, forcing a server with no-reload to reload it’s not as easy, since their zombies are usually tougher and with less knockback and they are used to a different style of game (this is just an example, many others with other settings could be made).

Predator vs Human vs Alien

Predator, Humans and Zombies fought for supremacy... Even an Alien showed at the last posible moment!

And now, some words from Luffaren:

“Zm Corp sent in 4 demos to me, all with valid wins, but their second demo took the price.
It was a really hard decision to pick which one should win/lose. If sG had some more zombies they could have won first place.
SG’s second win was their best one, which is pretty much on par with sG’s current win (SG being slightly better).
Also, I’m planning to give out some achievements for the players and servers. Pretty much like those in Mako Reactor.
It’s a shame that a couple of servers weren’t able to finish the map, I saw some of them trying really hard, like Bor3dgaming (they sended a demo), PlagueFest and Supreme Elite to mention some.

There will be a “winners” plate (winning community designs it).
A “players” plate, with all players on the winning community’s server.
A “survivors” plate with all the survivors on the winning server.
A “those who tried” plate with the communities which I’ve seen tried.
Finally the plate with the “top-3” winners.

I will put the plates around some parts in the map, I was mostly planning for the spawn and end.
I really hope you enjoyed participating in this contest.
This might be the last contest I’ll make, but we can’t know for sure.

See you all in-game!
– Luffaren”

So that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the little competition and how hard Predator Ultimate v2 was.
Hannibal already mentioned that he is not up for making another contest after the Mako Reactor one, and Luffaren seems to feel the same way… It’s a lot of work for little or none reward (for the mapper), and no matter how many rules (lots or none) some one is going to find the contest unfair; making the creators to deal with complains… So I personally just hope had fun fighting Predator and participating in the contest, and accept the results.
Also, as far as I know, no one was disqualified for “Tanking/Cornering/Glitching” the Predator or similar.

Luffaren will probably do only 1 or 2 more Predator versions, since he is already focused on his next map. Those will be just the last fixes and balance changes, and probably will make Ultimate Predator a little easier to kill again, so it’s not that nightmarish anymore…

Any coments or questions for me or Luffaren? Go ahead and don’t be shy of commenting! (Only in english please)

EDIT: Edited one rule for the World Challenge that was badly explained. Luffaren PREFERS the demo to be from a espectator following the main group (it’s easier for him to see and laggs less), but is NOT a MUST.

So… After a long wait, the Predator Ultimate World Challenge begins!
(You can check the info also on the Zip’s README, our “Predator World Challenge” section on top of the Blog, or the “DevRoom” (Brown Floating Room) in the map itself)

Luffaren needed/wanted the map to be polished and fixed before starting the challenge; and that took longer than expected… But it’s finally here!

The version for entering the challenge must be V2, wich was released yesterday on Gamebanana and many servers are playing already. As always I bring you the easy-to-click links you seem to enjoy, in case you haven’t it already!

Check the map on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA
Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX

Predator camouflaged

Predator camouflage is now fully functional... I don't know if you can see him, but he does see you!

———- ———- ———- ———- Challenge Rules: ———- ———- ———- ———-

– The rules had been simplified for many different reasons.

– It’s STRONGLY recommended that the Demo has 20 players or more.
Luffaren will be the judge, and will judge on the “Best Win” on his point of view, not the first one to be send.
– Last date to send the .DEM FILE inn is Friday 13th of May, 2011.
Luffaren prefers the people recording the demo to be spectating while following the main group, is not a must however.
– The .DEM FILE must include the whole Ultimate Round, from start to end.
– Include all the names of the people playing in the E-mail and/or Readme you send to him.
– E-mail to send the .DEM FILEs along with the player’s names is:

———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Now, some words from Luffaren, creator of the map himself:

“Hi everyone, I’m glad to announce that V2 of Predator Ultimate is finally released. The contest has already begun and will end Friday 13 of this 5th Month. The rules are pretty simple, you can check them on the devroom (brown room with buttons) in the map to see them. Since I’m something that Kaemon refers to a “slowpoke” I wont write much in this post. Main thing is already said, good luck and have fun.
PS: Alien Device hurts the ultimate boss now.”


This is a Slowpoke. Luffaren is one.

———- ———- ———- ———- Changes from V1.4 to V2   ———- ———- ———- ———-

– Detailed further, added a couple of new visible things here and there.
– Added a new area available near Hyper C4 hold.
– Forced the normal boss route on normal difficulty, so the Predator is not skipped.
– Delayed zombie bridge on ultimate by 3 seconds.
– Increased HP of Ultimate Boss.
– Re-scaled/changed some textures.
– Added some more particle effects (including trippy-tunnel)
– Changed some placements/timings on some teleports.
– Changed some holdspots on Hyper/Ultimate difficulties.
– Changed an attack on Hyper Predator, his twirl attack now has increased damage on close range. Stay away if you see him charging it!
– Slowed the elevator
– Removed teleport on Cliff Hold, zombies will now need to climb the vines if they fall down.
– Increased holdtime on the Normal/Hard end.
– Removed many invisible blockers/pushers/stoppers; sometimes allowing edging-noobs to ruin the rounds >:)
– Fixed the impulsor trigger.
– Fixed some exploits.
– Polished some timings.
– Fixed an issue when the predator skipped ragemode, or it being too short.
– Improved the predators invisibility, now it’s a skin instead of a shadow (thanks to Kaemon)
– Rollermines don’t fall off the Boss-Platform on Ultimate Predator anymore. Care with them!
– Spawned less rollermines on Hyper/Ultimate bosses.
– Now the alien device damages the Ultimate Predator.
– Changed “Zombie Kill” to “Zombie Teleport” below the helipad.

———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

Neither me nor Hannibal have anything to do with the map nor the contest, so please: all complains/questions to Luffaren. If you don’t know how to contact him, just post a comment here, I will make sure he reads it.

So… A new version of Luffaren‘s map Predator Ultimate is out and ready to be played!

This time seems like the crash is completely gone, so you should stop suffering it even with a big full server. But I think most servers already stopped having crashing problems with V1.3.

The map includes some minor and major changes; the main difference being the Ultimate Fight, wich has changed drastically and now shows, for the first time on a ZE map, the real unmasked face of Predator!
But don’t take my word for it, download it and go see for yourselves!


Kiss me you fool.

Luffaren: “Everyone should have some patience with the new ultimate boss. Now it’s harder and you WILL fail the first tries. Give it some time and work on different tactics. While we were testing the map on pF we failed alot, but we still almost made it at some times!”

V1.4 Patch Notes

– Completely removed the crashing problem on full servers
– Added a new hold position on Hyper difficulty
– 1st elevator on Hyper/Ultimate takes 5 extra seconds to leave
– 1st elevator on Hyper/Ultimate crushes again players beneath
– Added 3 new special items: Claymore Mines, Grenade-Launcher and Impulsor
– Reduced Flamethrower and Minigun’s pushback
– Ammo Dispenser and Alien Sample are now sightly more effective (increased radius and lifetime)
– Added some extra paths (vents) after 2nd elevator on Hyper/Ultimate
– Added more particles and detail
– Optimized some parts
– Added a “song list texture” and prepared the “contest-rules texture”
– Increased HP on Hyper Boss
– Hyper Boss now spawns Rollermines
– Brought back the “Alien Ending” (now with better animations and particles)
– Changed the final explosion effect
– Changed the hold position on Ultimate difficulty before 2nd elevator (Hyper Boss area)
– Fixed some smaller glitches and balance issues
– Added thunder effects
– Crazy thunder available on hard boss (only activated under special circumstances)
– Completely remade Ultimate Bossfight

Remake of the Ultimate Bossfight

– Zombies can now get over to the humans by jumping on rotating platforms (some humans must hold)
– Ultimate Predator now uses the Hard Predator running system (but he is faster)
– Ultimate Predator also uses Hard Predator attacks (more damaging though)
– Ultimate Predator now has an “Enrage” which activates at 50% of his health, unlocking 3 new attacks
– New “Climb Event”, all humans must try to hold the zombie bridge while one player climbs up and jumps into the core. Zombies wont get teleported back anymore, it’s a lot more challeging
– New “Alien Ending” in the absolute end
– Removed the “Green & Black room” (since now zombies have something to do during the fight)
– Added new effects and sounds
– Overall fight is more intense, fun and chaotic

Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX
Check the map on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA

Well… New post again today (3 days in a row!), this time about Luffaren and the progress with his ZE Predator Ultimate map.

As all or most of you know, the last released version (V1.2) had a crashing problem that occurred when arround 35 or more people where playing on the server during Hyper and Ultimate difficulties.
Luffaren tried many things, from the most common culprit “too many entities” (wich didn’t seem to be the one to blame after all) to other various things that could be causing it.

He released in the past days two test versions,  and so far they seemed to work kinda good.

We even played many Ultimate rounds with arround 40-50 people without the server crashing; until the last round where a glitch occurred during the final nuke on Ultimate and next round crashed.
So Luffaren fixed all that the tiny problems he saw during those tests that needed to be fixed, and finally today released (even if it’s not uploaded yet on Gamebanana at this point) the real public V1.3 of Predator Ultimate.


Predator Ultimate V1.3 Released!

V1.3 RELEASED: Beware of Predator... Now he knows how to run!

The new version includes:

– Decreased the chance of a crash server even further (may still occur, Luffaren is still working on it; but seems less likely to occur and seems to need more people to happen).
– Slightly decreased the HP of Complex Predator (Hyper).
– Increased the HP on Final Predator (Ultimate). (Increased from the Test versions, maybe not from previous V1.2)
– Added more detail at some places.
– Optimized even further at some points.
– Fixed balancing issue in the split for two different defense points on Hard difficulty.
– Fixed and worked arround some glitches and exploits.
– Fixed (to some degree) players not getting ammo from ammo dispenser or ammo triggers; this may still not work properly, or change from server to server due to different settings.
– Fixed the final nuke of Ultimate.
– Now re-spawning/joining late zombies after the Beach Predator (Hard) can still get to chopper choke point (previously they couldn’t because of the bridge disappearing).
– Increased by 10 seconds the defense time until you can get into the transporter on Ultimate difficulty.
– Improved the “Developer Room” (wich allows to jump between difficulties).

Also reworked 2nd Boss, Beach Predator (Hard):

– Changed the starting animation.
– Changed his HP System from HP (breakable) to Hits (AWP’s are useless)
– Reworked his running system, now it hunts humans instead of moving randomly (and sometimes ridiculously).
– Predator now runs during the whole event. He can choose to do his other attacks (Summon  Rollermines and Explosive Jump) while running.
– Predator becomes invisible sometimes on purpose (uses his cloaking device, it’s not bugging on you).
– Added/Changed some effects and sounds.
– New death scene.
– Less laggy.

This version took way longer than expected because Luffaren‘s studies (that as happens with Hannibal take away a big part of his time) and… there is also me to blame, because I gave him some great anime suggestions that kept him really busy (he watched two full series in less than two weeks!).
I will write someday (soon) a non-steam related post commenting on those, since I got many people asking me about both League of Legends and my favourite animes.

The “Predator Ultimate World Challenge”, even if you completely forgot about it by now and think its a little odd to have a challenge about it after being playing the map for so long, is still (at this point) going to happen when V2 is released.
Once the map seems completely playable and with the crashes completely gone; Luffaren plans to release V2, wich may be the last versions and will probably include a full rework on the final fight, include again the “Alien Ending”  (in a different and more detailed way) and maybe some extra changes to spice up the contest.

So… Enjoy the map, and I hope you don’t find any big problem that didn’t came out during the tests… XD
Blame Luffaren if it happens, not me!

Download from Dropbox DROPBOX
Check the map on GamebananaGAMEBANANA
(Take in mind that Gamebanana link is not updated yet, as I write this post, due to technical problems).

By the way, Hannibal seems to be quite done with his last work that was taking him really busy and will probably post something tomorrow or the day after tomorrow some new info; and I bet he will include some screenshots!. Keep tuned for it!

“Bwahohohohohohohohohoho. BwahohohahahaHAHAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA-HA!!”

UPDATED: ZE_Predator_Ultimate_v1_2

Posted: February 20, 2011 by Kaemon in Map Update, ZE Predator Ultimate

So, Luffaren just uploaded to Gamebanana the last version of his ZE map, Predator Ultimate.

EDIT: The crash (on Hyper/Ultimate difficulties when more than 35-40 players are on the server) remains unfixed… We will try to fix it… Its probably however, that V1.2 needs more people (40-55) to crash the server.

Check the map on Gamebanana: GAMEBANANA
Download from Dropbox: DROPBOX

Predator Ultimate V1.2: Released

Here are the patch notes according to him, please note that this is anything wrong, is not me to blame!

– FIXED CRASH (We hope the map stops crashing on full servers) <— NOT FIXED
– Removed “Alien Ending” on Ultimate (may come back, better done, in future versions)
– Forced a special weapon to spawn 100% of the time (expect a weapon every round)
– Added a few more particle effects
– Added a new weapon: Ammo dispenser
– Fixed (removed) teleport at 1st boss (ruins after compound)
– Increased/decreased hold timings
– Deleted first hold area on Hyper difficulty
– Added new starting path on Hyper/Ultimate to avoid massive infection
– Added difficulty signs in devroom (Brown NoClip Room)
– Fixed issue that allowed zombies on the helicopters wining the difficulties (Zombies interrupt win if they get inside chopper)
– Made slight changes to music (don’t worry! The endmusic *serenata immortale* at normal is still there :P)
– Added more detail (mostly at river)
– Worked around the render at spawn
– Blocked heli ropes (preventing players from failing to climb it)
– Changed the defense at camp
– Made more changes between difficulties
– Increased hp a bit on 2nd boss
– Changed 3rd boss to be Hit-Based instead of Health-Based, some reworking on his numbers may be needed.
– Ultimate Boss now is more lethal, but also weaker (dies faster)
– Added a force-death timer on Ultimate Boss if humans are slow on Fase1 or 2 (45 secs each)
– Increased chances for random weather to choose the “clear weather”
– completely removed friction settings at final boss (Fase 3), it was messing the server if it was ON when the map change occurred
– Added a blocker at the final stage of final boss for a few seconds (more pressure – more excitement)
– Added triggers to give zombies some extra hp along the map
– Fixed players falling through the chopper on Hyper difficulty.
– Fixed/added some console messages
– Fixed (hopefully) the elevator lags
– Removed the zombie push on Hyper/Ultimate hat leads to zombie cage
– Added BlockBullets textures on some zombie cages to prevent players from killing zombies during bossfights
– Changed minigun to hurt less
– Added more fuel to flamethrower
– Changed ladder placements on cliff area to be easier to climb (I hope)
– Merged/deleted entities to prevent crashing (smaller visible things)
– 2nd boss now runs slower (is more dodgeable, less luck-based and easier to shot) but kills on touch
– Removed (or at least decreased) the “blind spots” on Ultimate Boss (Fase 2)
– Improved the Player Clips on the Beamup to Spaceship, hopefully players wont get stuck anymore
– Black/Green area (between Ultimate Predator Fases) is now a hold (as originally intended) a Hold Position. Added some structures to help humans defending.
– Better optimization (I hope)

“Ain’t no way for no soldier to die.”