Take in mind that Lost Projects are maps that were incomplete or forgotten, and there is usually a reason for that to happen…
Those works may not be up to your expectations.
You can edit, remake or use parts of those maps as your pleasure, they had become “Open Source” and can be used for anyone for anything without needing to ask for permission.
Hannibal‘s maps don’t include VMF yet, and we are missing his London Bridge one. We are on it, but you are free to decompile and edit them yourself if you feel like doing so.

From Hannibal

ZM The Graveyard – Fix
Hannibal‘s first map. Is not an escape. Was released. Deleted from servers due to bad gameplay.
ZM_The_Graveyard_Fix – BSP

ZM 28 Weeks Later Infection – Fix
This map is more like an escape, with safe zones. However its really short and has two different safe zones. It contains Hannibal’s first attempt to create NPCs (military personal shoots at you).
ZM_28WeeksLater_Infection_Fix – BSP

ZE Volcano Village – Fix
Hannibal says this map was inspired by Atix Helicopter. Be warned that some textures are missing or wrong, and that its poorly optimized. Don’t ask me why the volcano does a white flash when erupting. This map was never released.
ZE_Volcano_Village_Fix – BSP

From Kaemon

Kaemon Barco 001
“Barco” means “Ship” and the map did never had a final name, only the project name “Barco”.
I’m not very proud of this and its badly mapped and optimized. The map is inspired in Titanic Escape, and one of its goals was to make a “very small map, that was still quite long”.
I tried to make the map look pretty from the outside (spectator view) instead of optimized from the player view…
It’s a very old project that died because I learned a lot about Hammer Editor, making the map obsolte and not-worthy (from my point of view) before being complete.
More info can be seen in this i3D Forum Post: LINK
Kaemon_Barco_001 – BSP & VMF

From Luffaren

ZE Blackmesa Lambda
This is Luffaren‘s first attemp to make a Zombie Escape map. The map is of quite low quality, highly unbalanced and was never really tested. It was played on a couple servers, but they wisely removed it soon from rotation.
Only BSP files (maps) on this one.
Gamebanana Link: Ze_Blackmesa_Lambda
Dropbox Download Link: Ze_Blackmesa_Lambda