If you are a mapper of ZE/MG and you want to have your own up-to-date page with all your maps, don’t wait! Write a response right here with the next information and share your work with the rest of the people :

  • Name : put your name (will be used at the top menu)
  • Your description (only the first time, optional) : if you wanna add another information
  • Map : name of your map
  • Description : description of your map ( try to be brief , no more than 7-10 lines)
  • Screenshots : (optional)
  • Link : direct link to the map

Tip: the best way is to create a “Dropbox” accout ( and place your map at the My Dropbox/Pulbic/ folder (wait until the upload and take the public link)

Note : only request responses are allowed, the rest will be instantly deleted.

  1. * Name : thegregster101
    * i would not say im an advanced mapper but i would say i’m above average 🙂
    * Map : ze_minecraft_b3_
    * Description : escape the zombies and make it to the obsidian bunker.
    * Link :

  2. biohazard says:

    *Biohazard (team frag of generation)
    *I map from one and a half years now and I’m doing pretty well.
    My maps are ze_snowcrash_escape and ze_fog_tower (snowcrash is my 2em map where huamains must escape the zombies in the snow) (fog_tower is a map between the earth and space, I’m paranoid inspire the map)
    Hannibal I love your maps and I would like to add you to my friends on steam but your list is full ^ ^ because there are still so many things to know about hammer and if I have questions I want you to help me. ==> fog_tower ==> snwochrash

    I currently work on a new escape map.

    thank you in advance

  3. Limon says:

    Name : Limon
    Map : ze_lotr_minas_tiret_v3
    Description: Map of The Lord of the Rings in Zombie Escape
    Link :

  4. GrandOp says:

    Name: GrandOp
    My Description: I love the smell of Madness in the Morning.
    Map: Gods Wrath, Grand Boat Escape, The Void ‘out soon’
    Map Description: You like flouting islands? Well… I have flouting islands.
    Gods Wrath:
    GrandBoat Escape:

  5. dormantlemon says:

    Name: Dormantlemon
    Map: ze_bioshock_round1
    Map Description: Bioshock. Need i say more?
    More info:

  6. Masog says:

    Name: Masog
    My Description: I’m making 4fun maps (dr, mg, jail.), and sometimes I’m making other maps.
    Map: ze_impossible_v1_1error
    Description: Short ZE map.

  7. Kirby says:

    Name : Kirby
    Your description: Minigame map with traps and awards
    Map : Mg_kirbys_course_v2
    Description : This is a course map that awards you with a special award in the end. This map is optimized for the time plugin but works without it as well.
    More info :
    Direct Link:

  8. CriSsys says:

    Name : (supreme-elite) CriSsys
    Your description (only the first time, optional) : I’m a young mapper who have learn and
    work with aeris004 ans who play in team supreme elite and who learn more 🙂
    Map : zm_supreme_elite_beta_v2_fix
    Description : This is a map for zm, with map level, secret, custom end, lot of stashs, warmup
    round, and other things .
    Screenshots : on gamebanana
    Link :

    Thanks for reading and enjoy.

  9. Biohazard says:

    *Name : Biohazard (dreamevo)
    Map : Ze_indiana_jones_iv_vé_1
    Description : Map of official movies indiana jones and the crystal skull

    With 3 game’s levels and 2 difficulty levels
    1 boss

    Link : You can find the map on gamebanana :

    Ty for download it

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