FAQ: Ask your questions!

EDIT: I answered many questions today (12 of March) that were unanswered for a long time… Excuse me for taking so long; I stopped checking FAQ on a daily basis, then I kinda forgot about it, and then I got a 2 weeks break from Steam, CS:S and Hammer.

I’m really looking foward to improve the look and presentation of the FAQ, but I don’t feel like it at the moment, and probably will need some coding… So we will have to wait probably until Hannibal has released Minas Tirith and has some time to spare.

———- ———- ———- ———- ———-

If you don’t know what FAQ stands for, is “Frequently Asked Questions” and is supposed to give you answer about the most common or important doubts you may have.

Feel free to ask your questions away and we will do our best (most of the time) to answer them. Even if sometimes it might take somedays because we can’t be checking this place all days.


  • What is “Last Man Standing”? Doesn’t really sound like a ZE_Map

Last Man Standing is the next map Hannibal wants to make after finishing Minas Tirith. The project is still in the air; but he has many things clear about it. Its gonna be a Zombie Escape Map, and probably I (Kaemon) will get involved in the making.
Once again this map wants to break the rules of what a ZE_Map should be like, with lots of new systems working on it, but remaining at its core very similar to play to a normal escape, unlike Paranoid.
At the moment I’m not allowed to reveal any info about it, and even the things we know may change or evolve before we start creating it, not to talk about before the map is on a release status… For the moment we all should focus more on the whereabouts of Minas Tirith; but we really appreciate your curiosity about it!


  • Why does Paranoid only have a 92% done, when its already published (wich means no more updates)?

The (P) means its published, the 100% means no updates (and that’s all up to Hannibal‘s discretion, personally I would never affirm a map is not going to have any more updates). A map can be published and not be complete for whatever reason.
About Paranoid status… Hannibal marked it that way because it still has a couple major bugs aswell as easy to exploit power ups. He is planning on fixing those major bugs at some point and maybe editing a couple things. The original plan included those fixes coming before starting with Minas Tirith, but he is not in the mood and prefers to wait some time for a decent final version instead of rushing a fast fix.


  • When is the forums going to run with great tutorials of (impossible) things you made that would help us other mappers in the future?

There is no plans to write tutorials about mapping (we have enough with mapping!), moreover I wont visit the forum (I have enough forums in my head as well) the only thing I would do is to put all paranoid weapons at Downloads>Prefabs. Anyway I’m not talking in the name of Luffaren or Eddie.


  • The name of the rock song that’s in the playlist

The rock song is: The Offspring – All I want


  • Do you plan on making another Final Fantasy map anytime in the future?

(Hannibal)Not me 😉 I have only 2 more maps in mind (Minas Tirith and Last..). Another person may be working on a FF map.


  • How do you do the paragraph on env_hudhint entity, you did that on Paranoid, to help players on spawn.

You must set the env_hudhint text with a trigger and ‘AddOutput’ message Line1\nLine2, and then, show it.


  • Can you survive Sephiroth’s last attack in Extreme with Heal ++?

Heal++ prevents the human infection, not the fall damage or trigger damage, as well as the most of ‘invulnerability’ triggers on my maps (god mode weapon of Paranoid is the exception).


  • What does the Earandil Light do in Mount Doom and when are you supposed to use it?

Its used to keep zombies back on hold positions if there is not enough gun fire; or most likely by a human staying behind the group and stopping zombies if needed.


However, the barrier is made out of pushes that push zombies away, so if you get a zombie cornered you keep pushing him but it doesnt move, and if you have a zombie behind (because you activated the light being behind him, or because you pushed against him not moving because he was stucked to the point you passed him) you risk of pushing him INTO the humans. The effect of this back-firing its quite obvious with the Singularity Cannon from Paranoid, wich uses a system under similar rules.



  1. Luffaren says:

    What’s last man standing?
    Doesn’t really sound like an ze_ map.

  2. Its a ZE map, 0% done, but I already annotated the “plot” and the map structure. It’ll be like nothin seen before and the round system will be the most innovate one; will have eye-candy as well as free-run, different endings and pure defense moments like Helms Deep or Atix.
    Not themed, but its going to have epic music of some games.

  3. SkilledHitman says:

    Just a bit curious here, why does Paranoid only have 92% done, when its already published (which means no more updates) Was it because their were more features planed for the map, but never got time to finish them?

  4. Crazyjay says:

    What is your favorite version of paranoid? mine is v6

  5. Kaemon warned me that the 92% could cause some confunsion xD.
    I consider that a map is finish/completed/no-more-versions when is at 100%.
    Paranoid has some important bugs that MUST be fixed, but not now or tomorrow. So we will have a new version after I finish the first release of Minas Tirith, but never before.

  6. Mine the Ultimate, but I miss many of the older features (spirits, car, carnage mode, kamikaze,…) Fuck the limitations of Source!!

  7. Kaemon says:

    I’m not sure what was mine… Probably one between 6 and 8.
    I loved the one in with Titan Monster was recently added (before he had charge ability), and I really do miss the old red sky from v6.

    I would love to make a completly remake of Paranoid if I ever have the time/mood/oportunity. Right now I’m busy and Hannibal is not up for it at all. XD

  8. Luffaren says:

    Hey hanni! how many entered the mako reactor world contest? 🙂

  9. – 5 servers won the limited ammo category
    – 2 servers won the unlimited ammo category
    7 servers won in total. The only server that was excluded from the list was CTA clan because they where less than 25 playing at the round.
    About the players, 78 players are listed in the winners table.

  10. Hi dude ! I’m Swify , from tha hell’z community ! I would like tell you, You’re maps are so…. Amazing, Awesome…. Damn you are THE new generation of mapper, If you would not have made these maps, the Zombie Escape would remain boring….

    So congratulation for you’re great work, You Hannibal, Kaemon and Danielot…. Thanks you so much for this work =)

    Here there is a compilation of epic music with her name if you wants http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXSfpEEjFUE

    I hope the next map will still epic, some people wait for the next Snoop Dogg or the next Zack Snyder, me…. I wait for the next Hannibal & Kaemon map…. Good Luck Dudes

  11. Slapaf says:

    So when is the forums going to run with great tutorials of (impossible) things you made that would help us other mappers in the future?

  12. trew says:

    congratulations guys, love your work. =)
    My question: about the pickable radio in mount doom. I was wondering if any of you could tell me the name of the rock song that’s in the playlist? It’s awesome!

  13. There is no plans to write tutorials about mapping (we have enough with mapping!), moreover I wont visit the forum (I have enough forums in my head as well) the only thing I would do is to put all paranoid weapons at Downloads>Prefabs. Anyway I’m not talking in the name of Luffaren or Eddie.

  14. The rock song is: The Offspring – All I want

  15. jimmy-1 says:

    Hi guys, first thing i have to say is awesome job on the maps, the seconf part of this, is…iam getting asked a lot, about the song you used in paranoid_v10 4 ( silent hill mode) and i was wondering if you guys can help me out on this so i can spread the word to the others asking me.

  16. The Sandvich Guardian says:

    Hey, we’re making ZE for GMOD, and we’ve had some bugs fixing maps but most of them we’ve fixed. But of course, the best maps like not working. Your maps completly destroy themselves, as Moria and Helms Deep don’t work and we have no idea how to fix Helms and we think we’ve figured out how to fix Moria.This was all done with lua code by the owner, as he had to code Mount Doom and we tried to stay true to what you made. If you are able to give any help at all with Helms reply to this comment and I’ll elaborate on the issues we’ve had, it’d be greatly appreciated as I loved your maps on CSS and it’s caused us a lot of grief trying to fix them for GMOD.

  17. Psyduck says:

    Can you please tell me which songs are used in the map ze_predator_ultimate_v1_1? I am especially interested to classical theme music that begins near the falls and it ends at start of “run to da choppa” 😀 This is great map. Thanks a lot.

  18. Trickster says:

    Hello there, can you please tell me the name of that song that starts near the river in Predator_ultimate map and lasts to “get to the choppa” thing, would really appreciate it!

  19. teckei says:

    Hi Hannibal, absolutely love Mako Reactor map. Do you plan on making another Final Fantasy map anytime in the future? 😀

  20. Psyduck says:

    I guess this blog is dead cuz noone really wants to help. I have found this song and its called ->Immediate Music- “Serenata Immortale” <- Spent a week trying to find it but at last I did it.

  21. Trickster says:

    Cheers mate! Really appriciate it!

  22. Not me 😉 I have only 2 more maps in mind (Minas Tirith and Last..). Another person may be working on a FF map.

  23. I’ll add a section soon of the “ZE” OST xD.

  24. I would like to help you but I’m really busy with the University works. The break time is to continue mapping Minas Tirith (which had been freezed like 4 or 5 times). Anyway, you could tell me the main problems, I may try to find time and help to fix that.

  25. The song is Theme of Laura, I will add a new page today, with the OST of ZE 🙂

  26. George says:

    What does the Earandil Light do in Mount Doom and when are you supposed to use it?

  27. Xshadow737x says:

    Any chance on ever fixing the mines of moria map? so the bridge does not eat humans???

  28. xD34tHRowZ says:

    It makes a barrier around you in which pushes zombies, its quite useful at the last defence and in Paranoid also, you can use it anytime O_o but dont be a dick and spam it..

  29. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Hmm.. i got a question.. this really bugs me ALOT!
    In Mako, fighting the Bahamut on Hard/Extreme. When does the boss takes damage?
    I’ve been to a couple of servers and they all do it differently from the server (IC), I usually play at.
    This is how the people do it..
    IC – Shoots/throw nades right after the Bahamut crosses his arms.
    PlagueFest (This goes to some other US servers as well) – shoots right away when it crashes down and throws nades when the Bahamut starts to breathe his attack

    So question is.. when do the Bahamut takes damage?

  30. 3DG says:

    Will it EVER be possible you’ll re-add some of the old features of paranoid V8?
    Like the architect room, or the spirits.
    Those were actually alot of fun, and I’m so sad about that they got taken away D:

  31. saphire says:

    Hola Hannibal, yo tengo la duda de si eres español y con que programa creas los mapas.

    Gracias por tu atencion.

  32. becometa says:

    Provide the full mako reactor soundtrack, THIS IS PURE AWESOME!

  33. Felipe says:

    Sup, i definitely love your maps, love the detail and effort you put into them, at first, i must admit i kinda hated your maps because they were so big and so full of paths and stuff, but then i gave them a chance, learning the secrets and tips and what not, and i can just say. Awesome, pure awesome maps.

    On a side note, i’m writing this because im making a map, and i wanted to make something like your builder in paranoid. Here is what i’ve got:

    weapon_knife named it epic_knife, infront of it theres a func_physbox parented to epic_knife, and infront of the physbox i have a info_destination_teleporter named barricate_ct_here. Ok I also have a point_template with the template 1 being barricade_ct which is a func_physbox_multiplayer. Surrounding the physbox_multiplayer theres a trigger_teleporter with the Physic objects flag and with destination to barricate_ct_here.

    The point being, when the player picks the knife and presses E a barricade should appear in front of him, but when i press E, it appears far away or in a random place. Its like if the info_destination_teleporter was crazy, can you help me in that? Thanks beforehand.

    The point being, when the player pics the knife, and he presses E, the barricade should appear infront of him

  34. xD34tHRowZ says:

    Another question -cough- dead FAQ -cough- xD
    Can you survive Sephiroth’s last attack in Extreme with Heal ++?
    Im too scared to try it xP

  35. Kaemon says:

    Bahamuth takes damage as soon as he appears/lands (wich is almost the exact same second) so you need to start shooting him as soon as you can.

    Also, remenber that Fire Materia hurts him, and should be used (on servers with normal ammo) as soon as he lands; because most of the time you will get the CD ready again for the zombie jail (most of the time), and without igniting Bahamuth a second time (wich can annoy humans).
    In servers with HE Re-Stock, increased ammo clips or No-Reload usually Bahamuth is no problem and dies faster, so in those servers I recomend saving the Fire for the cage (unless you judge it won’t be necesary thanks to Earth/Gravity).

    If you ask me, the better time to use grenades is when he bends over. The reason being that maybe you don’t need to use them and can save them for the zombies; but if he bends over its time to start worrying and throwing all you got.
    However, the “faster-best” time to use them its just as the begging (as he appears/lands) so it doesn’t bother your reloading.

  36. Kaemon says:

    Well… The Architect Room has big chances of “reapearing” but as a DJ-Room or a DJ-Item.
    Also, Hannibal sometimes misses the Spirits himself, and I can see how they could reapear in future versions, specially now that we discovered a way to reduce more both the IN and the Entity Count.

    I will do a Rant about the future of Paranoid one of those days.

  37. Kaemon says:

    Yes. Both Hannibal and myself are from Spain.
    The program we use for mapping is the Hammer Editor, from the Source Developer Kit (known as SDK).

    Its Free and you can download it from Steam > Library > Tools as long as you own a HL2, CS:S, TF2, etc…

  38. Kaemon says:

    Hannibal posted a new somedays ago where he mentioned the Mako Soundtrack.
    Also, we are going to add someday (I hope) a section of the blog with all the songs of all our maps listed on it, mostly because we get asked that a lot.

    Anyway, you can read a list of all the songs used on Mako on the final room, on the wall.

  39. Kaemon says:

    I believe I already helped you on the forums. Let us know when you release. 🙂

  40. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, the FAQ was a little dead, my bad. I haven’t checked it for a long time…
    At first I checked it on a daily basis, but no one was asking anything; so I started checking less often, and then I got a 1-2 weeks break from Steam…

    Anyway, you can’t survive neither Sephiroth’s Meteor nor Sephiroth’s Last Cut with Heal++
    The materia, on use, sets players HP to 225 (lower than the damage of both attacks), unable to get knifed by zombies (or attacked by terrorists) and reduces Bahamuth’s Mega Flare to 0-1 damage.

    It doens’t provide some special quality that allows you to survive other things (like a fall damage higher than 225 damage or any of Sephiroth’s attack.
    I can however mention to Hannibal about it…

  41. Kaemon says:

    As xD34tHRowZ already answered you (thanks by the way) it creates a light barrier that pushes the zombies away.
    Its used to keep zombies back on hold positions if there is not enough gun fire; or most likely by a human staying behind the group and stopping zombies if needed.

    However, the barrier is made out of pushes that push zombies away, so if you get a zombie cornered you keep pushing him but it doesn’t move, and if you have a zombie behind (because you activated the light being behind him, or because you pushed against him not moving because he was stucked to the point you passed him) you risk of pushing him INTO the humans.

    The effect of this back-firing its quite obvious with the Singularity Cannon from Paranoid, wich uses a system under similar rules.

  42. Kaemon says:

    As Hannibal answered, he is has not current nor future plans right now of making a new Final Fantasy map.

    However, I got knowledge of atleast two persons trying to make two ZE maps based on FF7; probably using Materias and difficulty levels; but don’t get your hopes too high since they may probably drop their projects.

    If you are curious about, when Maese Danielot forced Hannibal to make a FF7 map (and God bless him for that!) some of the discussed posibilities for it were Junon, Nibelheim, North Crater and Shinra Headquarters.

  43. Kaemon says:

    The blog isn’t dead (as you probably already noticed right now). But we can’t answer everything everyday… We got lives and projects of our own… XD

    Anway, as Hannibal said, we will try to add a OST section to the blog with all the music used in all our maps (specially Paranoid and Mako, and Luffaren’s Predator).
    Not because we really want or think its necessary, but because we get asked a lot about Paranoid/Mako musics, and specially about Serenata Immortale from Luffaren’s map.

  44. pipexlul says:

    In my blog i cant make my last posts be the first ones, they are like in inverse chronological order, can you help me with that? 😦

  45. teckei says:

    Hmm, I shall look into this more. I actually want to make a FFX based map but I’m still a newbie with Hammer so I’m playing around with it still. Good to hear that there are some willing mappers for FF though 😀

  46. Cazador says:

    If it’s wordpress you just need to go to your dashboard > options and it should be in one of the sub-menus

  47. Kaemon says:

    Not a clue. Didn’t even tried. XD

  48. LeG!oN says:

    Hi Hannibal !Hi Kaemon !I wonder how you added to the Hammer on materialism (in detail) and how you manage to create maps as complex and well done please. Sincerely Leg! oN striter68@live.fr

  49. UNREA1 says:

    Thank you so much Hannibal! 😀

  50. What does materialism mean?
    And complexity depends on the mapper skill or time 🙂

  51. astornauta says:

    hannibal en el final de la predator ultimate en lvl ultimate k hay k hacer?
    en el nucleo saltar

  52. [E]vi[L] says:

    hi id like to know how to put a prop dynamic move like predator he moves and it seems he atack the players how he do that?

    I know i can use func_tracktrain with an env_thruster but its kinda confuse?? 😦
    can you explain plz?
    and other way is a func _tracktrain going to a path track which is “parented” with a movement_measure kinda confuse to 😦

    wich this 2 ways is best and can you explain im trying doing but went wrong 😦

  53. TLP says:

    Hi there,

    What’s the Eurodance/techno music used at the end of the Mako map?

  54. xD34tHRowZ says:

    On what level?

  55. Kirtash says:

    hola hannibal keria saber si es posible conseguir la materia ultima en mako reactor v2_2 sin noclip y como muchas gracias de antemano 😉

  56. Kirtash says:

    en normal me refiero en hard e visto k esta en la ventana

  57. Kaemon says:

    No. Ultima Materia isn’t available in Normal difficulty (and neither on Easy if you were playing an old version of the map that had still this difficulty on it).

    On a side note, Earth Materia wasn’t available neither on Easy on previous versions.
    As a last comment, both Earth and Ultima have only 2 spawning spots, so if they are not in the first, they will show in the second.

  58. Kaemon says:

    You can see the titles and authors of all the songs used on Mako Reactor on the Final Bunker. Just read the texture in the wall.

  59. Kaemon says:

    You should go to the Mapping Forum (there is a link on top of this blog) for this kind of questions.
    I can’t explain it all here.

    Predator uses a system of Thrusters pushing a Physic object. He gots triggers that filter wich Thruster to activate depending of the position of the target.
    He also uses a Filter_Name so only 1 person is focused as the target.

  60. Kaemon says:

    Predator is from Luffaren, not Hannibal.
    One people needs to jump into the core to delay the explosion, while most people need to stay down holding the zombies.

    Then… Proceed to escape and win; unless something kills you…

  61. mad says:

    Hi, I’d like to know how you can fly the nazgul on the mount doom map? I’ve looked and looked everywhere I can’t find it.

  62. Kaemon says:

    It’s easier than you think…
    It’s just a WaterLod parented to the knife, so it allways follows it’s owner (the zombie) so he can swim in a little square of water no mater where he is.

    Also, I don’t check the FAQ that often, next time you have a mapping question please go to the forums, that I check daily: http://z15.invisionfree.com/Kaemon/index.php?showforum=1

  63. Battler says:

    First zombie spawn at Mako Reactor trains on some servers too fast and hold-out zombies takes more time. What might be solution of this inconvenience? And the reason of such different count in server or map, or both them?

  64. Kaemon says:

    The time zombies take to spawn (and number of them, or if they get teleported back to the spawn) depends of the server settings, not the map.

    The thing with Mako is that Hannibal wanted to asure a minimum number of zombies, while avoiding the Fail-Rounds of Zombies just infecting everyone.
    The idea is that the zombie appears in the first 20 seconds (a timer of 10-15 would be probably the best) and infest he whole wagon.

    Two zombies can be spawned instead of one; if found necesary or auomatically with server settings when there are lots of people.

    If the server prefers using a multiple zombie spawn, teleporting them behind; I suggest 20% of zombies (1 per each 5 players) and doing so in 28-29 seconds (I don’t know the exact number, the idea is that they spawn at the same second the doors opens and the trigger teleport for Terrorist (now zombies) behind the trains activates.

    Anyway; it depends a lot of server settings and personal taste…
    I might suggest Hannibal to change the spawn to something more like the Minas Tirith one (telling wich are the desired seetings) instead of trying to acomodate to all the posible settings (like Mako did) since it can still fail…

    About the second part of your question…. What Hold-Outs are you talking about?

  65. Battler says:

    Hold down.
    I am little confused with so many materias and their spot places. Can somebody make little guide about where to find every materia, or may be make this about spot place (f.e under bridge – Ice, gravity, heal, wind, fire(??) or nothing ; abandoned building – earth or nothing ; window – ultimate since hard or nothing and so on).

  66. Deathrowz says:

    It is random though Earth and Ultima has 2 spawns only. Though I dont like to say this coz it will encourage Materia Greifers but I will say them, I hope you know what you are doing with them once you get them.

    Earth can be found:
    – Behind the shack upstairs near the Ultima Window
    – The top path on the left when going to 2nd defence hold.

    Ultima can be found:
    – On the window next to the shack
    – On the pole after the elevator finish going down to the left.

    Ice can be found:
    – On top of bridge
    – On the left side ledge near Ultima Window
    – In the pub where the stage are at
    – In the middle of first defence point.
    – At the end of the winning bunker
    – Under the bridge when going to 3rd defend hold
    – On front of the vents
    – On the left of boxes after elevator
    – Behind the tank
    – Under the stairs
    – On the pipe when going down to core

    Fire can be found:
    – On top of bridge
    – Under the bridge with the train tracks
    – In the truck
    – In the pub, not stage
    – In the middle of first defence point.
    – On the left side after first defence point
    – On the vents
    – On left side of box after elevator
    – Behind the tank
    – On the pipes going down to core

    Wind can be found:
    – In the pub, both stage and the room
    – In the truck
    – On top of that roof near the cinema (though who would go there?)
    – On the left side ledge near Ultima window
    – On the left side when going through the first defence point
    – Under the bridge
    – At the end of the winning bunker
    – Behind the tank
    – Under the stairs
    – At the right when starting to go down to core
    – On the pipe down to core

    Electro can be found:
    – In the first room in pub upstairs
    – In the truck
    – Under the bridge with the train tracks
    – In the middle of first defence point.
    – On top of bridge
    – On top of that roof near the cinema
    – On the left when going through the first defence door
    – At the end of the winning bunker
    – Under the bridge
    – On the vents
    – Behind the tank
    – On the right side when first going down to core

    Gravity can be found:
    – In the pub’s stage
    – In the truck
    – On the left side ledge near Ultima window
    – On top of bridge
    – At the end winning bunker
    – On the vents
    – On the left boxes after elevator
    – Under the stairs
    – On the right when going down to core

    Heal can be found:
    – In pub, both stage and room
    – In the truck
    – On top of bridge
    – Under the bridge with the train tracks
    – In the middle of first defence point
    – On left side when going through the first defence door
    – Under the bridge
    – At vents
    – On the left boxes after elevator
    – Under the stairs
    – On the pipes when going to core.

    I think thats all of them, tell me if i missed some.
    Oh and you should be a dickhead and spam it OR just keep it to yourself. Learn how to use it by watching people using it. You dont want to get flame, dont you?

  67. Deathrowz says:

    LOL! Sorry for long comment, Kaemon xD

  68. Deathrowz says:

    my bad on the typo xD

  69. Homedog says:

    Hey Hannibal, may I ask what Modeling Software (Maya, Blender and what not) you use for your models? I’m wondering which software I should get for modeling of course.

  70. Kaemon says:

    He uses mostly Propper (an addon that allows you to make models using Hammer editor) for the static models (like archs, pillars, etc…) and 3D Studio Max for editing models (like including a shield to the soldiers or editing the Dog model from HL2).

    You will see even more modeling going on on the future ZE map Last Man Standing. Dude; I really need to fix this FAQ area… It’s like imposible to look for specific answers… XD

  71. Homedog says:

    Thx Kaemon :3

  72. Ki11eR says:

    Hannibal/Kaemon, you should add teleport for zombies back to spawn when they are choosen on round start so servers dont need any special mod. I mean same teleport as ze_voodooisland have. Its almost impossible to win minas without this…

    I also have a question why at first stage after gandalf there is no floor texture? And at second stage, why is the horde image and animation so weird? Are both these things normal?

    Thanks, Ki11eR.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Ki11eR the horde image is bad quality to lower FPS i think. And i wanted to ask a question too. Do you can delete or do something with the explosions when you escaping after bahamuth fight on mako_reactor? Because me and many of my friends have big lags when its exploding and zombies always get us there. Sorry for my bad english.

  74. Deathrowz says:

    You must either was in a bad server, have crappy internet or have a box computer. I hardly lag in any parts at Mako (except if I am in like a cage and everyone got burnt with flames)

  75. Anonymous says:

    No i have good internet, good computer and im playing on the best polish server and i never lag on mako except this part.

  76. Deathrowz says:

    Best polished? Whats the name of the server?

  77. Mota says:

    Which is the name of the song that sounds in the end of the map minas tirith (extreme , Last stand part 4)

  78. Deathrowz says:

    Starts at 3.00
    FAQ is quite dead…

  79. MYUNGHWAN says:


  80. mota says:

    hannibal nesesito tu ayuda tenemos un servidor con el mapa mako pero siempre las materias se bugean no funcionan digo funcionan pero solo una vez,nose pueden volver a usar me ayudarias

  81. mota says:

    i need your help we have a server with the map mako but always glitched subjects are not working say they work but only once,help me please

  82. Masog says:

    Hi, Can you tell me how to make “no-block” on func_button? I really need it. Please answer fast.

  83. Luffaren says:

    You need to texture your func_button with a “blocklight” texture, that will result in the button being non-solid and invisible.

  84. Masog says:

    Thank You, that was that what I needed.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Please could you explain what each item in minas tirith does? For example I dont know what that lvl 1 human flag does… or that zombie staff with horned head..I didnt use other items yet…. it would be nice to have all items explained in one place, thx

  86. Hardcore says:

    Any chance you know how to fix the mako reactor bug causing the bosses to gain more HP then they should? I get all kinds of people telling me how the server is harder then others for some reason and we nearly always need Ultima and Extreme 2 is impossible. Apparently, We stole plague fests Boss.

    Thanks in Advance and hope I’m not Crazy.

    – [bG-A] Hardcore

  87. Deathrowz says:

    I think thats the server settings, so far I only know pF and bG has the problem, I heard Supreme Elites also has the problem but I never witness it yet =S

  88. Kaemon says:

    As far as I know, Minas Tirith includes a “Teleport Zombies Back to Spawn” command. If it’s not working on the server you mention, they are probably using a different zombie mod.

    About the part with “no floor texture”, there is floor, but it’s part of the Skybox, maybe you are having problems loading parts of the Skybox?

    And the Horde Image and Animation being so weird… The first horde Hannibal made was amazing; but consumed way too many FPS. He nerfed it, and was still laggy many people, so he nerfed it again (from a Custom Particle to just some Crossed Textures).

  89. Kaemon says:

    I will comment the issue to Hannibal, but it’s unlikely it will change (even if a new version was released).
    May I suggest you reducing a couple of settings on your computer? Anyway, CS:S particles (and smoke/fog effects) are well known for working badly with some 3D cards (mine amongst them).

  90. Kaemon says:

    Yeah… I was gonne for two months… And even when I’m arround I don’t check it daily (because people don’t use it daily).
    Anyway, what it really needs is to become a really FAQ with adresses, instead of a long post with Questions & Answer; people will end asking already answered things as it is. XD

  91. Kaemon says:

    The Human Flag did nothing at first. Now it grants the wearer with 200-250 HP (so he is more likely to survive fall damage and explosions).

    The Human Armor & Shield protects the wearer from being zombified during 6 hits. While he holds the shield (the 4 first hits) he also has a minor push against zombies. When the armor is broken, he gets a buff speed for 2 seconds so he can get the hell out of there. It also grants 200-250 HP I believe.

    The Human Horse grants extra speed and is abble to survive some zombie knifing. But when the horse dies, so does the rider.

    The Human Ammo Barrel places a barrel during 20 seconds (with 60 seconds cooldown I believe) that gives grenades and unlimited ammo while it’s duration.

    The Human Oil allows you to put 2 oil ponds in the floor that will get ignited by grenades, creating firewalls that burn zombies. The Oil Pot won’t start refilling until both charges had been used.

    The Human Gandalf and the Human White Knight are very powerfull and have more than one special movement each.

    The Zombie Totem grants extra HP (on most servers, depends of their default settings) and extra speed to the zombie using it.

    The Zombie Explosive Barrel allows you to throw explosive barrels that will kill humans and destroy barricades.

    The Zombie Troll makes you a Troll that can troll the human barricades, lol 😛

    The Zombie Balrog is almost invencible, but is also very slow. When he “Growls” he grants extra speed to all the zombies arround him (not himself).

  92. Kaemon says:

    As you know I played on your server the other day, and so far it seems to be working as intended.
    However, now the zombies (and late humans) have 10 extra seconds (or a little more) to get to the main group after the bomb event has started; making it more likely that someone will get infested on the bomb-side, after his HP was taken into account for Bahamuth (the part with the push on the middle).

    So… Everyone that dies/gets infected after that push, is taken into account for Bahamuth HP.
    Also, I don’t know numbers on Extreme 2 Bahamuth; but he has more HP aswel as more time to deal with him.
    Anyway… Point is, it seemed to work as intended; and remember that now Electro Charges hurt Bahamuth now (in adition to Fire), and that you can use now Ice to slow him down; giving you some extra time to deal with him.

  93. Kaemon says:

    Today (7th October 2011) I replied to the last questions.
    I still need to improve the FAQ section… >_<

  94. Deathrowz says:

    I thought Ice does damage to him o_o

  95. Anonymous says:

    thx, for informations, and for this great map

  96. Anonymous says:

    Hi, is there any non steam minas tirith only server??? If not, are there any plans to create “official” one? Most servers dont extend this map, and it is not a good thing if there is a changemap when stage 4 is completed… I already experienced this 😦 not fun…

  97. x says:

    I think that server is located in poland, and it has nothing to do with polishing

  98. Deathrowz says:

    Since the FAQ wont be answering for a while, then..
    Buy CS:S on Steam, so far I dont think there is any non-Steam ZE servers atm or any Minas Tirith only servers. Plaguefest used to be non-steam but I guess they stopped.

  99. Kaemon says:

    Personally I don’t know any Only-Minas-Tirith server; Steam or Not.
    A while ago, with the release of Helm’s Deep; there were some Only-LOTR servers; but I don’t think you are going to find a Only-Minas-Tirith one.

    Sorry, but I can’t help you.

  100. Deathrowz says:

    If I could remember, there was once a Supreme-Elites Minas Tirith only server.

  101. Kaemon says:

    No. It “slows him down”. Basically freezes his actions for 5 seconds; giving you 5 extra seconds of time to deal with him.

  102. chet says:

    What is the name of the song at stage 4 extream mod the last point of the map?(I mean at the end when you wait for ghost army)

  103. Siquele says:

    I want to know about ‘admin room’ in the Minas.
    Can you say to me how to go into the ‘admin room’?

  104. Kaemon says:

    The “Admin Rooms” in all Minas, Mako and Predator, have no way in.
    Only admins using NoClip or similar powers can reach them, hence the name “Admin Room”.

    Minas and Mako ones are more “Test Rooms” for that matter; since they lack some buttons and some directions, they were made for testing purpouses and were left behind. Predator one on the other hand is fully functional and properly explained with textures.

  105. Kaemon says:

    I don’t know the name; but I’m pretty sure it may be listed in a texture within the map (maybe on the final area of Stage 4?). Same goes for Predator and Mako Reactor.

  106. Deathrowz says:

    Derp, it was at the top, I replied to the same question. Starts somewhere at 2.55.

  107. chet says:

    Just saying about mako and upcoming maps at mako for example there some people who like to spam let just say ultimate and some one spam it and he be on fire and he be lucky and spam heal++ and the fire remove so I was think that when some one spam something he shouldn’t be on fire I was think to change his color like in mako after extreme mod and you win and be have high speed and you be red well the spammer should be like that so when they fucked up the team so any body can see him (sorry for bad english but hope you understand what I say xD)

  108. Kaemon says:

    Yeah, I understood.
    I suggested to Hannibal, like 5 Mako versions ago (even before the current ignite was added), that he should/could color spammers in the color of the materia (Green for Ultima, Red for Fire, Blue for Ice, etc) during some seconds, so it was easy to spot not only griefers; but also people that just used a nice materia.

    I will remind him of this suggestion in case he now likes the idea more than he did back then. However, if a new Mako Reactor is made, it probably will make the materias usable only by the real owner instead of anyone (and Igniting not being necesary anymore).

  109. chet says:

    If he going to make new mako he should make Sephiroth’s round for example when bahamut get down(before he spwan) he get cut half and we see Sephiroth’s and get down and shoot him (if my brain show you the idea right now it will be epic xD)

  110. F. says:

    Kaemon, is there any way you can protect your maps against decompile, or do you know any trick to make it hard? anything will do that a normal mapper doesnt know yet. please help me out as i wish to protect my works.

  111. Kaemon says:

    Check this article from Top Hatt Waffle: http://www.tophattwaffle.com/?p=2355
    I have personaly never done any of this; since I haven’t finished a single map for Source so far.
    Also; I kinda believe in allowing people to decompile to learn or even to get some of the things within the map… But I may think different if I release something. XD

  112. F. says:

    Hm okay, is there a way i can possibly get in contact with you, maybe trought steam, i have a few questions for harder ze maps (but not extreme pro like the maps on this site) LOL

  113. Cazador says:

    Hi, what settings are forced in Minas Tirith? i3d settings for predator kinda suck, so I thought having the same as for Minas would be a good idea. Also, if you know how to force these settings for a certain map please tell me, it would be a good help since I dunno if the techs can do that

  114. Kaemon says:

    Not sure about the exact settings; and probably if I ask Hannibal he won’t be sure on the exact time or ratio.

    They are forced via a Point Server Command that enables them as if done by the console. You can also do specific settings for maps doing a .txt file (renamed .cfg? not sure) for it including the lines you want for that specific map. When the map is loaded, if such file exist, the Mod will overwrite his base-lines with whatever lines are there, replacing the ones listed there.
    As far as I know, you can even set specific models for a map doing this; but I’m not an expert in the matter.

    The lines you are looking for would be:

    zr_infect_mzombie_ratio “8”
    (Or something like that; which means 1 zombie per each 9 players (1v8))

    zr_infect_spawntime_min “5.0”
    zr_infect_spawntime_max “10.0”
    (The time at which infection occurs; I believe its 10 seconds on Minas Tirith, not sure here, but will be decreased on the next fix, since sometimes Human-Terrorist can reach the Zombie-Shop)
    (Notice that a randomized-time is better for most map; to prevent humans knowing exactly when to throw nades at the spawning time).

    zr_infect_mzombie_respawn “1”
    (So the Mother Zombies (original zombies) get teleported back to their respective spawn positions; this is toggled on Minas Tirith; 0 disables and the zombie remains where the human was on zombification)

    And that would be it… Take in mind that those commands are for Zombie Reloaded, but I believe all the servers run ZR now after the last CS:S patches.
    If I manage to finish Junon; I’m planing on including (and forcing) my own settings… Is so nightmarish seeing so many good maps failing to entertain in some servers because of bad settings; becoming to Human (or Zombie) friendly, and then blaming it on the mapper.

  115. Cazador says:

    Thank you very much, I hope they can get it done 🙂

  116. hannibal my name is Toast and i play on the Plaguefest server. ur maps are amazing and i was just wondering if you would be willing to make a map based on either Crysis or Crysis warhead. those games are the BEST looking games to date even though they were released 4 years ago. you could make the boss in the map the Ceph scout or the red hunter.

  117. Roman says:


  118. Kaemon says:

    Roman, is a ZE map I’m trying to do; based, like Mako Reactor, on Final Fantasy VII.
    It will include materias, bosses, and multiple stages/paths. However I’m slacking on the making of it, and it also needs tons of work still.

  119. Kaemon says:

    Sam, Hannibal doesn’t take map request. His current schedule includes polishing all his current maps (only Minas Tirith and Paranoid remaining) and making Last Man Standing.
    Then he will probably stop mapping for CS:S (not sure). If he ends mapping again for CS:S or for CS:GO, he won’t be short of ideas.

  120. Timo says:

    Hey, cound you please tell me the name of the Song which iis played on Medusa-bossfight on the map mg_serpentis_temple?
    Thank you 🙂

  121. Kaemon says:

    Timo, the song that plays during the fight with Medusa is “To Glory” from “Two Steps From Hell”.
    The song that sounds after defeating her, when the relic appears, is “Flameheart”, from the same group.

  122. CastleX says:

    Is it possible to add an “echo This player used this cade” output to cades in Minas so it shows who used a cade in console? Can’t tell you how many times it has been a problem with griefers and its impossible to tell who did it.

  123. Kaemon says:

    CastleX, I’m not sure if it would be possible because of the weird way in what barricades were done for them to be as entity cheap as possible. However, if it was possible, it would just colouring people for X time after using one (similar to what happens now in Mako Reactor).
    Whatever the case, I’m sorry but don’t count on it. Hannibal isn’t really looking foward to make any new Minas Tirith version.

  124. Aneosi says:

    i do enjoy song of “paranoid destruction”. can i have original name? or that song is made by mapmaker? besides i wana have a better quality ver. if possible (sory for bad eng).

  125. Kaemon says:

    Aneosi, not only I don’t know the name of the songs in Paranoid, but I’m not sure wich one you are asking for.
    Right now Hannibal is making a new version (v11) of Paranoid; maybe he will include the song list this time like he did on his last two maps (Mako Reactor and Minas Tirith).

    In case he doesn’t or you feel like trying to look for it; I’m pretty sure the song you are looking for may be the one from Mass Effect 2; don’t know the name.

  126. Willy says:

    Does anyone know what song is being played in “paranoid-rezurrection-v11_5” when all the cts are able to get special weapons and face off zombies in a dungeon? The song doesn’t have any lyrics and it sounds great and I think people told me the song was called “faster”? I’m not sure

  127. Anonymous says:

    is hannibal still gonna make last man standing?

  128. Kaemon says:

    Willy, I’m pretty sure all songs show on console when they start sounding on Paranoid Rezurrection; check if that one does. I personally don’t know the name.

    Last Anonymous: Yes, he is still going to make Last Man Standing.

  129. [RED] says:

    Buenas Noches ?
    Yo soy co fundador del equipo CZE,creo que nos conoces jaja
    Enfin,era para preguntarles, si algun dia van a ternimar Mg_Serpentis,quedan un par de Bugs,y creo que ustedes querian modificar algunas cosas.
    Hay gente que sigue jugando este mapa, asique estaria muy bueno terminarlo 🙂
    Con todo respeto.
    Sigan asi, muy buenos mapas chicos !

  130. NUK says:

    Could you please release the names of Mako Reactor’s complete soundtrack (the ones you used in the ZE map)? I’ve been trying to find the name of some of the songs, but I can’t.

  131. Kaemon says:

    I’m pretty sure they are all listed in the final bunker/room. Check them there.

  132. JOhnnyTheFox says:

    Will last man standing Combine all 3 epic maps (Minas + Mako + Junon) ? I don’t know but i have a strong feeling that it will be like that :3.

  133. Anonymous says:

    Hi can make ze_ffvıı_mako_reactor_csgo ?

    Really need make reactor cs:go version !

    plz make ^^

  134. Kaemon says:

    Johnny The Fox: Not at all :-s In fact, it will be different in both style and “rules”.

    Anonymous: I will remember Hannibal about a possible CS:GO port of Mako. Global Offensive seems quite stable now to make conversions easily without losing too much time fixing problems.

  135. Johnny says:

    Forgot to ask.Are you guys going to convert any of your maps into cs:go ? And will it have any effects at all ? (Will the gameplay be better or more glitchy)

  136. Kaemon says:

    Johnny, I can’t really talk for Hannibal and Luffaren, and I’m not sure about myself.
    The original idea was doing so, but CS:GO seems to be doing so poorly that it doesn’t seem worth the effort… But who knows? And I think that there would be no effects at all right now, as CS:GO is a 99% accurate copy of CS:S; just some tedious work to replace textures and models, and maybe changing X entity for the NewX entity.

    Time will tell, I guess.

  137. MBC says:

    SIR could you please tell me the secret of paranoid rezurrection map ?

  138. Kaemon says:

    The secret ingredient is love and templates.
    Dude, what? You ask as if there was only one secret. And no, I won’t tell you 😛

  139. MBC says:

    lol I forgot that there Many secrets but should there video show to us how i get the big Red gun
    for example 😀

  140. D4no0 says:

    Hello, i have a little question. I am working on a half-life 2 mod now, and i need a zombie model from css. The problem is if i just copy the mdl file it doesn’t even show on map. Is there a way to convert the css models to half-life 2?

  141. Kaemon says:

    Maybe it has to do with the VPK update, but normally you can just use the models with no problem, as long as you paste them in the correct folder. They need no conversion at all.

    Also, sorry for taking too long to answer, probably you already got your answer somewhere else, but you could/should have used the forum, since I don’t check the FAQ often, specially when WordPress feels like login me out.

  142. D4no0 says:

    Maybe, but i don’t understand how to make then a model, i tried 3ds max with an script for exporting but it doesn’t work. Could you tell me what program you use for modelling?

  143. Kaemon says:

    You don’t need to export or import them, just move them to the correct HL2 folders. CSS models are the same than HL2 ones.
    But then again, what are you exactly trying? If you move the models to the correct HL2 folders, they should appear on your model list when you choose a model for a Prop_Dynamic (for example). If you are trying to paste a Balrog model and then have a Balrog NPC on the entity list, it won’t work.

    And when I edit/work with models, I use 3DS. I set everything up following this guide:
    However take in mind that after some updates a couple of the paths may have changed into BIN or OrangeBox or Common.

  144. D4no0 says:

    Well i know how to get models into 3ds max, the problem is when i want to export them, i use wallworm script for 3ds max and after i compile i can see models in hammer and model viewer but in game no. Also i would like to use 3ds max to create props, i will need a lot of custom props.

  145. fps_trucka says:

    Hey, I was wondering if I could get in touch with the designer of mako reactor. I wanted to ask if he could either port it to csgo or at least give me permission to port it. Got a pretty popular Zombie escape global offense server and would love if it could be added to the server. Its a map many love.

  146. Kaemon says:

    I passed your message to Hannibal yesterday and he got right into it. He shouldn’t take too long.

  147. D4no0 says:

    Hey again, i have one more question. How do you make the models builded in map? you have a lot of models in map but theres none in the model map, is this a compile option?

  148. Kaemon says:

    D4no0, you should really think about posting on the Mapping Forum (http://z15.invisionfree.com/Kaemon/index.php?showforum=1), since its better for talking such things, and other people (like Joris, who may be able to help you out better than myself with models) can give you answers in there (while no one but me checks this FAQ section).

    As for “making the models builded in the map” I’m going to assume that you mean “including them in the .bsp”, because I don’t have a clue what you mean. If you mean including them in the .BSP, you usually use Pakrat, PackBSP or other third party tool to do so.

  149. D4no0 says:

    Thanks a lot

  150. h4sArD says:

    I just post here for tell to you why i made minas tirith v2_2hellz,
    i don’t change anything on the map i just change the zr setting in the map (for get more zm)
    cause i can’t change the zr ratio with a custom cfg,
    i hope you aren’t angry cause i don’t want have problem with you…

  151. Kaemon says:

    h4sArD, Hannibal is completely fine with what you did, there is no problem at all. Don’t worry

  152. Hakne says:

    Can you use parts of the Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack in your future maps?

  153. Caner says:

    Hello, I am the Leader of the Swifts , Little known to you can be but we are a group of FFVII , we often play this map . (always)

    Many map is being created , I congratulate you and thank us have been able to create maps that couples the breath .

    But why , knowing that Mako reactor helped you build your reputation , you do not continued on this map?

    I am speaking Kaemon , the map was created was only once , and renew with patch , but never a novelty that corrections have been imposed on it.

    I just play on the Paramina_rift . Nice map, but if a place there was a new version of the Mako , Know it has a VERY high reputation , even now Already Mako is still in the initial list of players’ choices .

    I react a little faster maybe, but keep us informed if he ‘d have a new patch soon .

    I once again thank your reading, waiting for your message

    Ps : Sorry for the English faults .

  154. Kaemon says:

    Hakne: Probably not.

    Caner: Your English is kinda bad indeed. First of all, Mako Reactor is from Hannibal, not me. I only helped optimizing and improving a little on the very last version.
    And as for Mako Reactor versions… They are up to Hannibal, who prefers doing other things instead of editing the same map forever. Not to mention that many times people don’t like the new versions of maps and for nostalgia (or for good reasons) they start complaining how the old map was better.
    Right now I’m about to finish a playable version of Serpentis Temple and then proceed to help Hannibal with his upcoming ZE (Last Man Standing). Maybe after that, and before Junon, I may talk to Hannibal about a possible Mako Reactor version; but probably won’t happen, so don’t make your hopes up.

  155. Caner says:

    I agree with you Kaemon, but I think you have not understood me, I do not ask to change the basis of the Mako_reactor, but add a new level, for example the extreme 3 ..
    And do not touch other level.

    The map is wonderful in itself, but when you think that this final ends in a Bunker .. It does not stick too much with the map, maybe that should go a little further in this topic.

    Finally, if you do not touch it other levels and add an extreme 3.

    Or you know what?
    -Create a vote for the extreme 3. And look how many people say Yes in this topic.

    Hannibal drug us with FFVII, and not give us more! WE WANT MORE! 🙂

    Sorry for Faults.

  156. A Stranger says:

    Caner, Kaemon is not the creator of the map, he just gave advice and helped Hannibal optimize the map. If you had played Final Fantasy VII, the map is as close as it gets, the bunker ending is in the game too. I think v5_3 is almost two years old too, so there’s no reason to add in yet another difficulty.

  157. Anonymous says:

    any word on serpentis, it looks like a really good map and would like to try the fixed version

  158. Nikola Tesla says:

    Hannibal,you’ll take the Holy hand grenade on paranoid v11_9? just when I climb behind it that prevents me barrier. And if not removed then tell me how to overcome this barrier.

  159. CnR. says:

    Hannibal, Time to wake up, Do something for Mako. (Glitches/Bugs)
    1) The Train can be controlabe
    2) Glitch Sephi At Extreme

    Mako is not dead, and never

  160. Anonymous says:

    Hello. How do you know the modelindex number of a skin ? (like your snake in mg_serpentis_temple_V1)

  161. Anonymous says:

    Thank you kaemon !

  162. Super Buu says:

    Do you download textures or do you make them yourselves?

  163. Kaemon says:

    Depends. But we don’t usually make them from scratch.

  164. Anonymous says:

    Who logiciel you use for do props like Medusa?

  165. Kaemon says:

    Sorry, but I don’t understand the question.

  166. Anonymous says:

    How do I create props like medusa, what software

  167. Kaemon says:

    If you mean the model used by the Prop_Dynamic, 3DS and Blender are both good options.
    I personally use 3DS, but Luffaren is now using Blender for his upcoming project.
    Check this for a little more info:
    (Take in mind that is a little outdated and some of the paths/folders may not be in the same places nowadays).

  168. Anonymous says:

    Ok thank you.

  169. TiTi says:

    Hello, I put the propdate.txt in pakrat but when I’m testing with no files (so I remove files in my Steam files). When I test, the texture are appears normally, sounds are ok, but when I press the button for have my skin, the skin don’t appears and create an invisible player ? I have put the propdata.txt in the Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike Source/download/scripts/ . What is creating this error. Thanx for your answer, TiTi

    PS : I have test in local server !

  170. Kaemon says:

    Everytime you edit your map, the model index (I asume thats what you are talking about?) will change.
    So you have to check it everytime you change anything in the map and make sure you have the right model index.
    The invisible thing is because you are getting an invisible or invalid model instead of the one you want, sometimes you may get something visible (a grenade, a crate, etc), but there are bigger chances of having something non-valid/invisible.
    Check the model index again. If we are not talking about the model index thingy… Not a clue what you are talking about.

  171. gkuo88 says:

    I’m running through last man standing, and I’m trying to figure out a general strategy here. One question that I have is how are zombie trash can spawns activated? There are many zombie spawn locations that worry me such the one in the lobby of the 2nd stage factory. If that spawn location is activated by cts after progressing through the factory at some time. then it might be impossible to make an escape into the trucks as the zombies will spawn in the location which cts have to constantly return back to.I would also argue the same for several other holds, which would be a bit more difficult if zombies had access to the new spawn locations after a time limit or if it’s ct triggered. However, I can pretty much argue that it would be nearly impossible for the second stage if zombies got access to the trashcan in the lobby of second stage.

    I have several other questions of how the level effects carry on to level 5.One thing, is it possible for zombies to win, while still activating the checkpoints? I assume that this will lead to the disappearance of things such as infinite ammo helicopter and the trucks on stage 5.

    Explosive barrels on stage 3 appear near the pillars of the final door that the truck rushes out. Destroying these cause the door to close, does the accomplish anything? Is there anything else on stage 3 that carries over to the last round, other than the generator and truck which seem to be mandatory?

  172. Hannibal[SPA] (Rafuron) says:

    Hi gkuo88,

    Zombie trash spawns activate when CT progress in the map. I agree the one in Stage 2 makes thing way more difficulty, but that’s why I added the pillar in the middle: shooting it will push the humans. The stage 2 trash activates too early, will be something will be fixed for next version.

    About stage 5, it could happen the human dies in the lasts seconds, in that case map will start back at stage 0 and humans would loose, but the way it’s made it will prevent this to happen the most of times. Humans have to win in order to complete the stage 5.

    Explosive barrels on stage 3 at the end are mean to block the leave of the boss, this was supposed to be an event to prevent boss of appearing in Stage 5, but that ‘item’ is so overpower I just removed that event. In any case, if you break the pillars then the monster will not be able to leave the tunnel. About events in stage 3: truck reaching end and generator is mandatory, but then, any zombie picked up will fire an event to make it appear in the Stage 5 (making it way harder); since ‘Normal’ difficulty blocks the 2nd way, it’s not possible to trigger any special zombie event, but you can still find one in the spawn (it’s a bit hidden). For next version, I will move one or more special zombies from the 2nd way (blocked in ‘Normal’) so they can be picked up.

  173. gkuo88 says:

    thank you very much for replying Hannibal. At the moment now I’m trying to help a bunch of people understand the map, since they want to try it out, but it seems confusing to them. There seems to be a bunch of problems but there are a few that I’m having trouble with.

    I was thinking about the pillar in the middle as well, but I don’t think it would be enough to push the zombies out of the trucks. There is also the aspect that if zombies do take control of the main lobby they can close the front door and force themselves between the cts and players. Zombies also seem to be able to open doors leading to other facilities of the factory.

    I may have wrote my problem about stage 5 in a easy to misinterpret way. In stage 5 there are events you can always supposedly get assuming you played through the rest of the stages. This seems to include the infinite ammo helicopter from stage 1, the two trucks from stage 2, and the long truck from stage 3. Going straight to the end with admin room will not spawn these events. Is there any way to have zombies “win” stage 1-4 so that these events do not occur? If anything they seem like events that are always mandatory.

    There are several other difficulties I am having with stage 3. The door to the boss room seems not to close. After being defeated, the boss still seems to be able to move around and hurt people. There is one door that is in zm warmup mode that sometimes appears in stage 3 making it impossible to win. On ex 3, the test chamber doors dont seem to actually close, even if you press the button next to the door.

    As for holds there seems to he some pretty difficult holds so I was wondering their intention. For stage 1, the gate needed for the tank minimission opens pretty quickly after crossing the crane, which is why I assuming zombies can get in quickly and attack those who are lagging behind. Its also a large thorn for those actually doing the tank minimission. Final hold seems to be a quad hold? since you have to cover both entrances for the building on the left and the main building 2 entrances as well. These are all intended right? Cause they’re pretty hard. There also seems to be no need to activate the generator on stage 1 other than to get it as a bonus for stage 5.

    Theres also the stage 3 hold with the glass test tubes. The tubes take a pretty long time to wait for the empty one. Zombies can go through the fire and take the upper path. Whats the suggested method for holding this part?

    The spawning of a tank on stage 5 seems to be caused by 2 events, one being the tank minimission on stage 1 and the other seems to be bringing the tank to the end of stage 4 and activating the nuke. the latter however doesnt allow access to the spawned tank. Is there supposed to be a way to spawn 2 tanks? Also is there any bonus that comes with the stage 4 reinforcements? (stage 1 was soilders plus tank, stage 2 was small truck with items and soilders, stage 4 just seems to be soilders)

    and lastly there’s the mutator item on stage 2. Ive used noclip to get it quickly, though I doubt thats the cause of the problem. After using the mutator and running over it, and then killing myself, all things become bouncy and slippery. The cars at the beginning of stage 2 become half submerged into the ground and jumping on them will either fling you into the air or kill you instantly and then fling you. This problem persists even after recreating the server and only goes away when the game closes and opens again. Any idea of whats going on?

  174. gkuo88 says:

    oh and a few questions about stage 4. First of all what exactly are the purpose of some of the helicopters? are they just there for decoration? After playing around with the admin buttons a bit, we found out how to unlock all events. I’m able to confirm the elements to access all events except for the apache on level 4. What must one do in order to ensure it survives to stage 5? I assume that it has something to do with not firing off the nuke, but it seems like there is no possible way to kill the ultralisk unless using the nuke. Is it possible to kill off the ultralisk with a combination of events or spamming of weapons?

  175. Prower says:

    How pass the map ze_hallowen house b4?

  176. Anonymous says:

    what about minas tirith in csgo ;-; i really enjoy all of the LOTR maps but i just miss minas tirith

  177. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell me a list of the music used in Serpentis Temple?

  178. Kaemon says:

    I’m afraid I can’t tell you the name of all the musics. Luffaren was in charge of the ambient music for the first version and he just googled for “creepy music” and is unaware of the name of the songs he used (I believe that is 3 of the musics, that play randomly as you play).
    However, I added myself a new ambient one for V1 and I know the name of that one: “Floating Museum” from “Ghost in the Shell”.
    While fighting Medusa you hear “To Glory” from “Two Steps From Hell”, and after defeating her “Flameheart”, from the same group.

    This of course, asuming you are asking about MG_Serpentis_Temple. If you are asking about the ZE version, someone else is doing that. Can’t remember right now all the songs he plays, but one of the most epic ones that plays at the very beginning is “Invincible” from World of Warcraft, most notably known as the music used on the intro cinematic of the expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

  179. sander says:

    hey guys i played ze a lot back in de days, and im buying a new pc so i can play cs ze back. im wondering if i better go on css or csgo. where can you play ZE at his best because i realy love this mode i played it for days, tnx 😀

  180. Kaemon says:

    Sander, I personally prefer how it plays on Source, so I keep playing there, but you probably can find more servers and more population in GO. Imo, just pick your poison or play both.

  181. Color says:

    Hannibal,i’m a csgo mapper.I have sent a friend invitation in steam.My steam name is Color.Can I use these models in paranoid fir my ze map?

  182. Anonymous says:

    HANNIBAL & KAEMON can u make your maps for css v34 no steam pls bro we like your maps just Minas Tirith and mako if u want

  183. Kaemon says:

    Not a clue about how to do maps for css v34 myself, never looked into that. I’m not a fan of even going close of Minas Tirith’s map file, but I may try to take a look at it when I’m done with Mako V6. But no promises.

  184. Anonymous says:

    i have a map mako but the map have a some of the problems (song lvl 3 , ladder ..) can u fix problems pls i will be thankful if you did this

    mako : http://www.mediafire.com/file/lfd47u8z8x88vqd/ze_ffvii_mako_reactor_v5_3lal.bsp

  185. Anonymous says:

    no problem in the end thank u bro

    best wishes

    -by maher-

  186. Dagon says:

    I have a request or could someone give me the soundtrack maps ze_serpentis_temple_b3

  187. Kaemon says:

    Dagon, I know this FAQ is a mess, and that the map should have them credited somewhere (but it doesn’t) but I answered this question 4 comments ago.

    Basically: 3 musics I don’t really know how they are called because Luffaren’ doesn’t remember and he just googled for “creepy music” and “Floating Museum” from “Ghost in the Shell” are the 4 ambience ones that randomly play while playing the map.
    While fighting Medusa herself you get “To Glory” while fighting, and “Flameheart” when you defeat her, both from “Two Steps From Hell”.

  188. Dagon says:

    ok thanks Kaemon

  189. Kaemon says:

    And then I just now realized that you didn’t ask about MG_Serpentis_Temple but the ZE version…
    I’m not involved in that version, I just gave permission (not that it was needed in my opinion) for Nostar to use assets (and even whole rooms) from MG_Serpentis for his ZE version. I don’t know what musics he uses, but they may be credited somewhere? I know he uses To Glory and Flameheart like the MG does (but at different times) and he uses also one from World of Warcraft (Invincible) and one from Metal Gear (Main Theme? Sons of Liberty? not sure). No idea about the rest.

  190. by.me says:

    keamon can you tell me how to make maps css steam for css no steam what do i need to made that maps to css no steam ?

  191. Kaemon says:

    No idea by.me, never did so.

  192. by.me says:

    ok thanks

  193. Maher Doman says:

    keamon on VERSION v1_4_1 all bugs fixed, what you fixed on this version ?

  194. Anonymous says:

    keamon can you add command to remove the green light ultima material in map mako becouse when we fight sephiroth in ex 2 we can not see the lazer with the green light

  195. Anonymous says:

    Probably an odd question, but do you have a list of the songs you used for serpentis temple? I can’t find the name of one of the songs and I really want it.

  196. Kaemon says:

    Just read some answers ago. XD

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