Interesting facts

These are some of the interesting facts about the maps, take a look 🙂 many of them are interesting and amazing!:


  • That map was published on 2007 and was my first one. It was made with many tutorials (sometimes with copy & paste!).
  • The gameplay was bad and the map was deleted from some servers.
  • The first version of this map had a chance of 100% of having the 90% of the server turned into zombie in less than 20 seconds.
  • The map is open-source, you can use it on any of your maps. The tombs of a zm called “House of Mint” were taken from zm_the_Graveyard (totally legal 🙂


  • This map is open-source. It is not playable and fps are low.  It was made in a contest with a friend.


  • This map is open-source and is totally finished (not tested and played in any server). You can do wathever you want with it.
  • It was inspired in Atix helicopter.


  • This map is open-source and is totally finished (not tested and played in any server). You can do wathever you want with it.
  • First map with npcs! they attack you with snipers.


  • It was supposed to be my last map!
  • The original name was ze_of_Mines_of_Moria.
  • There are two torches at spawn, if you break them , the creator (me) and Maese Danielot will be change color.
  • The first version had a terrible fps problen at the spiral ladder (some ppl had less than 5 fps!), anyway, It was the most popular and voted map during some weeks.
  • It was the first map that was extended … more than 3 times in a row! and re-voted after map change.
  • It was the first map with items and secondary objectives on ZE.
  • The staffs were stolen and put in a minigame “Item_battle”
  • The firsts map compiles took more than 12 hours! (bad optimization)




  • Its original name was ze_The_Random_Labyrinth, was changed at the last moment
  • It was inspired in Harry Potter labyrinth, but I wanted to add much more things like random events and items.
  • The firsts versions had a maximum of 4 items, the last  version have 32 items!
  • If you are the only survivor, you will be a overpowered CT. If you win other ppl, you will be faster.
  • The map had huge bugs, the most shameful ones are:
    • I released a version without music!
    • Some versions were insta crash after the first round.
    • After update, no weapon worked during the first month.
  • Many items and trigger were removed:
    • Sword: a buggy and powerful item, unnecessary.
    • The spirit (red, blue, Lost smoke): I needed to reduce the number of entities, the spirit was unnecesary.
    • The ghost: It wasn’t useful… It was slow as hell.
    • Kamikaze: it had at a lot of entities. It was a very funny item, but it was quite buggy.
    • C4: It wasnt very useful, I deleted it due the number of entities.
    • The car: very funny item. I don’t know why I removed it.
  • Some of starting modes where also deleted:
    • Carnage at coliseum: maybe the best mode, all zombies and all humans and ALL weapons at coliseum, it was a dangerous mode that crashed the server many times.
    • Reverse silent hill: the ending of this mode was confusing, and a lot of ppl complained about it. That mode took a lot of entities as well.
    • ZM mode: the mode was confusing for many ppl, it was deleted due to the number of entities needed.
  • And some of the map endings (coliseum) were deleted:
    • Gladiator ending: was hard to understand what to do so I deleted it. There was one zombie vs one human, each one had to touch the opposite circle.
    • Kill them with vans!: that mode used a lot of entities, It was deleted to add new items.
    • Kill them with monsters: same as “Kill them with vans!”
    • All weapons for next round:  all weapons at spawn was crashing, so I deleted this ending.
    • Race: was confusing (all CT had to run to a point).


  • In early versions on Mako, Bahamuth was easier to kill the less people were facing him.
  • In a couple of Versions, Bahamuth had a 50% chance of retreating as if defeated, even if not shotted, at the last second.
  • Fire was never intented to be as powerfull as it was on the V1.x versions; other mapper (Luffaren) recently discovered how to reduce the ignite time on zombies, and Hannibal implemented it.
  • No matter where Ultima is in the map, it will hurt Bahamuth on explosion if Bahamuth is spawned; even from the spawn!
  • Heal Lv1-3 can help you survive a little longer Hard Bahamuth’s Breath; but you need Lv3 to survive some extra seconds on Extreme Bahamuth’s Breath! (And you need to activate it before he starts breathing, but not too soon or it will fade before he breaths!)
  • The “Red Scorpion” Boss on Normal can crush you with his dynamic body if you go near the arms.
  • When people are infected or die in the Core (suicide, !ztele, jump down the bridge, are killed by Bahamuth’s “melee atack”) after passing the push on the bridge, they are still being counted for giving extra HP to Red Scorpion or Bahamuth… So don’t!
  • Bahamuth’s HP is calculated by Hits, not by Health. This means he gets twice as “damage” from 2 Gun Shots than from an AWP Headshot.
  • Shotguns do 5-9 Hits per Shot on Bahamuth; and are competent weapons to face him.
  • On No-Reload servers Bahamuth is easier to defeat (obvious) and the Fast-Shotgun is the fastest weapon to face him.
  • You can turn OFF/ON the “Red Vision in Extreme” with Mat_Colorcorrection 0/1; this also applies to the less visibile Colorcorrections used on Normal, Hard and ZM, aswell as other maps using it (like the LOTR and Paranoid maps).
  • There is a “secret” train that you can jump in to move faster on the city area.
  • You can’t hurt Sephiroth while he is standing still in the middle of the bridge’s handrail; you only can “hurt” him when he starts moving.
  • Getting the Killing Blow on Sephiroth will grant you 100 Points in Hard and Extreme.
  • Fire Materia does hurt Bahamuth since V2.1.
  • Sephiroth has 3 kind of final-atacks on Extreme since V2.1., and doding his final attack will grat 100 extra Points.
  1. fish says:

    How long did it take to make the maps?

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