Special thanks

Along these years of gaming and mapping, a lot of people took part in this amazing  entertainment. These are some of they, and I hope not to miss one. To all them, thanks! :

Peter Jackson and all the Lord of the Ring crew: for making such a great trilogy who inspired me in the making of the LOTR maps for CS:S.

Square/Square-Enix: for making awesome games like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.

Kaemon: for being on my side the most of the mapping time, giving ideas, testing the most of the map versions, bug reporting and being a great agent in many times. He is also a great “mapper”. Finish a fucking map dude! His help was materialized at Paranoid all versions since the Reloaded, he made the zombie hall, final coliseum, and the entire labyrinth decoration (except the core).

Maese Danielot: he gave me the idea of making the Mako Reactor map, I followed his instructions and set up the map scripts as he wanted (times, doors, etc…). We watched a video on youtube to make the map structure exactly as the original FFVII. He also suggested the songs.

Lunatxz: this man gave me his entire server to fix the non-working Paranoid first version. Without his help the map would never have seen the light. The map had a problem of continuous crashing with no apparent solution. Moreover, we spend a lot of time on a closed server to fix the crashing version of Helms Deep.

Sandfly (from ICannt server): his server was the first one who played seriously Mako Reactor map with the objective of beat the last difficulty mode, he gave me idea of making a contest for Mako Reactor map. His server tested the lasts versions. Moreover, he made a donation recently, good luck and beware the floods!

Cmer (from SupremeElite): main admin of SE server. His server was the first one to receive ALL the Paranoid versions, which is one of the most problematic maps ever. He forced the entire server to play all these versions in many occasions. Without his help, the bug fixing and map improving of Paranoid wouldnt have been possible.

i3D community: the community (server and forum) where I born as mapper almost 3 years ago. Its admin Salem helped me to test Mines Of Moria, which was my first serious map.

SeriouS_Samurai: a map maker from Left4Dead 1 and 2. I shared Mines of Moria and Mount Doom maps for a Left4Dead version of these ones. Thanks to him, my name reached L4D.

S-Low: a modeller and porter that offered me the Nazgul model of Mount Doom.

I must mention some people that tested many of my maps and helped with their opinions: ZaN, Westsider, Eastsider, Kale aap, GE | Punisher, Pimp Juice, CTA community, Geclan, STFU community, Steamgamers community, FreeZe, Homedog, Riperzz, smeg, and others which names I may forget … 🙂