Some more ranting… Forums?

Posted: January 29, 2011 by Kaemon in Kaemon's Rants

Hello there everybody!

I was talking to Luffaren some minutes ago and seems like he is going to do just one more Predator Ultimate online test before release. This may change if he finds something that needs to be fixed; but I guess you all will be playing the map really soon.
However take in mind that even if the map has been tested a lot, this doesn’t mean the final release will be glitch-free or balanced. Luffaren is doing his best, but there are lots of servers with different settings, and what is working for one doesn’t mean its going to work on the rest…
Balance wise, for example, the spawn might be a mess depending on the spawn settings, some area might be too easy or too hard depending on the knockback settings, bosses can be laughable if there is NoReload and a big etcetera…
And about glitches… You can’t just find them all while testing, at least not in this big, detailed and full of entities kind of map. You can find the most frequent or big ones, but you might miss that little spot where the nuke doesn’t affect you, that little place you are not supposed to reach, or that if you do this thing before the other one, the door doesn’t open…
We even got a report of a new-found glitch on Mines of Moria a couple of days ago! And that map has been out for a while…

So probably some new versions will need to be released after the first one; but that’s nothing new on Zombie Escape Maps, and I guess you all knew about that already. XD

Now… I have been getting some comments and suggestions about making the blog more Mapper-Oriented. Including guides of how to make some of the things you see in these maps, about our favourite entities, allowing some kind of mapper discussion going on (right now we only have the new’s comments), etc…
And I would be really happy to do so; but right now I lack the time and mood for writing guides, and I’m as good as alone working on the blog…
For guides and mapping discussion I would love to set up a forum. Not a big one, but a useful one. Maybe with only a couple of sections. But the true is, I’m clueless. I have never set up a forum; and I think there are some kind of pre-made ones that you can almost copy-paste (if you know what you are doing) but I’m not even sure about that… So if someone reading this knows how to set some simple forums running I would really appreciate the help.

Once we get some forums working (if we manage) it would be easier to post Guides, Suggestions, BugReports, Specific-Map or Mapping Discussions, etc. And not only that, but some other mappers and players could help with their own guides and thoughts.
I’m really trying to improve the Blog (that I would like to remind you it’s still on its early stages with lots of things missing) but I just don’t have that much time (or strength to get in mood) to do everything by myself, specially not as fast as some people demand it. XD

So, bottom line: Someone that could help me getting some forums working?

“You shall not pass!”

  1. Rubber Johnny says:

    Quote is from Mines of Moria, yelled by Gandalf before the bridge breaks. XD

  2. Rinzler says:

    I believe the Quote is from Mies of Moria, when Gandalf is breaking the bridge

  3. Rinzler says:

    Curse you! Beat me only by a minute lol

  4. Cazador says:

    I know you can easily set up a forum here:

    I know someone who did it with almost any tech knowledge xDDD I never tried to do it, though.

    And also you have this:

    Which is spanish xD and you can have forum (, e.g.) & blog ( I think the URLs are like that.

    Hope it helps, but sure you’d need time to test things about configs and admin options


  5. Rubber Johnny says:

    Hehe, no geek point for you! Well that may be a good thing. Lol

  6. Kaemon says:

    LoL, what a couple of Geeks. I will give you a Geek Point each if you can tell me another momment in a diferent Hannibal’s map where you can hear the exact same quote. Or 2 Points to Rubber Johnny if he answers first again. XD
    You need to be specific about it, not just the map name, eh? >:-)=

  7. Kaemon says:

    +1 Geek Point! Rubber Johnny joins the fight! XD

  8. Crazyjay says:

    Paranoid ultimate when you bring the gandalf staff to the final hold position in the core and a person stands in the white spot in the middle

  9. Rinzler says:

    Paranoid, at the final part of the core when the person with the Gandalf staff destroys the bridge?

  10. Rubber Johnny says:

    I think its in Paranoid if you have the Gandalf staff and stand in the middle at the core.

  11. Rubber Johnny says:

    Wow.. I was so late. Lol.

  12. Kaemon says:

    +1 Geek Point to CrazyJay, that needs to get one everyday in order to keep living…
    You got a total of 7 Geek Points… XD

  13. Rinzler says:

    Jay, prepared to get destroyed the next time you come into STFU Zombie. xD

    But as for the whole forums thing, I must say that I am decent at it creating them. Their nothing special, but if you want something just plain and simple, I could do it in about an hour lol.

  14. Kaemon says:

    That would be great.
    And I was thinking on the normal-average-forum you see everywhere. XD

  15. Puni says:

    Try not to make it to bright, loads of white is an eyesore 😉 specially on those default php3 forums or whatever they are called

  16. Bukkake says:

    You can try invisionfree forum, pretty easy to use and its free.

  17. Masak is Soldier says:

    lol geek points for those who like little detail in maps lol

    plus remember where the phrases are. hell prob get a 100 geek points before anyone else if kaemon can think of lots of things to put in riddles 🙂

  18. Rinzler says:

    I need either you or Hannibal to sign up there so I can promote you to admin and demote me to member lol. If you don’t mind me adding you on Steam it would be considerably easier to walk you through how to edit the theme, categories, sub-forums, etc.

  19. Kaemon says:

    Well. I’m trying those right now, and they sure look really easy to use, free, and even nicely done.
    We probably sticking with those… Anyway, I’m gona test them a little before doing anything serious… XD

    You can check here:

    Probably real forums won’t be called “Kaemon”. I mistake “Name of Forum” and “Name of User” with “Username” + “Nickname”. XD

  20. Kaemon says:

    OMG Rinzler, I was writting that I’m using InvisionFree ones while you were giving that link.
    Imo you should add me on Steam. XD

  21. Crazyjay says:

    you forgot that i won admin rinzler 😀 magic teleport powers activate 😀

  22. That forum looks nice Rinzler, but I preffer to focus our activity (mappers in general), in a simple blog. I’m a bit tired of forums (they are great, completely), but I don’t like to create a new place to tal about ze maps and servers, I preffer this blog to keep the people update to the lasts ze maps with one click or two.
    If we need a new section, we will add a new tab on the top of the web (the blog menu).
    Thanks anyway.